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Update Note:  This letter was first composed in March 2020 but because of Covid Scam was delayed.  Then with a busy spring and company it was delayed even further, but I’m finally getting it to you.

Dear Sirs:

Since it appears that many regard you as the “experts” in the field of Planet X research, I decided to write to you concerning certain things I’ve noticed in your research on Planet X.  It appears there are some major discrepancies regarding your “model” of the Planet X phenomenon.  These models of your version of the Planet X system seem quite different to put it mildly.  So I’m wondering if it is a case of the blind man feeling the different parts of an elephant – one feels the trunk, another the tail, another the leg and so on.  You get the point.
Now I know I’m probably regarded as an amateur in Planet X research since I’ve only been doing it for about 18 years.  But I’ve been doing research on the New World Order, health, paranormal phenomena, conspiracy, prophecy and all kinds of things relating to the End Times.  I’ve been doing research on these things since I was a boy in high school and now I’m a senior citizen – about a half century of research.  (I don’t regard myself a “expert” in anything. Besides an “ex” is a has-been and “spert” is a drip under pressure).
So let’s get to the purpose of this letter: the true Planet X “model.”  Just what is “out there?”  From the study I’ve done concerning your websites regarding Planet X (which I’ve done over a period of years) I’ve come up with different “models.”  Each one seems to be very different.  All appear to have a definite truth in them but yet each model seems to be at odds with the other models.  Now why is that?  You people appear to be the “experts” on this, so you tell me, the amateur on all this.  So  here goes – I composed the models as follows:

Planet X Model No. 1: “The Mini Solar System.”  Now this model was first introduced, I think, by James McCanney as “a mini solar system” coming into ours.  You, Marshall Masters, further developed this model indicating there are 5 to 7 planets orbiting what has been referred to by me and others as Nemesis, the Brown Dwarf Star at the center of this system.  Nibiru has been said by you and others as being the largest planet and being outer-most in its orbit.  There are other planets named Arbota and Helion.  00 Skyview researchers also have tracked this system until they were “put out of business” by underhanded means.  There have been others, myself included, who have considered this model valid.  This model seems to me to make the most sense, but then again that’s just my opinion.  There are a few things about this model that I do wonder about, such as to where it is located right now.  Last I could determine it was possibly between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars and coming in.  Oh there have been all kinds of dates given for its arrival but this system never really showed per se.
But there have been sightings noted by some of you of several planets of this system and then there’s the phenomenon of the “Second Sun” that several people have seen, photographed and made videos of.  Some of these were definite hoaxes while others seemed very authentic.  I will give you my assessment of these “Second Suns” sightings as well as sun-dogs, lens-flares and various tests done on these photos and videos, etc. later in this letter as it relates to this model.

Planet X Model No. 2: “The Black Star.”  This model is very different from the first model as it has the Brown Dwarf (sometimes referred to as the Red Dwarf) being a black or dark star that gives off little or no light making it invisible.  While research does support the idea that the dark star is indeed invisible only to be “seen” in the infrared.  You Terral Croft, present this model as the true model sometimes referring to it as though it is almost a black hole instead of a planet.  Much about what you say about this Black Star seems to make perfect sense and I have to agree with it but yet certain things said about this model really make no sense given the research that supports the No. 1 model given above.  For example, you say this Black Star has no debris trail behind it and no other planets nor asteroids, etc. in orbit around it.  You, Terral, also say that the Second Sun sightings are nothing but sun dogs and/or lens flares.  As to its location, as far as I can determine from your research, it appears to be in the same approximate area as in Model No. 1 (correct me if I’m wrong).  So what we have in Model No. 2 is an invisible Black or Dark Star that is incoming but slowing in speed as it reacts with the Sun (which you have explained quite well on your website).  As to when it arrives, you’re looking at May 20 of this year and if not next year or possibly the next.

Planet X Model No. 3: “The 28 Day Orbit Unknown.”  While there are a few similarities between the above two models, this model is completely different.  Despite this fact this model has, it appears, solid scientific data to support it.  It is essentially this (and I can be corrected on this): there is a rather large (said to be 4 to 5 times the diameter of Jupiter) dark object on a 28 day orbit around the Sun.  The approximate location of this orbit seems to be a rather tight orbit inside the orbit of Mercury.  In the case of this model there is no arrival time as this object is already in our inner solar system quite close to the Sun.  Now this model does seem to allow for other objects which have been seen in close proximity to the Sun.  Dr. Claudia Albers has claimed that there are burnt out stellar cores arriving into our inner solar system.  So this model does allow for other objects and, I think, even debris fields.  But this model is very different from both models given above.

So now there you have all the major models.   Each model seems to have some solid information yet they all disagree on major points.   The authors of models 2 and 3 have discredited the Second Sun phenomenon as hoaxes – Camera anomalies of some sort or sun dogs, etc.  Well I have a problem with that.  I’m an old farmer and know what a sun dog looks like.  What I see in Second Sun pictures and videos (with a few exceptions that are obvious hoaxes) are not sun dogs.  As for being lens flares or some other camera anomaly, well there are certain things I need to point out.  It doesn’t take a mastermind to figure this out.  It’s just common sense.  Lens flares do not have clouds passing in front of them; do not have tree branches moving in front of them; do not reflect on the water (though I have seen some hoaxes but these are easily weeded out); and in gamma ray tests do not fade out right away like lens flares do but persist showing they are a real object.  Last but definitely not least, I know of more than one person who has seen the Second Sun phenomenon with their naked eye including Marshall Masters himself.  Now I suppose someone is going to say they hoaxed this or that it’s an “eye flare.”  Oh sure!

Okay that’s it.  I don’t know if this letter makes sense to you, but I have noticed these discrepancies and conflicts between what I call planet X models.  I’m sure other people have noticed this.  It would be good if you professional researchers on this subject could come together and cooperate on this and determine what the real truth is about these Planet X models really are.  I don’t see that happening but I would like to see a decent response to this letter to explain what is going on.  I’m not preferring one model over all the rest – all have their good points and bad points.  Maybe this amateur Planet X researcher doesn’t “get it” but there has to be an answer.  So if you would please respond and weigh in on this most important matter.  Tell me from your experience in researching this what you think.

P.S. Please be decent in your response – any foul language I will simply reject.   Thank you for all you researchers are doing to get the truth out on Planet X (or whatever you call it).  God bless you.

Ken at Diamond Star Research
N10319 22nd St. East
Necedah, WI 54646-7850

Added NoteI just wanted to point out that I’m aware that there has existed for some time now, a false Planet x movement to deceive and discredit.  Just as there has been a false 9-11 movement so too in this.  This doesn’t just mean Nancy Leader and company or the false Planet 7x model either.  It goes way beyond that.  It seems there has been a lot of coverage on Planet X incoming from about 2007-9 to about 2017 and then “poof” no more coverage.  It was like “it’s coming! It’s coming!” and then nothing.  It would appear Planet X got “stuck” somewhere between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.  Now couple that with the above “models” of Planet X and something doesn’t add up.  My own opinion is that there has been a lot of hype and false prognostications put out there which didn’t pan out as expected and the certain prophets of “doom n’ gloom” went silent.  I do think a Planet X type object is coming but it will be a big surprise to everyone when it gets here.  That’s in the Bible and true science appears to back it up.

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July 2020 Update: Since this letter has been delayed, several things have happened. I thought I would review John DiNardo’s research on Planet X and what I was reminded of is the fact he said the Planet X system was to make two passages – one incoming and one outgoing.  It appears the incoming passage has already occurred (according to what he has researched) probably during the years 2013 through 2017.  We are possibly between passages.  As far as when its outgoing passage is to occur, I don’t think its all that soon – past 2024 or based on the New World Order 2030 Agenda (this decade according to the UN is to be the “Decade of Action” of their plan) seems to indicate it may be coming somewhere close to the 2029-2033 timeframe.  But truth is no one knows the time for sure.
Anyway I noticed Marshall Masters your posting of a picture of now three objects near the Sun and the gamma tests done on them.  I find that very interesting.  Also Scott C’one what you have posted concerning the 28 day orbit object that has affected the Sun considerably causing earthquakes on Earth as in the 7.8 in Alaska.  (It’s just my opinion, but I think this 28 day orbit object (and others) were captured by the Sun when the Planet X system made its first passage by our inner solar system).

Anyway let me know what you think at my e-mail address above. Thank you.

January 2023 Update: This author has not received a reply from any of the three Planet X researchers to date.  Further research has revealed that our Earth has entered a Planet X debris field as of June 2020.  Furthermore, according to Steven Ben Nun of Israeli News Live, we are to encounter some type of Planet X type passage early this year and again in 2024-2025, and yet again in the 2029.  The final and real passage of the Planet X system we are told, will be in the 2032-2033 time-frame.
The latest for this year is that several waves of energy that will impact our Sun’s heliosphere which encompasses our solar system.  Over ten years ago we know of a researcher who indicated the Milky Way Galaxy”s central sun would be sending out a volley of radioactive energy waves.  Steven Ben Nun’s information concerning 17 impacts of energy coming this year seems to fit the Galactic waves scenario we know of from before.  Actually, according to Mike From Around the World, these energy waves will worsen and larger asteroids and fireballs will be coming in with some impacting the Earth as we progress through this decade.
Also from various sources we are finding more red skies, red rains and falls of red dust.  More sightings of second suns are occurring as well.  As of late 2022 there has been an upswing in seismic and volcanic activity and extremes in weather, floods, wildfires, sinkholes as well as extreme shifts in temperatures and more.  One needs to keep in mind the prophecies for our End Times which said we would experience such things.