THE COMING PURIFICATION.  Our Sun has been undergoing profound changes.  Its magnetic field is more than 230% stronger now than in the beginning of the 20th century (1900).  Its overall energetic activity has increased, creating a frenzy of activity including solar storms, solar flares and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections).  The Sun has become much more intense, sending out a greater amount of radiation.  This fact has been confirmed by bo6th scientific and military sources.  In addition, all the planets of the solar system (including Earth) have been undergoing very significant and heretofore unheard of changes.  All t his appears to be linked to gamma ray energy bursts now being detected coming from the core of our Milky Way Galaxy.
 According to Necedah prophecy, our Sun is soon to undergo a nova.  In other words, a huge solar burst which will result in a rain of fire – the Great White Fire that will engulf the whole Earth.  This will be the Purification of mankind.


The sun as it will appear during the coming purification.

     We are soon to enter the 7 year period of the Tribulation.  There are increasing signs that this period is very close as Earth changes (seismic disturbances and extremes in weather) are increasing in frequency.  There have been great fluctuations and a weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field.  Mysterious animal deaths (especially birds and fish) are occurring across the globe.  Scientists are tracking a large cometary object that is now entering the core of our solar system.  Scientists have been tracking this via the large infra-red South Polar Telescope located in Antarctica.  They have been tracking this object continuously now for several years and plotting its course on their astronomical charts.  Much of the Earth changes we are now experiencing are a result of the affects caused by this close inbound cometary body.
Many years ago Mary Ann Van Hoof on February 10, 1978 revealed to her family what Heaven said would be the sequence of events in the End Times tribulation/chastisement period.  The tribulation period would most likely begin by a man-caused chastisement enabling the New World Order forces to bring about their “Ordo-ab-chaos” (Order-out-of-chaos) plan.  Judging by the imminent plan and world financial collapse and police state measures now being put in place in light of the close proximity of the incoming cometary body scientists are tracking, we are very close, at the cusp of the tribulation/chastisement period.  It is about to unfold upon us VERY SOON!  TIME HAS RUN OUT!
Heaven here at Necedah warned us of this coming and gave instructions for survival – spiritual as well as physical (food, water, etc.).  (See SHRINE NEWSLETTER, SUmmer 2008 – “Are You Prepared For The Coming Tribulations?”).  As a community we need to come together spiritually as well as to prepare in a practical way for it is now coming upon us.

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