It should be obvious to those awake enough to see it that the Earth and its climate is undergoing significant changes. There are, however, unbeknownst to most, that several forces are at work bringing about this change.There are three natural cosmic forces that are combining to bring about the Earth changes and climate change events we now see unfolding upon us.These natural cosmic forces have been steadily increasing in intensity and frequency.In addition to these three natural cosmic forces, there is a fourth force, a manmade force which is exacerbating and masking the natural forces.

        The primary natural cosmic force is stellar evolution and transition. This is the most dominate and all encompassing of all the forces of change that is causing a cosmic transition all across the universe involving all stars including our Sun, our galaxy’s Central Sun and even all inner suns inside the planets. [For more on the Earth’s inner sun, see: The Apocalypse Unfolds – Vol. 3. Apocalyptic Twilight Zone – the subchapter, Earthly Discoveries: Unearthly Disclosures. ]

        The second natural cosmic force subsequent to the above primary force is the galactic super waves exploding from the galactic Central Sun and radiating out along the Dark Rift, the galactic equatorial plane.Our solar system is now crossing this equatorial plane, the Equanox, which because of the super waves is much more dense area of cosmic plasma (and inherit cosmic “dust”) and magnetism.This is a very electrically charged and active area of space.This is producing profound and significant changes in our solar system at this time.

        The third natural cosmic force resulting from the two forces outlined above is the influence on our solar /system of an incoming Brown Dwarf- Planet X (Nibiru- Hercolubus) system.This system, considered a mini solar system, is now affecting the outer planets and the gas giants of our solar system in altering their orbits.This Brown Dwarf is already causing a second “solar” wind to develop.

        The fourth force is a manmade force that has been used to alter and manipulate the weather systems of Earth as well as affect the seismic forces as well. This fourth force has been called geoengineering. Geoengineering involves chemtrails, HAARP, GWEN towers, ice nucleation and other means of weather control and modification of the existing weather patterns.This control of the weatherto affect “climate change” involves altering the jet streams and ocean currents producing very extreme regional weather conditions. Artificially induced earthquakes and volcanism is being produced in certain select areas often for political reasons via the science of telegeodynamics using ELF (electrical low frequency) pulsed wave technology, HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project) and GWEN (Ground Wave Electrical Network) towers.This manmade geoengineering “force” has been used to mask and cover up the three natural cosmic forces outlined above.Besides population reduction and the setting up of a world government/religion, this is the main reason for its existence – to mask and possibly impede the coming solar transition which has been prophesied to occur now in our End of Days.

        The general rise in seismic disturbances (earthquakes, volcanism, sinkholes, land-slips, expansion cracks, tectonic plate movement and the rising and sinking of certain land masses is a result of the aforementioned natural cosmic forces. However, the Powers-That-Be have used and are using seismic and weather altering technology to aid in their plan of depopulation and world control. This is a major effort of the New World Order using geoengineering which has resulted in chemtrail “milky” white skies, strange sounds heard around the world (some of which are from pulsed HAARP energy waves), mass animal death events, weird weather and mega-storms, and blood-red rains, seas, streams and more.

The Reality of Geoengineering

It is important to realize just what geoengineering is and what it involves. Geoengineering is the deliberate altering of the Earth’s climate via technology which employs HAARP pulsed energy waves, chemtrails (the seeding of the atmosphere with various toxic particlulates), ice nucleation, magnetic manipulation of the ionosphere, and other means of weather modification. The complete altering of the Earth’s environment is not only now possible but is threatening all life on this planet. Climate modification, earthquake generation, tsunami or tidal wave generation and direction (i.e. the 2004 Indonesia earthquake and tsunami; the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami) as well as behavior control are now a reality via magnetic manipulation and artificial heating of the ionosphere. These means of planetary warfare were predicted years ago by geophysicist Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald. He predicted these means of planetary warfare via the use of weather and seismic manipulation would be developed by the 21st Century.

        “The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.” (As quoted in Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare – The Rise Earth website).

        We note in this statement the reference to “”the identification of environmental instabilities” which they use to control climate.Their purpose is to de-stabilize the natural balance of weather systems as well as all natural systems in their “playing god” and in their lust for power and control of all humanity.By adding just the right “small amount of energy” to further destabilize what is already somewhat unstable they are causing the Earth’s natural environmental systems to become extremely out of balance.The Powers-That-Be are trying to create an artificial manmade environment.(There is much more to this than we can cover here.Another article will have to cover this specific aspect).

        Furthermore, “the modern weather modification program, at least in the U.S., is over 70 years old. Public service announcements printed in newspapers back in the 1960s warned of government intention to modify the weather.

        “Life Magazine, back in the 50s and 60s, continually covered US weather modification programs, including Project Stormfury which redirected and reduced hurricane intensity from 1962 to 1963. The IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) continuing and absolute silence on such programs is deafening.

        “With insider knowledge, a chapter in the 1968 book, Unless Peace Comes: A Scientific Forecast of New Weapons, predicts the development of technologies that will use the planet itself as a weapon. The chapter, ‘How to Wreck the Environment,’ was penned by geophysicist and member of President Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee, Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald…” You will note this is the same man who made the geophysical warfare statement above whose intent it was to create instabilities in the natural environment.

        No doubt Senator Claiborne Pell who chaired a Senate subcommittee, knew of these weather warfare, climate altering, seismic inducing planetary weapons technologies for he warned in 1976:

        “We need a treaty now… before the military leaders of the world start directing storms, manipulating climates and inducing earthquakes against their enemies.”

       What was warned about by Senator Pell is now a reality and the enemies spoken of now appears to us – especially Christians, Nationalists or anyone who dares to resist and expose the New World Order for what it really is: a madman’s plan at “playing god” to control the world for reasons of wealth and power.

        As this environmental planetary weapons technology advanced with the development of geoengineered chemtrails in the 1990s, American Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen warned in April, 1997:

        “Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanoes remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

        In the same year of 1997 there was a document written where Dr. Edward Teller actually states that the intention of geoengineering is to shield the Earth from the increasing intensity of the Sun’s rays by using particulates, in other words, chemtrails to alter the climate. (Two years earlier in the summer of 1995, this author had a retired Naval officer who we refer to as “John” tell us the U.S. government and Russia had a joint program to artificially induce earthquakes and tsunamis by remote control).

        There are of course, several reasons for geoengineering the Earth’s environment. This is covered in another article on our website called, Geoengineering, HAARP, and Chemtrails. We are now updating this research which includes basic information from the research of solar expert and climatologist, Dane Wigington.

Notes on Dane Wigington’s Geoengineering Research. (Website: [Most notes with few exceptions are taken from the video: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare and the Collapse of Civilization available on the above website.]

  1. Chemtrail toxins include Aluminum oxides, Barium salts and titinates, desiccated human red blood cells and white blood cells, lead, mercury, synthetic polymers, nano-Aluminum coated fiberglass, radioactive Cesium, radioactive Thorium, bio-nano particles and a whole lot more.(Note:Nano particles are extremely dangerous because they are so tiny they can pass through tissue membranes directly into the bloodstream and into the brain where they cause dementia, alzhiemers, autism and more.
  2. $8.5 trillion has not been accounted for in the U.S. financial budget since 1996.Note that this is just one year prior to Dr. Edward Teller’s official paper announcing the intention of launching geoengineering programs.No doubt, much of this unaccounted for funds is being used for that purpose.
  3. One in three older adults die with dementia.(This is caused by aluminum and other geoengineered toxins lodging in the brain).
  4. Geoengineering is part of the Agenda 21 program of relocating people into city and urban areas and the eugenics and depopulation programs.
  5. One in five people are now getting Autism.Heavy metals (in nan-particulate form) are increasingly causing endocrine system disruption.
  6. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) scientists are afraid to speak out about geoengineering for fear of retaliation from the Powers-That-Be. As one scientist stated, We’re scared as hell, but we have no First Amendment rights!”
  7. In recent years there has been a 50% decline in ocean plankton due to the acidification of ocean waters.No plankton means no fish.Plankton is a basic form of life in the food chain.
  8. Bee populations (due to colony collapse disorder, etc.) have dropped as much as 50%.  Albert Einstein warned long ago that four years after the bees disappear, the people would disappear.The alarming drop in bee (especially honey bee) populations has raised concerns over adequate pollination of crops.
  9. Russian scholars and scientists have warned of U.S. climate change weapons. (It appears all major nations of the world are engaged in climate change weapons).
  10. Geoengineering can cause mega-storms, mega-floods, mega-droughts and other weather extremesas well as seismic disturbances to control and subjugate targeted nations of concern to the New World Order.
  11. Dane Wigington notes that the term “chemtrail conspiracy theory” leads to the discrediting of geoengineering.(If someone posts a comment on a mainstream website, correcting the definition of geoengineering, the corrected definition is denied and deleted ). The term climate engineering leads to science and credibility.(The mainstream media avoids using the correct terms).
  12. Global warming versus climate change:The New World Order elite have changed their terminology to cover the greater weather extremes now occurring.They also now altered their agenda.The man-caused global warming scam served its purpose: to use as a environmental control mechanism to further enslave the populace.[Diamond Star Note:Global cooling is now being promoted because they fear the real global warming caused by galactic and solar system changes now taking place – hint:the Sun is getting brighter and hotter and they are masking this with a geoengineered cooling of the planet.They are using “global cooling” propaganda to fool the public and to a certain extent this is working.]
  13. The population of the world’s pelagic fish (Mackerel, Tuna, etc.) is down 95%. Massive fish die-offs are increasing all across the globe. (Note: It appears both natural causes and man’s geoengineering of the environment are both to blame).
  14. The world is losing various species of animal life through extinction.Wigington reports that 200 species are going extinct per day.This is 10,000 times the average.[Diamond Star Research Note:It appears from our research that both natural and man-induced causes are involved in this.]
  15. Rising CO2 and methane levels arenow occurring.Methane release in the ocean waters is causing an overall general acidification.
  16. The planet is warming overall (as are other planets in our solar system) despite the media claim that it is cooling. [Diamond Star Research Note: This warming Dane Wigington attributes mostly to geoengineering. This however is only partly true. The main general cause is the Sun entering into its transition phase which is now occurring. Though there is a general warming of the planet, there is a greater destabilization of the planet’s environment and weather systems due to both natural cosmic forces and man’s geoengineering.]
  17. Scientists say the now occurring sea level rise is unstoppable.A 100 foot sea level rise is expected in the coming decades. Proof of sea level rise and land incursions around the globe is becoming more and more evident with sea level rise seen in the Fiji Islands where the government is relocating the most vulnerable seaside communities. Land incursions and sea level rise is also been reported in Viet Nam, Japan, and the Philippines as well as other places.
  18. Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer allowing greater penetration of ultra violet rays.UV-B is increasingly penetrating through down to the oceans.Normally about 95% of all ultra violet radiation is UV-A.There has been a 1200% increase in UV-B (more dangerous than UV-A) and it is now penetrating the atmosphere.The most dangerous of all ultra violet radiation is the form UV-C which is now penetrating the atmosphere.Scientists are threatened if they tell the extent of ozone depletion and ultra violet ray penetration of the atmosphere.
  19. Methane release, a natural process, is now being accelerated because of geoengineering.The normal methane release is about 700 parts per billion.It is now spiking to 2500 parts per billion.Science is being censored on giving any data on this as well as many other threats.Science is a completely controlled system.
  20. Birds falling from the sky and other mass animal death events are caused most likely by HAARP technology, geoengineering, chemtrails as well as changes and disruptions in the magnetic field of the Earth due to natural cosmic forces including the Sun.
  21. Ice nucleation (where chemicalized snow forms at even above freezing temperatures) and snowstorms are intensified especially in the winter of 2013-14.NASA has a patent on ice nucleation.In October, 2013,100,000 cattle in South Dakota died due to an ice nucleated mega-snowstorm.(Ice nucleated snow is usually very heavy and cement-like such as in this chemically nucleated snow and can cause an endothermic reaction to Aluminum and Barium it contains and drop temperatures 100 degrees F. even if the surrounding temperatures are higher). Tests done on Mount Shasta snow found 6,000 parts per billion of Aluminum.70 pound “ice boulders” have been found in the last couple of years washing up on the shores of Lake Michigan.This is not normal.This is a result of ice nucleation.
  22. Environmentalist activist groups such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, etc. whom you would expect to be “up in arms” against the damage being done by geoengineering, are instead strangely silent on the issue and are ignoring it.While the media has been focusing on the polar vortex,California has had their worst drought in their history. Temperatures are at least 15 to 20 degrees above normal with some record highs being set.Abnormally dry conditions combined with unusually high temperatures for the winter season (a real lack of winter) are causing an outbreak of wildfires normally not heard of this time of year. Brazil and Australia are also “frying and drying” with record breaking temperatures drought conditions.
  23. The public is now being conditioned with propaganda that a chemtrail sky is “normal.”NASA even has a school program to indoctrinate children that chemtrails are normal.
  24. There is a chemtrail program that uses aircraft to spray metal oxides into the upper atmosphere.HAARP energy waves are directed at these particles to artificially heat the atmosphere to over 100 degrees F. preventing moisture to form.The spraying of particulates in the upper atmosphere has another affect:to deflect sunlight away from the Earth.It’s part of Sun Radiation Management (SRM) and atmospheric dimming.

        So there you have it – at least a glimpse of this diabolical program to change the climate and produce an artificial environment. It is extremely important that people become aware of and understand the chemtrail scourge as well as the broader geoengineering program. It affects your health, your environment and even threatens your very existence as a normal human being that God intended. (Translhumanism is another aspect of this geoengineering program we cannot cover here). This threat is very real and threatens you 24/7 all 365 days of every year. This is a global pandemic that must be realized by the average person if he cares about his health, his family and his future. It’s about time to get educated on these evils! A good place to start is this website and the foremost website exposing geoengineering: Also for the broader agenda including transhumanism, Project Blue Beam see:

        The public needs to face the reality of geoengineering, weather warfare, and Earth changes. Get out of denial and become aware of what is truly going on. You can ignore reality but soon you will not be able to ignore the consequences of that reality.

Sun’s Transition Covered Up By Geoengineering

There are several reasons for the intensive geoengineering going on today on this planet.The three main purposes of geoengineering is to (1) depopulate the Earth Chem Trailsdown to the manageable level of 500 million as stated on the Georgia Guidestones. Vaccines, fluoride, aspartame and pharmaceutical drugs will aid the chemtrails in this process as does war and eugenics; (2) Climate change to produce an artificial environment with the aid of Monsanto’s plan to make only genetically modified seeds available – open pollinated seeds will be outlawed, and also aiding this is the transhumanist agenda to create artificial lifeforms (cyborgs, chimeras, clones, etc.) through G.R.I.N. (Genetics-Robotics-artificial Intelligence-Nano-particulate) technology to adapt to live in this artificial environment; (3) To shield the planet from changes in the Sun and thus “insulate” the Earth from the Sun’s transition that would upgrade the Earth and all life forms on it.All life (including man) will be upgraded through transitional changes in their DNA and thus attain higher level of consciousness.

The New World Order plan is to keep this Earth under their cryptocratic control through to the end of the Sun’s transition phase.The three goals outlined above will lead them to their ultimate goal:the set-up of an Anti-Christ world system via Project Blue Beam using holographic imaging techniques that involves the use of geoengineered nano-particulates in the upper atmosphere.

As incredible as this may sound, it is most certainly true and we have the documentation to prove it. (See: The Apocalypse Unfolds: Vol. 5. Apocalyptic Climax – Chem Trail particularly Part iv. The “End of Days” Climax. Also see: NASA’s Project Blue Beam elsewhere on this website).

A major reason for the New World Order’s geoengineering – transhumanist – GMO agenda is because they know what is imminently about to occur with the Sun which will change all life on this planet as we have known it forever. This is a major transition for the entire solar system and they know it is coming very soon. This is one of the reasons for them building their underground bases, bunkers, cities and seed vaults.

[Diamond Star Note: For further confirmation and evidence of Intergalactic and solar system changes – see: The Apocalypse Unfolds: Vol. 4. The Apocalypse in Perspective – the subchapter, Solar System and Galactic Changes, p 23.]

You can ignore reality but soon you will not be able to ignore the consequences of that reality.

Sun’s Transition Covered Up By Geoengineering

There are several reasons for the intensive geoengineering going on today on this planet. The three main purposes of geoengineering is to (1) depopulate the Earth down to the manageable level of 500 million as stated on the Georgia Guidestones. Vaccines, fluoride, aspartame and pharmaceutical drugs will aid the chemtrails in this process as does war and eugenics; (2) Climate change to produce an artificial (chem Trail) environment with the aid of Monsanto’s plan to make only genetically modified seeds available – open pollinated seeds will be outlawed, and also aiding this is the transhumanist agenda to create artificial lifeforms (cyborgs, chimeras, clones, etc.) through G.R.I.N. (Genetics-Robotics-artificial Intelligence-Nano-particulate) technology to adapt to live in this artificial environment; (3) To shield the planet from changes in the Sun and thus “insulate” the Earth from the Sun’s transition that would upgrade the Earth and all life forms on it.All life (including man) will be upgraded through transitional changes in their DNA and thus attain higher level of consciousness.

The New World Order plan is to keep this Earth under their cryptocratic control through to the end of the Sun’s transition phase.The three goals outlined above will lead them to their ultimate goal:quence stars, then on up to blue giants, then supernova.The same process as heating up a piece of metal, from the initial red glow to where it gets blue-hot and breaks.

  • “Since stars are built from dust and debris as fuel, the more fuel available, the hotter the Sun will get.
  • “As David Wilcock has identified in the past, planetary moons are leaving ‘trails’ throughout the solar system, indicating we’ve entered a dusty area of space. With all this dust and debris available for stellar fuel, the Sun is growing in size and getting hotter, moving from a class-G (yellow) star to a class-F (yellow-white) star. [Diamond Star Note: Actually the dust is not the real fuel but because of a greater plasma density (and thus more cosmic “dust”) there is a greater charge of electricity available which is what really “fuels” the Sun or the star, a fuel that will not “run out” but will only increase or decrease with the plasma density.]
  • “Because our system of long-term dating is based on an assumption of radioactive elements being formed when the Earth was born – not being produced regularly – our system of geologic eras is dramatically wrong. Astronomical events move thousands of times faster than assumed by astronomers. The planet and solar system are nowhere near as old as claimed and mankind has been around to see the Sun ‘change’ in the past.

        “When you consider these consequences from a corrected stellar evolution, one conclusion is obvious: Global warming is not due to flatulent cows, but to the fact the Sun is getting hotter, and will continue to get hotter.” (Daniel: “Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension” – pp 5 & 6; Yuku website).

Stars (including our Sun) tend to stay at a specific temperature and then suddenly (because of conditions outlined above) jump to a new temperature range as the magnetic ionization level increases. What this means is all of interstellar space is becoming more dense in plasma (which is colorless, comprised of gas-like material occupying all of interstellar space) and consequently because of recent electromagnetic changes has become not only more dense but more electrically charged leading to greater magnetic ionization.In short, the universe is becoming much more electrically charged than ever before and this is leading into the next evolutionary change in all stars, planets and their satellite moons.

Because of this intergalactic change in plasma density and increased magnetic ionization, our solar system is becoming more highly charged and electrically active than ever before. Consequently “our Sun is getting hotter from all the dust and debris the solar sytem is now experiencing. The increased fuel will increase the thermal destructive limit, which will cause a corresponding increase in magnetic ionization level, which will make more elements available for the stellar combustion process – the Sun is going to get brighter and hotter. Initially, this will occur as bright flashes, like a mini novae, until sufficient material is available to hold the magnetic ionization limit at the next quatum step. At that time, the Sun will suddenly jump up in stellar class, and remain there. (Well, ‘up’ in the Reciprocal system, ‘down’ in conventional astronomy, since they have it backwards.)

        “The transition should be interesting. When the magnetic ionization level of the Sun increases, it will be like throwing a cup of gasoline on the barbecue grill coals – a burst of flame and thermal activity, so much that it will move the thermal speeds past the speed of light. This ‘inverse thermal emission’ actually occurs frequently on a small scale and is documented in detail in Professor KVK Nehru’s paper, Glimpses Into the Structure of the Sun: The Solar Interior and the Sunspots, and is the reason that sunspots are dark and appear cool. Inverse (FTL-faster than light) thermal motion is super-hot, so hot that it appears cold and the region of the Sun where it takes place goes dark, as in the sunspot umbra. There are already indications of this beginning to occur. Except this time, the whole Sun will become an ‘umbra’ – there should be a bright flash, like a nova flare, when the gas hits the fire (additional elements suddenly being available for fuel from the jump in magnetic ionization), then the Sun will go dark, like it went out. But only for a short time, until the initial burst of new fuel has burned up and the Sun returns to the zone of stability. Like most things, this has happened before and will happen again.

        “Also recall the radioactive transitions. When the magnetic ionization increases, there will be a huge burst of radio waves as the material is accelerated FTL (faster than light), along with the nova flare. The Sun will go dark – FTL motion – and when it starts to light up again, there will be a huge burst of x-rays from the Sun, and the possible ejection of a great deal of matter from the surface of the Sun, due to the re-expansion of FTL thermal motion back to sub-light speed.”

[Diamond Star Note:Before we continue with the above text, it is important to point out the reference to the “nova flare” and to the Sun “going dark” for a short time.This has direct reference to the nova or “Great White Fire” seen in vision by the Necedah mystic, Mary Ann Van Hoof and to the Three Days Darkness referred to in Necedah, La Fraudais, Taigi, and Padre Pio prophecies.]

In explaining the post-transition changes, this same source states, “After the transition is complete, the Sun will be physically larger, brighter (more white than yellow) and hotter than before – and it is going to stay that way. One would think that this situation would make the inner planets go up like marshmallows burning on the campfire. But curiously, that is not the case. Seems that whoever (that would be the Divine Godhead – DSR) designed stars and planets considered this, and used the energy of transition to aid in the further evolution of life.

        “What will happen is that, due to the increased FTL (faster than light) motion in the Sun, the gravitational balance of the solar system will change. FTL motion is anti-gravitational, so the Sun will literally push the planets further outward in their orbits in compensation – the year will get longer. Being further from the Sun, the planet will survive and establish a new ecosystem – but a different one.

        “The changes in the Sun will also produce changes in the planets, particularly the electro-magnetic alignment of the poles. As has been noted in geologic records, the north and south poles of the planets have been in various locations across the globe – not because the poles are moving, but because the crust of the planet is moving relative to the mantle and core. There is also a high degree of probability that the event will trigger a ‘core flare, (Note: Actually this is a solar flare of the inner sun in the Earth – D.S.) and expansion event of FTL matter in the core (inner sun – D..S) dropping to sub-light speeds and causing the crust of the Earth to expand and open at tectonic boundaries, eventuating in more surface area and a drop in ocean levels as compensation. (Ibid, pp 8 & 9).

In the Necedah prophecies as well as others, there has been reference to the Earth undergoing an change in orbit.(The same force that causes the Sun to expand will cause an orbit change in all of the planets, especially the inner planets).

Now if you were the Powers-That-Be, what would you do?Most likely you would come up with a strategy to deal with a hotter Sun and also the catastrophic Earth changes that would occur with special attention given to the heat this transition phase would cause.The elite have such a program to deal with the heat and the resulting Earth changes as the following demonstrates.

        “Back in the 1950s, a study was made on such a possibility and came up with three alternatives:

  1. “ Use nuclear weapons to blow holes in the upper atmosphere to let the increasing heat out.
    2. “Create huge, underground cities to live in until the Sun stabilized, or
    3. “Get the heck off of Earth.

        “The first one was a bit preposterous and could not be pulled off without public knowledge, so they started the 2nd and 3rd.

        “The underground bunker approach was simple enough, as one of the features of HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was that it was able to probe well beneath the surface of the Earth looking for oil and mineral resources, but also identified large caverns that would make excellent cities for them to stockpile and ride out the transition in comfort. Construction of these underground bunkers has been in progress for decades, and Alternative 2 is nearing completion.

        “NASA came into existence shortly after this report was issued; some believe as a direct consequence of Alternative 3. Their mission was to find out what was ‘out there,’ and what they found was that mankind is not going anywhere else, any time soon.

        “With Alternative 3 not viable and knowing they would be stuck here with the rest of us, and not particularly wanting to live underground all their lives, they needed to come up with a way to make their Utopia on Earth… and that is geoengineering. Change this planet to be resistant to the solar changes they knew were coming and keep their corporatocracy going.” {Ibid, pp 10 & 11).

So the world elite’s strategy for dealing with changes on Earth was geoengineering, a way of customizing the planet with an artificial environment.

        “They also expect huge particulate radiation from both the CMEs (coronal mass ejections) and the solar heat-up, so they looked for a way to increase the magnetic flux in the upper atmosphere, which has been popularized now as ‘magnetic reconnection’ – not a natural phenomenon. Aluminum, barium and strontium are paramagnetic and what was really needed was a ferromagnetic material… how about another popular metal, like iron? Might make the sky and rain turn a bit reddish on occasion from iron oxide, but you could say the people who saw that were crazy. And so what if thunderstorms got massively more violent from the conductive metals in the atmosphere (super-cell storms). People don’t pay attention to things like that, right?

[Diamond Star Note: Blood-red rains, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds and even waterfalls and swimming pools have been reported with increasing frequency in recent years. Much of this can be attributed to the iron oxides in geoengineering programs and also to desiccated red blood cells used in these same geoengineering programs. A few instances of blood-red water has been the result of a toxic red algae which discolored the water.]

        “So they developed a technique to disburse aluminum, barium, strontium and iron in the stratosphere using the 10,000+ aircraft that are in the sky, every hour of every day. All they had to do was develop an aerosol and fuel additive, and ‘let ‘er fly’ to ‘git ‘er-done.’ Couple the aerosol dispersion system with a GPS (Global Positioning System) and you can even control precisely where the chemicals get dumped, without the pilots ever realizing anything is happening.

        “Now if you look at chemtrail fallout in snow, ice and rain… what do you find? Aluminum hydroxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide and iron oxide. The same elements listed on climate modification and geoengineering patents. What a coincidence.

        “As to the question of ‘global warming’… yes, the planet is heating up. However, due to the global dimming created by the chemtrail project, that heating up actually turned to a bit of cooling for a short time, causing conspiracy theorists to saly the whole global warming thing was a farce. But if you’ve been outside lately, it is obvious that the Sun is significantly brighter than it used to be, particularly at the higher elevations. And the chemtrail sunscreen is failing, though they constantly double efforts to reinforce it. The experts are well aware of the Sun becoming brighter and hotter, but you can’t get the Sun to pay ‘carbon taxes’ for causing global warming. But if ‘man’ is the source of the global warming, then you’ve got yourself one major cash cow with carbon taxes, environmental research, cleanup, breathing taxes, drinking taxes, waste reclamation taxes… to paraphrase Carl Sagan, ‘billions and billions’ of bucks.” (Ibid, pp 12 & 13).

According to Dane Wigington’s research on geoengineering, the globalist elite have changed their program from promoting “global warming” to promoting “global cooling.”The global warming is supposedly because of man’s activities – pollution, industrial waste, etc. -according to the elite.They now refer to it as “climate change” due to the fact their global warming scam got exposed. Global cooling seems to be the current promotion.Regarding this artificial global “cooling” we present part of an article by Dane Wigington along with two very telling weather maps.

        “The two NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) maps below should be shocking even to a layman of meteorology. The map on top is for the period from February 19-23, the map below is for the period immediately after, February 24-28. These maps are polar opposites and show with clearing clarity the degree to which the weather makers are ‘forcing’ the climate system. Record cold in some regions flips to record warm, and the exact reverse scenario occurs in other zones. All of this in the space of less than a week?

        “Jet stream manipulation with the globe’s ionosphere heater installations (HAARP facilities) are pushing cold air into some locations while creating massive domes of heat creating high pressure in other areas.

        “Available atmospheric moisture is migrated to locations chosen by the climate engineers by via atmospheric aerosol spraying and then artificially/chemically ice nucleated to help create the parade of geoengineered snow storms that have been the norm this winter in the same geographic locations again and again. This creates the desired headlines for the climate engineers. It also creates division and confusion among the population as to the true state of the climate overall.” ( Completely Engineered Extremes in Weather!” by Dane Wigington.Feb. 19, 2014.The Rense website).

The geoengineers are going to tear the climate system apart if they are not stopped.   The scenario “predicted” (scheduled) below is wrong, period. This can not happen naturally.

As noted before, the promotion now by mainstream media is “global cooling.” (Even alternative news sources are falling for the “global cooling” propaganda). Dutch Sinse reported in mid-February, 2014 that mainstream news has reported that global warming is in hiatus (on pause or in break of continuity) and the planet is undergoing a global cooling. But that is simply not true if one examines the total picture. There is no mini-ice age coming in our future. As of August 2013 there have been 342 consecutive months of above average global temperatures and 2013 marks the 37th year of temperatures above the global average.The ten warmest years on record are all in the last 15 years.2012 had 362 all time record highs in the U.S. and zero record lows making 2012 the hottest year ever recorded in the U.S.

Dane Wigington further informs us: “Another thing that is extremely important to consider, it appears that all the climate data/temperature records are being radically falsified to the down side. In the areas we have investigated it seems that the ‘official reading’ for a given day is routinely 3, 4, or even 5 degrees below what actually occurred on the ground. This is a massive data skewing factor which helps to hide the true extent of the warming. In addition, ‘official agencies’ like NOAA, (NOAA is connected to geoengineering contractor ‘Raytheon’), and Nationa Weather Service (NWS is connected to geoengineering contractor Lockheed Martin), etc., which can and does create temporary cooling anomalies from which the agencies above take an abundance of temp readings in the attempt to lower the overall temperature picture.

        “Hope we will all take the time to consider the entire data picture before leaping at conclusions. None of this is about ‘Al Gore’ or his scams, but rather it’s about a harsh and verifiable reality. Any conclusions must consider the massive data altering and even more the global geoengineering programs and their effects.” (“Global Cooling or Global Warming, Which Is It?” by Dane Wigington.September, 2013.Geoengineering Watch website).

There is much more to the geoengineering agenda but it will take several articles to cover this.Suffice to say that the Powers-That-Be know the Sun and solar system are undergoing a tremendous and massive change with major life-altering geophysical events coming. They know the Sun is already entering into this transition phase (as of 2010 the Sun is already shooting out laser-like mini novas of intense light) and that is why they have implemented Alternative 2 (underground cities) decades ago.Meanwhile the public is kept in the dark about all of this. In addition the public is being transformed physically, mentally, and spiritually into a transhumanist state via an artificial environment, genetic modification and nano technology.They hope by such means to take over the world and all of humanity before the solar transition is complete which will peak with a solar nova – a Great White Fire that will purify the Earth and change all life forever.