[Author’s Note: The title for this article came from the titles of two books that have been laying on our office bookshelf.  It was not planned that way but the books have been laying flat on the shelf with the top book, “The Return of Planet X” laying on the next book with title, “When Technology Fails.”  We thought this was very interesting and inspired us to name this article with these two titles combined.  As we shall see, when Planet X returns technology will fail.  This is even in prophecy.]  

            This author received an e-mail recently from someone from Sweden named “Jonathan Michael.”  He had looked over our Planet X webpage and found that we had not updated for a while.  He asked this question: “Don’t you think the worldwide lockdown in 2020, falsely justified by the ‘plandemic’ … may be a major indicator that the approach of a great global disaster – perhaps connected with the Planet X system and/or a comet – may now be very close?”  Jonathon indicated in his letter that it is very possible that the reason for the “plandemic” and the climate lockdowns, etc. is because they know this Planet X system is incoming and close.
Well we have finally decided to update our Planet X information because as we have been monitoring events there seems to be a definite correlation between what’s been happening down here with what has been happening “out there.” Planet X and End Times researcher, Bart Sibrel has also seen the correlation between what is being done by the so-called New World Order forces on this Earth and what is coming from “out there.”
Relative to this also is the statement given by the retiring Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano some years ago.  In her farewell address, she stated, “A natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen, is likely on its way.”  Now stop and think about that statement.  First of all, she said “a natural disaster” not a man-made one will come.  Second, she said, “the likes of which the nation has never seen…”  This nation has seen floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters but what she is referring to is one we have never seen before.  The incoming of Planet X and its system of asteroids and its debris field is something this nation has not seen before.  Lastly, she said is “likely on its way.”  This means it is relatively close and not off in the distant future.
There is now evidence of an incoming so-called rogue planetary system in the increasing weather changes and in a definite up-tick in both seismic and volcanic activity.  This will continue to increase as this system approaches.  “Mike-From-Around-the-World” interviewed on the Pastor Paul Begley Show and Steven Ben Nun of Israeli News Live have both reported on an incoming volley of waves of energy coming from an unknown source impacting our Sun’s heliosphere.  These sources say we are due for at least 17 incoming energy waves with one that has already hit on January 5th of this year.
Also Steven Ben Nun has reported that as of June 2020 the Earth has entered the Planet X (Nemesis-Nibiru) systems debris field.  Consequently, we have an incredible increase in fireballs and even reports of fragments of meteorites reaching the Earth causing fires and damaging properties.  Some of these fireballs are now large and intense enough to show easily on bright sunny days.
What does all this mean?  It means we are coming closer to the time when we will see greater weather changes, seismic and volcanic activity, and possible impacts of asteroids.  Greater tidal waves are definitely possible as the Earth begins to wobble more  as its orbit becomes more unstable.  [Note: Both this author’s mother (Mary Ann Van Hoof, the Necedah mystic) and Sister Lucia of Fatima saw in vision the Earth undergoing a polar shift.]  The poles have already begun to shift, jet streams are in disarray and the Earth is undergoing a greater energy bombardment than ever before.  Red dust falls have been increasing and intensifying as we enter deeper into the debris field.  These are all indicators that this Nemesis-Nibiru (Planet X) system is coming close.
Judging by world events and the globalist agenda, the time is at hand as this 5th Church age comes to a close.  [See the prophecies under the heading, “INCOMING!” found elsewhere on our Planet X webpage on this web site.]
Last but not least is what will happen when this Nemesis-Nibiru system passage occurs. As the Necedah prophecies warn, “…Your Earth will go out of its orbit… Have water in your homes because your electricity will not work! Remember, electricity will not work!”  That means technology will fail – it won’t work!  All electricity and “smart” technologies will fail and we will be left with the primitive means of yesteryear.
The only thing left will be what in the past we have called the “Amish Solution.”  Back in the early years of this 21st century, we put out a flyer by that title.  We then included this as a short subchapter to our series, “The Apocalypse Unfolds,” in Volume 2: “Apocalypse Across America.”  We really need to update that as the push for a “Great Reset” and a digital economic system being forced on the nations of the world is coming closer to reality.  We are going to have (as some Catholic families have started in Michigan) Catholic “Amish” communities.  We have to opt out of all government programs, etc. and all pharma controlled medical systems.  We have to go “local” and build small communities outside the digital economic prisons the globalists have planned for us.  That also means we have to get rid of “smart” technologies that have been so convenient and easy to use (that was by design to soften us) and rely on independent (non-traceable) systems outside of Big Brother’s control.  We need to use cash or better yet real metal coins (gold and silver) to do our own business transactions outside Big Brother’s system of control.
To do all this and more to survive what is coming we have to first realize where we are at in history (at the close of the fifth Church age) and that the Planet X system is real and not a figment of the imagination.  We also have to realize that the government in whatever form, the so-called medical system (hospitals, etc.) and official outlets and agencies as well as the mainstream (lamestream) media are NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN ANY WAY.
Yes, the Big Powers of the world who control events on this Earth are getting us use to “climate change” lockdowns and restrictions, regulations and so forth and having us live in fear of more Covid-19 “variants.”  Even wars and terrorism are used to condition the people’s thinking.  So be aware of the larger picture of what is truly happening.  They know this Planet X system is incoming, that its approach to our planet is very close and they are preparing for it while we are being fed propaganda and fear, fear, and more fear.  Put your trust in Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother.  WE NEED TO TURN TO THEM FOR THERE IS NO OTHER HOPE!  KEEP THE TRUE CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN FAITH – NOT THAT OF THE VATICAN II FALSE SECT!
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