( Also sometimes called the “Awakening,” “Minor Chastisement,” “Enlightenment,” “Illumination of Conscience,” “Purification,” or “Judgement in Miniature”)

There have been various prophecies concerning the Warning. The Warning is a phenomenon that will be seen and felt by everyone all over the world, yet each person will experience it alone. Each person will see his or her own soul as God sees it.
Prophecies all indicate the Warning is eminent and soon to occur. It is also said that the Warning will break the chain of bondage to sin. This has a direct connection to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart as foretold by the Blessed Virgin to Father Gobbi. Many mistake this Triumph of Mary as being an outward manifestation followed immediately by the coming of Christ. Many will mistake it for the Great Chastisement, but it is only a precursor to it. Mary’s Triumph will come about within souls beginning with the Warning breaking the chain of bondage to sin and illuminating souls with God’s Grace which will increase the awareness of the mind and the powers of the soul. This will be followed by the Miracle which will increase this to a marked degree, bringing about conversions of the infidel and increased spiritual perfection of the faithful as never before seen. Catholic prophecies say the Warning will come amidst chaos and confusion.  This is when the evil forces will make their move to set up the New World Order, to usher in and bring to power their so-called “man of peace” – the Antichrist and his false pope. Events will move very rapidly (some happening simultaneously) with the collapse of the economy, the setting up of a global currency and electronic cashless monetary system that will lead to the mark of the Beast. (Much of this is now underway). During this chaos priests will be at the hour of decision and will have to deal with the throngs of confused souls. Many priests, themselves, will be in dismay and confusion having scoffed and not prepared their own souls for this time. For at the height of this Great Tribulation (lasting about 7 years), deception, confusion, and panic will reign.
Both the Church and civil governments in the nations of the world will be under the total dominance of the Antichrist’s One World forces.
God in His mercy through the Warning and the Miracle (that will occur at all authentic apparition sites) will send down His Graces to His Remnant Church who will have to unite and come out from such corruption and shelter themselves under Mary’s Blue Mantle. At such time “the good will be alone without just counsel save from above, but God will never desert them My Child, for the good will praise God and He will be with them always.” (The Blessed Virgin Mary to Mary Ann Van Hoof – July 2, 1954).