As noted in our article, “Incurring God’s Wrath,” Saint Augustine teaches that “Sins against nature … like that of Sodom, are abominable and deserve just punishment.”  The coming Divine Chastisement, the Three Days Darkness being the principle purifying aspect, is the just punishment for the great evils being committed in an increasingly decadent and corrupt society.  Mankind has flaunted and perverted the laws of nature which is really God’s Natural Law.  God’s angels have charge over all the universe and carry out the Will of God dispensing God’s Judgment upon mankind.

The principle agent of this Divine Chastisement; this Purification of mankind during the Three Days Darkness is the “Dark Star,” a brown dwarf star called Nemesis.  This will trigger the Sun’s nova which will purify the Earth in a “rain of fire” called the Great White Fire in the Necedah prophecies.  This Great Purification is what the Three Days of Darkness are all about.  This is what occurs during the Three Days of Darkness.

An apt description of the evils which now plague mankind are given on the Roman Catholic website as follows:
“Our whole society has been infected with evils that people living only 75 years ago would have thought impossible.  Let’s look at what has happened to our society in the last 60 years.  All the violence of all the previous centuries combined cannot equal the blood shed in this century, particularly during World War II.  Hitler alone was responsible for 50,000,000 deaths, 20,000,000 in Russia alone.  Because the Ukrainians welcomed the Nazis as liberators from Communism after the war Stalin retaliated and starved approximately 11,000,000 Ukrainians to death.  Most of these people were martyred not because they were Nazi sympathizers but because they were Roman Catholics.  Mao Tse Tung, was responsible for the number of nearly 50,000,000 of his own people during the ‘Cultural Revolution’ and his Communist take over of China.  During World War II Japan was responsible for millions of deaths and their atrocities were so unbelievable that the Nazi death camps pale in comparison.  Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Rwanda, South Africa, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Ethiopia, ,,,the Sudan are just a few other places where violence and death have had their terrible sway.  Along with the violence of war the whole world has accepted the horrible scourge of abortion as a human ‘right’ which has claimed nearly 50,000,000 lives a year since the 1960’s.  In 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court made abortion legal and opened the door to the slaughter of millions of innocent babies.  The greatest horror is that the 250,000,000 people living in the United States have not had the moral strength or courage to end this abomination.  Pornography and smut are no longer hidden in the back rooms of questionable establishments but are now shown on television sets through cable and videotapes in millions of homes throughout the world.  The Movie industry that once produced wholesome and at times inspirational forms of entertainment has now become, in many instances a vehicle for spreading a message that glorifies violence and drug abuse; promotes premarital sex, cursing and blasphemy and disparages Christianity wherever it can.
They spread the idea that freedom means license and that there is no morality except in abiding by what is politically correct.  Radical homosexuals are slowly and surely infecting our whole society with the perverse doctrine that insists homosexuality is perfectly normal and sometimes even more desirable than heterosexuality.  This doctrine is preached in the schools along with contraception, sex education and abortion.  Teenage pregnancy has increased hundreds of times in spite of the constant exposure of our young people to ‘sex education’ courses and the ‘proper’ use of contraceptives.  Contraceptives are passed out in schools without parent’s knowledge or needed permission and a girl can have her child killed in the womb without anyone being the wiser including the child’s father.  Violence has infected our cities and even small towns.  We are literally swimming in a sea of blood from the murders that have taken place throughout our country, not to mention the 1.6 million abortions we commit in the U.S.A. every year.  Drug abuse continues to increase especially among our youth.  Their self-destructive behavior has taken on new heights and has ended in the ultimate self-destruction of teenage suicide that continues to skyrocket.  Sexually transmitted diseases are at pandemic proportions with millions infected with the fatal HIV virus all because the discipline of morality has been rejected in favor of an animalistic search for momentary pleasure.  Comfort and pleasure have become the gods of many people.  Materialism, luxury and affluence are sought after with ever increasing frequency.  Instant gratification is the rule of our society and the motto ‘if it feels good do it’ has been bought by a majority of the people in Western society.  In China the self-imposed austerity of atheistic communism has made way for the annihilation of the individual human spirit.  The people are so bereft of any kind of moral decency that they have become cannibals eating the flesh of their own aborted babies in stews they make on kitchen stoves.  In the West we have rejected the one true God with the moral code of the Natural Law and have opted for slavery to our own inordinate passions.  To avoid suffering we are now running headlong toward the institution of euthanasia and infanticide.  And as Government continues to usurp more and more of our God given rights subduing the population with drugs, sex and entertainment, we are giving our liberty away for the sake of totalitarian security.  And Satanism, occultism, new age paganism and bizarre anti-Christian cults are running amuck throughout our country and the whole Earth.  These satanic cults have even infected the upper levels of the Church where nuns, priests, and bishops pose as Roman Catholics even though they have long ago renounced our Lord and His Church and embraced the World and the Prince of this World.  They are responsible for the destruction of countless souls and the corruption of the innocent under the illusion of representing the Roman Catholic Church.  Pedophilia is everywhere and we even have Supreme Court Justices who support lowering the age of sexual consent to 12.  This is the world in which we live and it is getting worse by the minute.”  
[“The Three Days of Darkness.”]

Add to the above transgenderism, transhumanism with the technology to not only to alter the sex of an individual but to blend biology with computerized electronics and you have a blend of a cesspool society and technology that brings forth human machines – cyborgs and robots.   They actually have a blend of human and machine, a very human-looking robot that looks so real that they are hard to detect.  Man is also “playing god” in controlling the weather, altering the climate, and a whole lot more.  And yes, there is real concern about CERN, the Large Hadron Collider which is about creating life and controlling realities in find the “god particle.”  Genesis 2 is true.  One of the experiments in finding the “god particle” is actually called Genesis 2.  Genesis 2 is about the Serpent’s craft in deceiving mankind.  So here we go again, another “Tower of Babel.”  Mankind will never learn.
Beyond all the above is something even worse:  a counterfeit “catholic” church that is complicit in all the foregoing and even now through Amoris Laetitia, a very deceptive, cleverly worded document, promotes cohabitation, homosexuality and every filthy sin one can think of.  The Vatican in its official capacity, promotes every moral evil and heresy one can think of.  Then at the heart of this abomination is the apostate antipope Francis (“Pope Frankenstein” or “Chaos Frank”) who has blasphemed Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity of God, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.  He approves same-sex unions; promotes homosexuality and transgenderism while at the same time believing you can live in adultery, be in a state of grace, and receive so-called “Holy Communion” in his Novus Ordo sect.  This antipope thinks the “Catholic Church” should apologize for offending “gay” people (sodomites); explicitly endorses artificial contraception and encourages fornication; is “certain” that God welcomed into Heaven a woman who left Catholicism, blasphemed God and died an atheist.  Here’s a man who most all Catholics, Novus Ordo or  “Recognize and Resist” neo-traditionalists, consider their “Holy Father,” the Vicar of Christ, who jokes about Jesus Christ and is a motor-mouth of heresy.  This false “pope” and false Prophet who believes that “Catholics” must pray with non-Catholics and leave theological differences aside, something that was condemned by the true pre-Vatican Popes; openly rejects the Papacy; openly promotes the New World Order; endorses Islam, the Quran, Muslim prayers and more; condemns Catholic traditionalists as “too rigid” and not open to “change” and at the same time promotes Earth worship and false environmentalism and more; repeatedly (at least ten times or more) rejects proselytism or converting non-Catholics to the True Faith – says doing so is a mortal sin; says, “Thank God, I have no Church” and says there “is no Catholic God”; says he accepts “Transgender Marriage”; is “certain” that those who fornicate with one person for a period of time have “a true marriage”; and says “sin is not a stain that needs to be cleaned.”  Father Paul Krammer says of this antipope:  “Jorge Bergoglio is absolutely and most certainly a formal heretic.”  He furthermore states:

“That Jorge Bergoglio is a manifest formal heretic is plainly demonstrated by his outright and explicit rejection of some of the most basic dogmas of Christian belief notably his rejection of Christ’s explicit teaching on evangelizing and converting all nations; his rejection of the dogmas of absolute necessity of faith for justification; his pagan notion of ‘God’ which explicitly rejects the dogmatic Christian doctrine of God as distinct from and infinitely transcending the created universe; which he contemptuously dismisses as a ‘vague idea in the clouds,’ a ‘god spray,’ and a ‘Catholic God.’”   [“The Papacy in the Secret of Fatima – Part III.” The Servants of Jesus and Mary, Issue 3, December 2017, p. 1.]

We could go on but you should get the idea by now.  For all the foregoing and more is the reason God is sending the Great Purifier, the Destroyer, the “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations” to cleanse this filth from the face of the Earth during the Three Days of Darkness.  This now incoming Great Purifier, Nemesis will be taken up next.


The Coming Great Purifier: Cause of the Chastisement  

The Great Purifier is the trigger to the Divine Chastisement, the Three Days of Darkness in particular.  Known by many different names, the Great Comet of Saint Hildegaard prophecy, Hercolubus – the comet-planet, Planet X, Nemesis or the “Dark Star” is actually a Brown Dwarf Star that can only be seen in the infra-red.  It is at the center of its own solar system of seven planets that orbit around it.  This includes Nibiru (often confused with Nemesis, the brown dwarf at the center) which is in the outermost orbit and is the largest of the seven.  During the upcoming passage of this system Nibiru passes between our Earth and the Sun causing its own set of problems for us.

Our principle concern however, lies with Nemesis, the brown dwarf star at the center of this system.  When this brown dwarf star makes its perihelion around the Sun, it causes our Sun to nova and then go dark.  This is because this brown dwarf star, Nemesis, draws energy from the Sun while its in close proximity to it, that is, close astronomically speaking.  This drawing away of energy from the Sun causes an ionization within the Sun’s corona, thus causing the Sun to temporarily go dark as often seen in sun spots.  Sun spots are called umbras and when this happens the whole Sun will be an umbra.  As Nemesis pulls away, the Sun will reignite and burn with a more pure light.

The Sun going dark is what brings on the Three Days of Darkness as noted in the Necedah Secret prophecy.  There is more that needs to be explained about this process.  As also noted in the Necedah Secret prophecy is the fact that the Sun undergoes a nova, that is, particles bursting away in a surface explosion that “rains fire” upon the Earth and its inhabitants.  This then, brings on the intense darkness that lasts three days or so.  This is the Great Purification of mankind during the Three Days of Darkness.

This so-called “Planet x” or more properly called the Nemesis-Nibiru system is in other prophecy as well.  First, we find it in Isaiah 63:6.  Planet X researcher John Di Nardo who has done excellent research on this found the following translation of this Bible verse the most accurate to the original Hebrew:

“And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring, from the greatest distance, my glittering, blood-red object to its goal, which is Planet Earth.”    [As taken from:  “Planet X in Isaiah 63.”]

We note the reference to the “blood-red object” which is Nemesis, the brown dwarf that is also known as the red dwarf star, the “Red Dragon” of the Apocalypse.

Next we have Nemesis, the brown or red dwarf star referred to in Catholic prophecy.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ said to Marie Julie Jahenny:

“The ungodly eyes of all those souls will remain open, because I want them to see My Power.  I preserve it for them to see with their own eyes, the RADIANT PLANET I will have coming out from the remotest parts of exile under a frightening storm of fire, and under the signs of My anger.  The whole sky will be crossed with bolts (of lightening) similar to the ones My Father thrust upon the world, when I offered Myself for the ransom of My people…”    [Message of Marie Julie Jahenny from “The Prophecies of La Fraudais,” p. 273.]

This clearly indicates the passage of the Nemesis-Nibiru system complete with a rain of fire, great plasma lightening bolts which all occur during the solar nova, the Three Days of Darkness accompanied by a pole shift.  This is the Great Purification of mankind of God’s Divine Chastisement.

Signs of the Coming Three Days Darkness 

There are several proximate signs and also immediate signs of the Three Days of Darkness which instead of repeating here can be seen at these websites:  This and more can be seen at these sites are excellent sources of information on what the Three Days of Darkness are, what to expect and how to prepare.

But in addition to the proximate signs and the immediate signs there are what we would call the intermediate signs that most often are overlooked.  These intermediate signs are between the proximate signs and the immediate signs and are actually beginning to manifest themselves now as the proximate signs are all fulfilled and/or are ongoing.  The intermediate signs consist of the following:

  1. Global auroras beyond the poles.These are beginning to appear especially within the last year or so.
  2. The reddening of the skies worldwide which in certain areas are just now being partially manifest.
  3. The close approach of an intruding celestial object – such as some of the planets of the approaching Nemesis-Nibiru system which have been photographed and videos taken of.Sightings of the “Second Sun” have been occurring for years, since at least 2009.

For further information please see the above mentioned websites plus our Planet X webpage at, especially interesting is the video, “Virgin Mary Speaks of Nibiru (Planet X)” at this webpage.