Planet X, as noted in Volume 4, is a rather dim reddish comet-like object. As to seeing it, one has to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. This is why NASA and ―our‖ government used a C-130 aircraft to transport what is now known as the South Polar Telescope (with infra-red seeing capabilities) to Antarctica. This is a top-notch infra-red telescope that is being used to continuously track the movement of Planet X.
One has to understand that seeing the dust-shrouded Planet X in the visible light spectrum is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, in the infra-red light spectrum, Planet X has a powerful infra-red signature and is much easier to see and track.
As to calculating where Planet X will be at any given time is hard to pinpoint. Author and researcher, Zecharia Sitchin pointed out that the actual orbital period for comets, especially for one with an approximate 3600 year elliptical orbit, is untenable. Even Halley‘s Comet with an approximate orbital time of 75 years varies from 74 to 76 years or so. This is why scientists must create an ephemeris, an astronomical table that predicts where an object will be at any given day of the year. To track an object, like Planet X, for a few years is not enough. Such an object must be tracked as often as possible, better yet, continuously. With the South Polar Telescope they can do that.
Where will the Earth‘s relative position be to Planet X, during the coming flyby? There is really no way of accurately calculating this especially at this time. Planet X has crossed our solar system in times past and disturbed life on Earth before. The worst case scenario is what is called an ELE (extinction level event), like that of Noah‘s Flood. Then there are varying scenarios less severe down to the mildest scenario, like at the time of the Exodus. These two events are dramatically different due to the position of Earth in its orbit relative to Planet X as it flew through the solar system. If we are fortunate, the Earth‘s position in its orbit will be on the opposite side of the Sun when Planet X makes its inbound leg, crossing the ecliptic, and also on its outbound leg back out towards its aphelion (furthest point from the Sun).
However, the worst damage to Earth will not occur from the flyby of Planet X but from the interaction between it and the Sun when Planet X reaches its perihelion (the closest point to the Sun). Planet X could well be the triggering mechanism to cause the Sun to have massive flare-ups, mass coronal ejections, or even to nova. If the Sun novas at this time, this could be the beginning of the Purification prophesied to happen. (Incidentally, one more name for Planet X, according to the Hopi Indians, is ―The Purifier‖).
Planet X thus far has been extremely difficult to see in the visible light spectrum, but that is about to change. As Planet X comes closer to the Sun, it will slowly brighten making it more visible.
As to where Planet X is at this time: As of late March, 2009 it was forecasted to be approximately 11.4 astronomical units from the Sun. (An astronomical unit is the approximate distance from the Earth to the Sun). It has been calculated that Planet X passed directly below the orbit of Mars sometime in late 2009 or early 2010.
To determine Planet X‘s position several criteria were used in formulation of a forecasted position. These include:

* Orbit perturbations of the outer planets.
* Temperatures of the cold outer planets rising beyond seasonal effects.
* Electrical phenomena around planets and comets.
* Observations of the Sun unleashing plasma towards a single direction.
* Recent southward deformation of the Earth‘s magnetic field.

Any images showing objects very near the Sun are not showing Planet X. Planet X is nowhere near the Sun at this time. The two suns phen-omena presented in Volume 4 is some other phenomena, as of yet unde-termined.
As for best places of observation of Planet X (besides Antarctica, of course which is THE best place for viewing) are in the southern latitudes in the southern hemisphere. However, as Planet X comes nearer our position in the course of 2011, it will increase in brightness and become more visible to all on Earth. Here are the South latitude positions for viewing Planet X.

* 50 degrees latitude south: It stays above the horizon all night.
* 40 degrees latitude south: It sets just past midnight and reappears during dawn.
* At 30 degrees south: It sets about an hour before midnight below the southwestern horizon.
* At 20 degrees latitude south: It sets before 10 p.m.
* At 10 degrees latitude south: It sets around 9 p.m. – where it isn‘t fully dark, around 8 p.m.
* At the equator: At this position and above darkness sets in too late for such a faint object to be observed.

Those in the northern hemisphere will not be able to see Planet X until it brightens sufficiently or it come closer to the ecliptic. The brightening will most likely come first.
According to foremost Planet X researcher, Marshall Masters, ―By late 2011, everyone on Earth will be able to stand out in their backyard and view it in the night sky with a pair of binoculars. By 2012, it will look like a second sun in the sky – everywhere.‖ (―Observing Planet X/Nibiru‖ by Marshall Masters, p 5. Your Own World U.S.A. website).
Research Update: Marshall Masters stated on George Noori‘s Coast to Coast program April 10, 2011 that Planet X will not become visible until late 2012, sometime in December.
As Planet X nears our position in the solar system, it will greatly affect Earth‘s magnetic field (it is already causing a deformation of the magnetic field and a position change in the North magnetic pole) and cause greater seismic and extreme weather activity. These extreme weather patterns and increases in seismic activity are not ―natural cycles,‖ but are caused by the magnetic ―pull‖ from Planet X and from Planet X‘s effect on the Sun‘s heliosphere.
We have already noted the severe winters, severe droughts and epic floods plaguing the planet in very recent years and months. Concerning hurricanes, the journal, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London states that ―the frequency of Atlantic hurricanes has doubled over the last century.‖ (As quoted in ―The Coming Planet X Panic‖ by Marshall Masters, p 1. Your Own World U.S.A. website).
So when will the Big Media outlets finally admit the presence of Planet X? Most likely when Planet X reaches the core of our solar system, pushing ahead of it a large ball or cloud of dust and debris will the Big Media finally “get it”.
The Sun has been relatively quiet for the past several years -2007 through to 2010, but in late 2010 changes began to occur with flare-ups beginning to emerge. The forecast for the Sun is that it is about to have an increase in solar storm activity. It has already tremendously increased its radiation output. So there are two aspects to consider here: One is increased solar radiation and the other is increased solar storm activity. Two reports will be cited to show what has been happening and what is indicated to happen in the very near future.
First, concerning increased solar radiation: On July 16, 2010 this author received an e-mail that originated from Herbal Healer News. This is what was reported. ―…I have to tell you what has been going on here with the UV (ultra violet) radiation and solar output. My husband has a Davis Instruments Vantagepro II weather station that monitors temperature, humidity, wind, and rain; it also measures the solar radiation and the UV index. We have records on the weather readings for the last 10 years. Of interest is the incredible increase of the UV radiation and the solar radiation. For the last 10 years the highest UV reading was a 10 and this occurred only in August, the hottest time of the year here. The alarming thing now is that in June 2010 the UV began to spike as high as 14. Note: this is a brand new UV calibrated system upgraded this year! The normal high solar radiation was 1,000 to 1,050 watts per square meter, now it spikes between 1,200 and 1,400. In easy to understand terms, this means there is a great deal more solar energy and UV radiation coming to the surface of the planet at this time. This also means that sunburns and heat exhaustion will happen a great deal faster. It is important that you understand this because things are not like they used to be. Wear protective and sun screen if needed. Always wear a light colored hat if you have to be out in the sun. The other readings that are alarming are the heat indexes. Normal heat index was changed a few years ago (numbers were lowered) and what is reported to you by mainstream weather only factors in humidity and the air temperature. Our system calculates how hot it feels by also including the wind data and solar radiation. These are important because the wind can cool you off if it is moving and you get hotter if there is no wind. The solar radiation puts extra heat into your body that has to be cooled. For the last 10 years, normal summer time heat index highs were 100 to 110 in the hottest part of the summer. In the year, 2010, we had readings at 120‘s everyday and on July 15th the afternoon reading was 135 heat index.
This, in my opinion, is a very dangerous level and again you must change your outdoor exposures to stay safe. I am giving you this link about the thermosphere collapse because this may be one of the reasons for these readings.
“A Puzzling Collapse of Earth‘s Upper Atmosphere. July 15, 2010: NASA-funded researchers are monitoring a big event in our planet‘s atmosphere. High above Earth‘s surface where the atmosphere meets space, a rarefied layer of gas called ‗the thermosphere1 recently collapsed and now is rebounding again.
“The Thermosphere is where solar radiation makes first contact with our planet. The thermosphere intercepts extreme ultraviolet photons from the Sun before they can reach the ground.‖ (Herbal Healer News Update. July 16, 2010, pp 1 & 2).
Next, concerning solar storm activity:
Solar storms, capable of traveling at speeds up to 5 million miles per hour, could knock-out virtually every major technological infrastructure on the planet: transportation, security and emergency response systems, electricity grids, finance, telecommunications, including satellite and other wireless networks, and even household electronic equipment.
The solar storm of 1859 was the most powerful event of its kind in recorded history. On the 1st of September of that year the Sun expelled huge quantities of high-energy protons in a large flare that traveled directly toward the Earth, taking eighteen hours instead of the usual three or four days to reach our planet. It disrupted telegraph systems all over Europe and North America. Fires erupted in telegraph stations due to power surges in the wires; and the northern lights (aurorae borealis) were seen as far south as Florida.
The next solar storm on record, in March of 1989, melted the transformers of the Hydro Québec Power Grid, causing a nine-hour blackout that affected six million people in Canada. And the solar storms that reached the Earth between October 19th and November 7th 2003 disrupted satellites and global communications, air travel, navigation systems, and power grids all over the world. It also affected systems on the International Space Station.
The solar maximum forecast for 2012 could do greater harm than any before, since human life has become much more dependent on the global energy grid. According to ―Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Economic and Societal Impacts,‖ a National Research Council report issued in the spring of 2009 by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, another Carrington event would induce ground currents that knock out 300 key transformers within 90 seconds and cut off power for more than 130 million
people in the U.S. alone. Its cost could be as high as 2 trillion dollars, and recovery time would be four to ten years. An even worse impact would be felt in China, where the electrical grid is more vulnerable than in the West.
A major solar storm would cause the failure of electric power in most parts of the world. The above cited report of the National Academy of Science claims that this would have catastrophic consequences. People in high-rise apartments, where water has to be pumped up, would be cut off immediately. For most others drinking water would come through the taps for about half a day, but the flow would then cease without electricity to pump it from reservoirs. Transportation systems directly or indirectly dependent on electric power (which means practically all systems) would come to a standstill. Back-up generators would operate at some sites until their fuel ran out. For hospitals that would mean about 72 hours of essential care only services. Without power for heating, cooling and refrigeration, and with a breakdown in the distribution of medicines and pharmaceuticals, urban population would begin to die back within days.
Scientists forecast yet another disruptive event for the end of 2012: breaches in the Earth‘s magnetic field. In the past this field protected living systems from the effects of solar storms and coronal mass ejections. Lately the magnetic field has diminished in intensity and holes and gaps have appeared. Scientists in South Africa measured cracks in the magnetic field the size of California, and in December of 2008 NASA announced that its Themis Project had found a massive breach that would allow a devastating amount of solar plasma to enter the Earth‘s magnetosphere.
The fluctuation of the magnetic field could also lead to the reversal of the planet‘s magnetic poles. During the course of reversal the magnetic field would become still weaker, and the danger to life from solar and stellar radiation would greatly increase.
Another scientific report of relevance concerns the entry of our solar system into a highly energized region of space. This turbulent region is making the Sun hotter and stormier and has already caused climate change on other planets. According to Russian scientists the effects on Earth will include an acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, the vertical and horizontal distribution of ozone, and an increase in the frequency and magnitude of extreme climate events.
This is solid scientific evidence backing up the prophecy that the end of 2012      This is solid scientific evidence backing up the prophecy that the end of 2012 will be a turbulent epoch. The recent and current seismic events indicate Planet X is making its presence felt. The Earth is now undergoing tectonic plate stress with cracks appearing in roadways and parking lots that after patching continue to reappear or come very soon thereafter; several crevasses have opened up across the New Madrid fault zone and elsewhere even as far as the northeastern states; sinkholes have opened up in Texas, Wisconsin, and several in Pennsylvania. These are stress indicators on the North American tectonic plate.