DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH first made it’s start in 1980 for the express purpose of documenting the revelations and messages of the Necedah Apparitions.  The name, “Diamond Star” was taken from the following visions.  On several occasions the Necedah mystic, Mary Ann Van Hoof, saw in vision a diamond over the “sacred spot” of apparitions: March 12, 1971 and November 21, 1974 in particular.  However, on one rare occasion in September of 1980 a vision of the diamond and the diamond star was seen by one of Mary Ann’s sons, this author.  It came to him at a time when he suffered and endured severe health problems which brought him to near death.  He was also searching for answers and direction in his research.  What he saw was exactly like that of his mother’s vision of the diamond.  [See picture.]

Since that time Diamond Star Research has branched out further began to research all areas: health, science, history, conspiracy, the Catholic Church teachings, paranormal phenomena and many suppressed truths.  In virtually all areas it was discovered that for the most part we live in a FASE REALITY.  We are very much living through the GREAT APOSTASY as prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2.  We are living in the very last days of the Apocalypse and events are fast converging into a final climax.

It should be further noted that this journey in research of reality we have exposed the false “reality” that we have had created for us by the Zionist-Judeo-Masons and their world “banksters.”   We have had to change our position on things, especially in the religious sphere, over the years.  We were once part of the “Recognize and Resist” movement but in 2013 woke up to the fact that sedevacantism is the only true stance to take.  [See our Sedevacantism page and our Church and Culture section]

We also cover all End Times subjects in a very thorough and in-depth manner.  We also confront the controversial, the unexplained as well as the strange and unusual for all is interconnected and part of the whole picture.  [See our pdf book: “Apocalyptic Twilight Zone.”]

Our purpose is to bring the truth to all people regardless how strange or unusual it may be.  Our focus is on the over-all whole composite picture of reality that the enemy of God does not want you to see.  This site will not be for everybody as many people have  a preconceived view of many subjects we cover and will not accept the inconvenient truth of reality.  As Bishop Fulton J. Sheen once said:

“Truth is like life: it has to be taken on its entirety or not at all… We must welcome truth even if it reproaches and inconveniences us – even if it appears in the place where we thought it could not be.”