Prophecy points to a time when man will have an increased and extended life span, that people will become healthier, stronger with much greater awareness and power of mind. Vegetation will be in continuous flower and fruit. Temper atures will be even and moderate with no extremes, no violent storms, droughts or monsoons.
How will it be possible for these conditions to exist? Obviously it will be through the Will of God altering the laws of nature, but how will it be made manifest? The secret is in the canopy being restored in the firmament (the arch of heaven) to its pristine state.
This canopy of water vapor is not to be confused with the Earth’s present atmosphere especially the troposphere where weather changes occur. The canopy of water vapor we speak of is high in the firmament above the Earth and consists of a number of layers or bands of vaporous clouds (not the usual clouds but translucent watery layers that are luminous in the Sun’s rays). These at one time before the Great Flood, covered the entire Earth with the exception of portals at the poles. (That is why the ancestors of Noah lived to such great ages).
Aqueous clouds forming the canopy still exist in our solar system. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune show evidence of a canopy world while Mercury, Earth, and Mars are without. The Earth, however, is the only planet with a substantial atmosphere to produce an active weather system without a canopy. But there is ample evidence the Earth once did possess one. As always we need to probe the past in order to understand the present and the future.
From the 1870s on through the turn of the century this topic was extensively studied primarily by Isaac Newton Vail but also by Dr. Herbert A. Parkyn, W.E. Brokaw, and others. Much of the works were published by the Annular World Company.
What was discovered proves very interesting concerning our once canopied skies. Mr. Vail through his research reaffirms “the certainty that primitive man saw the last remnants of the Earth’s Annular System revolving over him as a great world-roof of watery vapors, and that it involved him in a world environment necessarily Edenic in character, and catastrophic in its close, and that the narrative of the Flood is a simple and truthful account of the fall of that ‘upper deep” of waters, as the memory of surviving humanity deposed.” (THE MISREAD RECORD by Isaac Newton Vail, p 8).
Mr. Vail also points out “it is a well-known fact that the races of men in different parts of the Earth have left records that point unmistakably to the skies as a source of waters.” He points out the Hindus, the Greeks, the Hebrews, the Japanese, and others give testimony to a canopied world.
In the first chapter of Genesis when the Elohim (God) made the heavens and the Earth an expanse or firmament was made and “God called the firmament, “Heaven” (Genesis 1:8) and the firmament was “made amidst the waters; and let it divide the waters from the waters.” (Genesis 1:6). Some of the waters were below the firmament (heavens) on Earth and in the atmosphere and some of the waters were above the firmament in the annular-layered canopy of “the deep.” This is what Genesis 1:7 tells us. “And God made a firmament, and divided the waters that were under the firmament, from those that were above the firmament, and it was so.” The “Great Deep” referred to in Genesis 7:11-12 is this same canopy of the firmament. This “Great Deep” is the vaporous annular system found in the “heavens” surrounding the Earth.
The Hebrew word for Heaven is “Shamayin” meaning simply “there waters.” This canopy of vaporous waters formed above the firmament (heaven) concealed the true heavens and hence the Sun, moon, and the stars. Bible students conclude that the Hebrew words “or” and “maorim” refer to the Sun and the moon. They really mean “light” and lights.” The word, “Shemesh,” translated as “sun” really means “strength” or “light of the Sun.”
“Shemesh,” then refers to the strength or light of the Sun or a Sun’s regent but not the true Sun itself. The canopy of vaporous waters shielded the Earth from the direct rays of the Sun (and moon). Hence the reason as Mr. Vail points out they “are silent characters in ancient Biblical thought until after the Flood.” “Shemesh,” for certain, refers to the “regent of the Sun,” which simply means the Sun’s rays illuminated the canopy. The canopy in turn as the “regent” for the Sun, shown its reflected and refracted light upon the Earth. The same process would be true for the moon’s light. Furthermore, the illuminated canopy or “regent of light” would reflect and deflect the Sun’s rays with an even “soft” illumination but not a bright burning glare as today. It would even illuminate to a certain degree the so- called shadowed side of the Earth. Hence, the term “day and night” do not have the same meaning as they did then. Daylight then was a nice even illumination, bright enough but not as intense as now nor were the nights as dark as now but merely “shadows” of what we have today.
Such filtered light rays produce a greenhouse world of even and mild temperatures, balanced humidity; a world watered by dew and mists (not by rainstorms) where the Sun’s damaging ultra violet rays will no longer age and weaken man and beast. Vegetation will grow much more luxuriant as that in a greenhouse but will be even larger and healthier. Plants will produce flower and fruit at a more gradual rate continuously all year-round. Flower, green fruit, and ripening fruit will be found simultaneously on trees all year long. We would not have plants producing flower and fruit in the hurried seasonal cycles as we have today.
How much more would man, animal, and plant flourish in this perfect “greenhouse” of God’s Paradise on Earth? All this paradise under God’s protective “roof” – this canopy will stabilize the atmosphere establishing a calm and tranquil environment. Because of the stable atmosphere (with even humidity and temperature) there would be no direct and uneven heating of the Earth’s surface to produce windstorms. There would be no violent conditions of any kind: no drought, no tropical monsoons, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, tornadic activity, blizzards, or deep cold, etc. The Earth would be caressed by gentle air currents and watered with dew that would precipitate as a gentle rain. It will be the Garden of Eden restored.
But how will this canopy be restored? We get our first clue in Apocalypse 21:1: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and the sea is no more. ” A footnote to this verse says, “The quality of the Earth will be changed but not the substance,” which fits with prophecy. But note the “sea is no more.” Why?
Today the sea (the five great oceans) cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. Much of this water originally came from the collapsing canopy which created the Great Noachian Flood that ended with a clear blue sky; a sky in which wind, rain, and rainbows were made manifest for the first time in ages. We know the rainbow was a sign of God’s Covenant with man that “the waters would no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.” (Genesis 9:15). Why? Because after the canopy collapsed there was a new order to nature and no longer was there a source for waters to produce a great flood.
However, if the canopy is to be restored, where will the water vapors which are needed to form a canopy come from? We turn to the Third Secret of Fatima which according to Monsignor Conrado Balducci, says in part: “The waters of the ocean will turn to vapor, and the tide will rise and submerge everything…” Here we seem to have an answer but yet an apparent contradiction: the oceans vaporize yet still rise.
If the waters rise, it will be because of the melting polar ice caps and because ocean waters will be thrown out of their beds by the violent shaking and even shifting of the Earth’s crust. This is only temporary as the main destruction will be by fire. This great fire has been described as “a sheet of fire” or as “the Great White Fire.” It will be so intense in heat as to melt rock and vaporize the waters of the oceans. This fiery conflagration will cover the entire Earth and as given to Julka of Yugoslavia and to Mary Ann in Necedah, cause the very atmosphere to burn white-hot. The waters will become so hot that people who take refuge in them will burn instead of finding relief. A tremendous amount of water will vaporize into steam or mist and rise up into the heavens above the Earth. This brings us again to the Third Secret of Fatima. There are two very similar accounts of this event in the Third Secret that have been given but have been “put down” by Fatima experts and suppressed. A close study of these accounts reveal that the Third Secret confirms the above to be so and fits with all other prophecy on the subject. The first we will quote is from Emmett Culligan released in the 1960s: “Then fire .and smoke will fall from the sky and the waters of the oceans will turn to steam – hurling their foam toward the sky…” The second account we take note of appears to be a more accurate translation and much in keeping in how this event will take place. According to the transcript of the Third Secret by Tamisha Belarion: “Fire and smoke will fall from the sky. The waters of the oceans will change into steam, and the steam will rise and overflow everything. The waters of the ocean will become mist.” This transcript eliminates the contradiction we mentioned earlier, for it is the mist (or steam) that will overflow everything. This transcript then, is much more in line with the actual process of turning the waters into vapor or mist to form a canopy. These oceanic waters worldwide turning to steam or mist will rise high into the upper realms of the atmosphere and gradually condense into the vaporous annular bands or layers forming the new canopy. The process may take some time but as sure as “what goes up must come down,” in this case, “what comes down, must go up.”