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Paperback 31 page Expose' Introduction on the Church Crisis by Diamond Star Research

Five Star Expose Introduction
EXPOSE’ OVERVIEW: EXPOSE’ ON THE CHURCH CRISIS.  [An Introduction to the Five Star Expose’ Series.]
This Expose’ Overview explains our research on the Five Star Expose’ Series – serves as an introduction to the whole series as well as explains our sources and why we wrote the series.  It has short chapters on Rome losing the Faith, how the enemy used the Church to destroy the Faith; who the Great Harlot of Babylon is as it relates to the counterfeit church and about the Remnant Catholic Church as explained in Sacred Scripture.  Explains briefly the Church in eclipse.  [Note:  This Introductory volume is free to whose who buy all five volumes.]

30 pages. Paper cover.  $5 plus shipping if bought separately. Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

Five Star Expose Series Volume 1
AN EXPOSE’ ON JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO: A Compendium of Research Articles by Diamond Star Research.  
The most damming evidence of this corrupt and heretical apostate ever assembled under one cover ever is contained in this short work.  Covers his role as Satan’s agent within; his Communist formation; his involvement in clergy sexual abuse cover-up; the dictator tyrant behind the “humble cleric”; damming documents showing his part in Argentina’s “dirty war”; his complicit involvement in Judaism; and the fact that he was (and still is) a satanic Freemasonic agent within.  What’s more is most all this was BEFORE he was invalidly elected “pope.”  So included in this short volume is proof positive Bergoglio’s so-called election in Rome in 2013 was invalid, null and void according to a Papal Bull of 1559 that was pronounced “Ex Cathedra.”  Also included is additional information on the Novus Ordo sect and on the falseness of Bergoglio and his so-called  “papacy”.  Very well documented.

59 pages. Spiral bound.  $10 plus shipping.  Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

Five Star Expose Series Volume 2
 CHURCH VERSUS FALSE CHURCH by Diamond Star Research.  Clears away the “fog” of confusion surrounding what has happened in today’s world of Catholicism.  Provides real answers concerning where the real Catholic Church is today and what has been masquerading as the “catholic” church for years.  Covers basic Catholic truths; a basic understanding of the Papacy as a divinely founded institution; the Church teaching on infallibility, indefectibility, and heresy; exposes the Vatican II sect as a counterfeit church; modernism’s new order of the Mass; the fatal flaw of the “recognize and resist” position; Gallicanism as the false position of the SSPX and more.  Has additional appendices covering an expose of Modernism and the Amazonian Synod.  Very well documented.

76 pages.  Spiral bound.  $10 plus shipping.  Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

Five Star Expose Series Volume 3
1958 CONCLAVE: MASONIC TAKEOVER OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. This volume deals with a very disturbing and inconvenient truth:  that the Masonic forces conspired through the use of the Permanent Instructions of the Alta Vendita, to takeover the Catholic church from within.  The plan was to capture the Papacy and use this office to change the Catholic Faith completely into a counterfeit.  Regarding these plans, this volume covers all the prophecies and predictions including Fatima, La Salette, Necedah, Anna Katherine Emmerich, Cardinal Edward Manning, Father E. Sylvester Berry, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, Father Herman and more.  This volume gives us the history of the plot to capture the Papacy.  It documents in detail what happened at the 1958 Conclave; that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was truly and validly elected pope but was then threatened and shoved aside; how he was held a hostage pope for 31 years and a great deal more.  It contains impeccable well documented sources that witnessed these events and even explains the Conclave procedures and rules.  This is probably the most shocking expose’ ever.

88 pages. Spiral bound.  $10 plus shipping. Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

spiral bound book expose Volume 4 - Vatican II Creating an Antichrist World Church 120 pagesFive Star Expose Series Volume 4
This work explains the Vatical II Council (Roncalli’s revolution) like no other work.  Exposes Angelo Roncalli, the so-called “Good “Pope” John” and his predetermined and planned “papacy” as well as the fact he was a documented Freemason.  Also explains his convening of this “wicked council” as per Fatima prophecy.  Explains who Montini (Paul VI) actually was; his Masonic and Communist ties and his completion of the council; the systematic destruction of the Church through Vatican II; the clergy crisis in light of Vatican II as well as the “conciliar popes” part they played in this systematic destruction of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith.  It includes a section on the remnant churches in these End Times.

120 pages. Spiral bound.  $10  plus shipping. Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

The blessed Virgin Mary and the three Fatima children in the fieldFive Star Expose Series Volume 5
Blows the “lid” off the whole falsification operation the Evil Forces have employed to fool the Catholic World that has falsified not only the Fatima Message, but the Third Secret in particular and even falsifying the mystic, Sister Lucy herself, by using at least two or more imposters.  Explains that the Third Secret was falsified, fragmented, suppressed but through diligent researchers has been finally revealed.  Also presents Dr. Peter Chojnowski’s scientific evidence for an imposter “Sister Lucy” as well as what the implications are of this Sister Lucy fraud.  This volume presents both a concise chronology of events and important picture section showing the falsification of Sister Lucy and the Third Secret.  Also contains documentation on what happened between 2003 and 2007 and since on the desecration of the Fatima Shrine as well as the Consecration of Russia including an appendix of the Bergoglio blasphemy of a so-called “consecration.”  Explains why the Evil Forces had to falsify Fatima.

66 pages. Spiral Bound.  $10 plus shipping. Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

Spiral Bound Publication of The Coronavirus ConspiracyTHE CORONAVIRUS CONSPIRACY: WORLD CONTROL – DEPOPULATION – TRANSHUMANISM.  Over two years of research and investigation went into this work.  It covers these topics in 3 parts.  Part One includes:: What is True Health?; Toxemia: The Cause of all Disease; Criminality and Cover-up; The Covid-19 Facts; The Purpose of Vaccines and the Mark of the Beast; Covid-19, Economic Consequences; Masked Madness and more.  Part Two includes: Population Reduction – a M.A.D. Plan; Vaccinations and Planned Plagues; The Vaccine Death Report (This is a special report from Doctor Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. and David John Sorensen).  Part Three – “False Science and the Rise of the Antichrist System” includes: Pseudo-Pandemic, Propaganda, Pandemonium and Panic; Protocol for Murder – Cash For Death; False Tests For a False Pandemic; The Financial Control System and the Great Reset; Internet of Bodies, Transhumanism and the Mark of the Beast and more.  The Epilogue exposes the Bergoglio-Rothschild Alliance as well as fetal cell connection to these “vaccines” and drug research.  Complete as possible with five appendices included.  Exposes the fact these diabolical scheme is not about health and the fact that we live in a false reality.  Learn the REAL TRUTH!

152 pages. Spiral bound.  $15 plus shipping. Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

TRIAL BY DECEPTION THE TRUTH DENIED by Kenneth G. Van Hoof (2021 Edition). This book was written by the mystic’s son who personally experienced many of the events described in this book about the Virgin Mary’s apparitions to his mother, Mary Ann Van Hoof. There has been considerable confusion and deliberate obfuscation of the facts concerning the Necedah Apparitions and its mystic, Mary Ann Van Hoof. In previous years too much has been left in obscurity. It is the purpose of this book to clarify, define and defend this apparition of Mary and its mystic. The author has conducted years of in-depth research of this apparition and has amassed a considerable amount of data. This is the most definitive defense ever presented on this topic us­ing original letters, documents and articles to present an enlightening and solid case. This well documented research relates to the crisis in the Church, our prophetic future, and even to the in­famous Men-In-Black. It will become apparent to the discerning reader that after reading this book, there are forces in “high places” that sought to stamp out this apparition of Mary. A very relevant book for our times about one of the most persecuted and suppressed Marian apparition in history.  Soft cover. 175 pages  $18.50 plus Shipping.  READ THE BOOK HERE

Book Cover The Church in Eclipse: The Pope in ExileCHURCH IN ECLIPSE – THE POPE IN EXILE by Kenneth G Van Hoof. When Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope Gregory XVII at about 6 p.m. Rome time on October 26, 1958 and then forced to abdicate his rightful throne via threats against him, his family and the Church itself, the true Catholic Church entered into eclipse and has been in a state of eclipse ever since.
With the uncanonical election of “Cardinal” Angelo Roncalli on October 28th of that same year and the convening of the “wicked council” (as per the Fatima Secret), the Evil Forces realized their long-range Alta Vendita plan to take over the Papacy and hence, the Catholic Church. Because of this diabolical scheme an emerging diabolically inspired pantheistic world church (the Vatican II Novus Ordo (new order) sect) eclipsed the true light of the Catholic Faith by suppressing, changing or otherwise altering the doctrines and teachings of the True Church. Thus the Vatican II Council (1962-1965) and what it promulgates is not the Catholic Faith but the “Cult of Man,” dethroning God.
Therefore, what now occupies Rome, the Vatican itself, is a false hierarchy and no longer represents the True Catholic Church. It is as Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen has called it, “a counter-church … emptied of its divine content.” It has become as per the Emmerich prophecy, “the Church of Darkness.” It is the Great Harlot of Apocalypse 17 while the True Church with its true Pope has been eclipsed and exiled into the “wilderness” as per Apocalypse 12:6. Fatima was falsified, its secret suppressed, and Sister Lucy replaced with an imposter! As incredible as all this sounds, it is fully documented. This book took over 5 years of intense study, research, writing and editing to complete this exhaustive work.

Soft cover – large 8 x 11 format, 421 pages. $60 postpaid. Send check or money order to: Diamond Star Research, N10319, 22nd St. East, Necedah, WI 54646-7825.

A YOUNG WOMAN’S MODESTY RESOURCE GUIDE (with a Young Man’s Guide included) by Miss Claire Joann Mary Halbur.  A very practical resource guide for young women seeking to dress modestly in today’s corrupt world.  First written in 2006 by this 18 year old young author, Diamond Star Research is reproducing this out-of-print booklet.  This handy booklet covers all aspects of modest dress including modest swem-wear; has a modesty checklist to insure modesty in dress.  The original booklet is very informative and practical and has rare information not contained in other works on modesty such as an historical chart of fashions from 1900 to the present.  Added to the original work  is the Church’s teaching on modesty in dress and on women wearing pants.  A very short work and an easy read as well as a very practical guide for those who want to follow the modesty guidelines of the Catholic Christian.  This booklet will be given out FREE.

THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS, Volume2, Apocalypse Across America.  As the Apocalypse sweeps across America, final plans are being completed for the emergence of a One World Government.  Though Americans are awakening to something being wrong, most do not realize to what extent these plans have come and how close enslavement really is.  (The One World Advocates are seeking to have a world police-state dictatorship in place within the next few years).
In the meantime, New World Order plans and programs for “the good of the people” are [progressing rapidly.  Hidden under this veneer of everyday life is a whole labyrinth of interconnected happenings from black helicopters, clandestine construction of concentration camps, underground bases, bunkers and tunnels to the push for a North American Union, a controlled collapse of the economy for the purpose of a new monetary system, the immigration invasion, the false wars on cancer, drugs, and terrorism.  All this is occurring while  Big Brother is feigning protection and security for the American people.
While we are promised this “security”  secret forces are taking away our rights and freedoms.  While Big Brother promises peace and security and the American Dream, more wars are engineered for our sons and daughters to die in for their world utopia.  We are subjected to dumbed-down “education,” poisoned through fast-foods, “Frankenstein: foods, pharmaceutical medications, vaccines, chemtrails, and various toxic chemicals in our environment; coerced into a police state via surveillance technologies, tracking and monitoring our every move in every possible way all to turn our reality into the American Nightmare.
The good news is there is a way out of this nightmare.  This volume not only exposes this diabolical scheme but explains ways to “opt our of the system.”  It’s not all “doom ‘n gloom.”  There is solutions on how to prepare for and survive this crisis ahead.
This volume is the most complete, in-depth coverage of the take-over of America as it relates to the Apocalypse now unfolding.  6×9 soft cover book.  287 pages.  $19.50

THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS, Volume3, Apocalyptic Twilight Zone.
We are now entering the twilight zone of this apocalyptic age where the strange, the unusual, the unexplained and the unaccepted are becoming more prevalent in our world.  These paranormal manifestations include UFO’s, crop circles, strange creatures, unexplained disappearances, hidden scientific explorations and discoveries and much more.  Such things are not random and unrelated events but a manifestation of a greater hidden reality emerging from the occulted vaults of transcendent truth.  These hidden secrets of the ages were kept from public scrutiny down through the misty corridors of time.  Such things are becoming more manifest in our time now more than ever before because of the mounting battle between the forces of Good and E vil.
This volume, like no other, explores these strange happenings and paranormal phenomena, examining every facet, taking out the confusion and mystery in the process and revealing the underlying interconnected reality of the composite world.  These secrets and mysteries – the un-explained, can now be, in this Age of the Apocalypse, explained and understood.  Consequently, one may begin to see the hidden connections between these strange manifestations and activities of the New World Order as all being part of the ongoing battle between Good and Evil.  The facts will be borne out in this volume to show the intricate relationship between this apocalyptic twilight zone of existence and the real shadow of power that manipulates and controls this planet’s surface world from the hidden subterranean depths.  Once you understand these enigmas and mysteries of our hidden reality you will never view the world in the same way again.  (Note:  contains the Secret of Necedah (never before released) and the secrets of the Vatican.)  6×9 soft cover book.  251 pages. $19.50

APOCALYPSE BEACON, Vol. 6, No. 16, Spring, 2008.  The Problem: The Mainstream Controlled Media.  Today’s world is a fabricated false reality kept in place by the “Powers-That-Be” who employ their media as WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION via television, radio, the printed word, and the internet.  Our Special Media Expose’ Edition of THE APOCALYPSE BEACON shines the Light of Truth on this fabricated false reality.  Find out how the media manipulators distort and cover up the REAL news.

  • Those who work behind the news molding public opinion.
  • The REAL truth about the protocols.
  • Natural disasters – man-made or “act of God”?
  • Whether California’s “Big One” will be the next 9/11 disaster.
  • UFO’s and the media
  • Cover up of coming disasters
  • Whether Planet X is fact or fiction
  • And a whole lot more!

All from an END TIMES perspective.  Discover the REAL NEWS behind the deception.  Order your copy of this well documented information today!    Full Color Cover.  46 pages.  $8.00 postpaid.

APOCALYPSE BEACON, Vol. 5, No. 15, Summer, 2004. Contents: Re­search Update: What We Research: Apocalypse Across America and the World: The Apocalypse in Perspective: Armageddon: The Final Battle Between Good     and Evil; The Reality of the Apocalypse; Planet X Update. Very informative, hard-hitting information that puts the events of today in apocalyptic perspective. Full color cover. 16 pages. $5.00.

BEACON OF THE APOCALYPSE, Vol. 3, No. 13, Winter, 2001. Contents: Millenium Madness and Misinformation (World Stage Set for “Order Out of Chaos” Planned Takeover) – The Warning and Takeover: It’s a Matter of Timing; Necedah Revelations Verified by Unfolding Events. 28 pages. $3.00

ShrineSHRINE BEACON, Vol. 5, No. 24. “THE SUPPRESSED BLUE MANTLE EDITION.” This was the last SHRINE BEACON ever published. Certain “powers-that-be” sought to have this publication stopped.
Could it be because this special Church issue exposes wrongdoings in high places within the Roman Catholic Church and defends the Remnant Church that it was sur-pressed? Contents: The Old Roman Catholic Church: A Remnant Church For Our Time; Old Ro­man Catholic History; The Virgin Mary’s Mission to Mary Ann Van Hoof – (Necedah mystic); Rome Will Loose the Faith (details the infiltration of the Vatican by Masonic Anti-Christ forces); Maitreya Stands Ready to Emerge. Presents the truth concerning the crisis within the Roman Catholic Church like no other. 52 pages. $5.00.

APPARITIONS OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY ON THE MOUNTAIN OF LA SALETTE  This contains the complete message of La Salette plus other important information about the apparition.  .75 cents

THE TRUTH OF REVELATION (Triunelight Research Journal). Published in 1982 but still very relevant. Contents: Private Revelation and Common Sense (takes a common sense view of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary plus clarifies the position of  the Catholic Church in regard to apparitions); The Generative and Formative Forces of the Universe (deals with the profound mysteries of the Holy Trinity of God and with Christ and Mary as  being the Generative and Formative Forces of the Universe); The Apocalyptic Warnings of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (This article shows the Virgin’s plan as it began at Tepeyac, Mexico with the Miracle of Guadeloupe. Also the prophetic warnings given through the Secret of La Salette, the Secret of Fatima, and Necedah’s Message to the Elect are presented). Touches lightly on the UFO connection. Attractive blue cover. 8 X 11. 24 pages. $4.00.

THE STORY OF JOAN OF ARC by Mark Twain. Few know of Mark Twain’s excellent work on the true story of the Church’s greatest saints and martyrs; one who was persecuted and put to death by a corrupt faction of her own Church. Here is a story of high adventure told with direct­ness and force. It is a symbol of religious expression, interwoven with tragedy and charm. Let us hope that Joan’s spirit and example will be an inspiration to those who read this book and par­ticularly the youth who can love her and follow her example. Soft cover. Pocket size. 529 pages. $4.25.