The Modernist Gnostic Plan to transform the Novus Ordo Sect into a Synodal World Church of the Antichrist.   

“The next step must surely be a Synod of Bishops, Clergy and People, for the emerging theory of synodality – a favorite theme of Pope Francis – is about the participation by the whole People of God and the sharing of responsibility at all levels.” 

 The Tablet, November 2, 2016, p 2.  

One of antipope Francis’ goals is the establishment of a worldwide synodal church, a so-called more democratic church – in reality a world pantheistic church.  The whole idea is to destroy the Catholic monarchial church with hierarchy that govern it and replace it with one that is synodal in form.  In other words, a church that is no longer governed by a pope with his hierarchial structure but is governed by the “People of God” along with the bishops, etc.  Antipope Francis’ goal is to elevate the laity to the level of the clergy and the latter to the level of bishops and then lower both the bishops and clergy to the level of laity.  There would be no hierarchy as we have known it.  It would be “sharing responsibility at all levels” as noted above.  The above cited publication makes this clear in its editorial wherein it states, “The days of confining Church government only to Bishops have to be over.” Confidence in Bishops acting alone has been severely undermined by their role in the scandal of child abuse by the clergy, particularly by covering it up rather than straining every Episcopal muscle to stamp it out.” 

The scandal referred to was deliberately planned by the forces embedded within the Novus Ordo sect to bring this about.  It’s called thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  In other words, create the problem (sexual abuse crisis), create opposition to the problem (the cries of the laity against corrupt bishops) and then provide the solution to the problem (a set up of a synodal church where “People of God” control it).  The past 60 some years has seen a steady build-up towards the Judeo-Zionist-Masonic goal of a synodal one world church.  The Modernists embedded within the structure of the Novus Ordo sect have used the sexual abuse crisis for this purpose.  That along with a false view of the environment is bringing this all together for a synodal pantheistic world church.

The Tablet’s editorial further argues, “The Church is being reminded by Pope Francis of the insight of the Second Vatican Council that the fundamental Christian sacrament is not ordination as priest or bishop, but baptism. All the baptized are responsible for the welfare of the household of the faith.  So the Church’s missionary and pastoral priorities can no longer be imposed from above, but discerned by consultation with the faithful down to the parish level.”  So what we have is a society of equals – Pope, Bishops and the laity.  Such a system is what antipope Francis yearns for but it is a system that has been condemned by the true Catholic Church, in particular, by Pope Pius VI in 1794 when the Synod of Pistoia defended similar heresies.

The Synod of the Amazon or Amazonian Synod planned for October 6-27, 2019 is to bring about such a synodal church.  Its working document, Instrumentum Laboris indicates that this is the goal.  This document is divided into three major sections for conversion (but not in the Catholic sense) which are as follows:

  1. Pastoral. This means the church has to be a listening and learning church.  The Bishops are to listen and learn the pagan beliefs of the indigenous people of the Amazon and then incorporate these pagan beliefs into the liturgical system of the church.  In a word, inculturization.
  2. Ecological. The foregoing has to be then passed up to the “pope” for judgment by him and the bishops and that applied to the whole of the church. In other words, we are looking at these pagan rituals to be incorporated into the “life” of the church.
  3. Church Synodality. These pagan rituals will then through “accompaniment” be brought to the whole church and be made a part of the “new paths” – the new liturgy of the church.  Enter the new pagan church of world pantheism. 

From a youtube video, “Walk With Christ, Not the Devil” a priest gleaned these points:

  1. The Amazonian Synod embraces pantheism and that creation is God; that we are to live in harmony with the cosmos.This effectively eliminates the Catholic concept of sin and judgment.
  2. This document on the synod says that pagan superstitions are alternative pathways to God contradicting that Christ is the one, true way.Modernist antipope Francis has said to avoid petrified doctrines.  He has said the church must change.  That’s where this document is headed.
  3. This document says that the aboriginal peoples of the Amazon have already been saved.  It is the clergy who are supposed to be evangelized by these superstitious pagan cultures.  (Incidently, it was Saint Francis Xavier who was concerned about the lost souls in these pagan cultures and sought to convert them to the one true Catholic Faith).
  4. It is the priests of the Novus Ordo who are to conform to the Amazonian region.  There is a call for married priests.
  5. It relavatizes Christian anthropology to find a new way to rethink what man is not made to be above creation but subordinate to it.
  6. The goal is to adopt a tribal mentality and a tribal collectivism according to ancient paganism.  There is to be a redistribution of wealth. 

            Antipope Francis, “Chaos Frank,” as he’s been called – the man who said, “I want confusion” – wants a church with an Amazonian face.  That is, he wants a world church that embodies the Amazonian ideal – a pantheistic religion.  The present day counterfeit church, the Novus Ordo sect will become that pantheistic world church when the pagan rituals and theology are incorporated into the Novus Ordo liturgy.  This will be the final transformation of the Vatican and its Novus Ordo sect into the world church in preparation of the coming of the Man of Sin, the Antichrist.  However, most Catholics either are deceived or are willingly ignorant of this.  [The Great Apostasy, 2 Thess. 2.]

The Antipope’s Pachamama  and Catholic Media Response

On October 4, 2019, His Phoniness, “Pope Frankenstein”, welcomed and sponsored the false deity, the devil-god Pachamama to the Vatican Gardens and to Saint Peter’s Basilica itself two weeks later where he smilingly received the red-ribboned flower and soil offering to the Pachamama – and instructed his Master of Ceremonies to place it on the High Altar of St. Peter’s , which stands directly over the tomb of St. Peter himself.   Thus he desecrated the principle Church of all Christendom.  These abominations that took place at, during, and at the close of the Amazonian Synod are a prelude to the abomination of desolation to be performed by the Antichrist when he comes in person.

This antipope and his corrupt hierarchy of cardinals and bishops are guilty of not only heresy and apostasy but of idolatry.  All this was done in their presence.  In the Vatican Gardens the naked pregnant Pachamama statues were bowed down to by some of these prelates, a “Franciscan monk,” as well as by so-called indigenous people in a pagan ritual performed right in front of Antipope Francis and his right-hand henchman, Cardinal Hummes.   This naked pregnant “mother goddess” and idol was present after the inaugural Mass of the Synod.  It was also placed in a canoe at the Synod right in front of where this Apostate from Argentina sat at the Synod.  All this idolatry and apostasy was done at the center of Catholicism and where Saint Peter himself died.  These abominable actions were performed to repudiate the true religion revealed by God in the very sanctuary of His Church established through the blood of the martyrs. (These idolatrous acts against the First Commandment were acts the martyrs refused to perform under threat of torture and certain death). Such sickening pagan practices performed there by the very men who should be protecting us from such ungodliness should give outrage by traditional Catholics but the outrage is limited.

The so-called Catholic media’s response has been short of what it really should be.  The SSPX for example, used “tough talk” and “strong language” but essentially told us nothing that Catholics can’t see for themselves.  To his credit Father Pagliarani asked for fasting and reparation for the abominations committed in the Vatican in his letter to the Society dated October 28, 2019.  But nowhere did he refer to the real source or cause of the problem: Vatican II and the false pope Bergoglio.  For the full story see: “SSPX Letter to Members: Apostasy Without Consequences?” at this link.   Keep in mind the SSPX is still clandestinely working with the counterfeit church behind the scenes and for all practical purposes is already “approved” by this apostate and his paganized church. In fact, James Bogle has stated that “Pope Francis has fully regularized the SSPX.”  This was told to Gloria TV.  See this link.

Michael Voris at the Vortex, John Henry Weston of Life Site News and Michael Matt of the Remnant although give good coverage of these Pachamama abominations  still do not go back to the source of this corruption: the Vatican II Council.  Bergoglio is simply the rotten fruit of this council.  These media sources including One Peter Five still adhere to this apostate as the “pope” while denouncing all these heretical, apostate and idolatrous acts he has done.  What the so-called media has done is not admit that we have a counterfeit church with a false pope bringing about the Pantheistic One World Church of the Antichrist.  One hard-hitting priest at least is outraged at the abominations that has taken place and has said so in his video called, “Roots of the Synod – Apostasy in Rome”  by Father Isaac Mary Relyea.  He cites what great saints of the Church have done in the past (such as St. Francis and St. Benedict) about such pagan abominations.  He also notes that both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have done such pagan abominations.  He says it’s all the fruit of Vatican II.  (Click on the link above and watch the whole 35 minute video).

When this writer heard of the Pachamama statues being thrown into the Tiber River, he thought they should of burned them instead which is what scripture says should be done.  That way they could not have been recovered.  In fact a Father Hugo burned three effigies of the Pachamama statues. He links the Pachamama to the coming of the Antichrist.  This very interesting video is called, “Priest Burns Pachamama Effigies in Reparation for Idol Worship at Vatican.”   It can be seen here.    He has someone holding the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe while he explains that She came bearing Her Son, Jesus Christ to rid the pagans of idolatry.  He says that Pachamama is a figure of the Antichrist bearing him within her.

While all the “Catholic” media decry these Pachamama abominations committed in the Vatican they all leave something very important out: That this Bergoglio who took the name “Francis” in mockery of Saint Fransis of Assisi, is not Catholic but is a Freemason agent and definitely NOT the pope.  They still, in spite of all this refer to him as “Pope Francis” or the “Holy Father.”  They are the controlled opposition as per Protocol 12 of the Learned Elders of Zion.

When this author asked a “recognize and resist” friend of his what he thought of his “pope” now, his answer was “He’s still the pope!”  Can you believe it?  His “pope” can he a heretic, an apostate and an idolater and still be pope because why?  Oh, it’s because he hasn’t been declared a non-pope, so he says.  This absurdity is answered in our article, “On the Falseness of Francis Or: Is Bergoglio Still Your Pope?”  [See this link:]

Now if you people, like my friend cited above still believe that the Novus Ordo sect and it’s “pope” is still the Catholic Church that embodies the One True Catholic Faith, then you are on the road to Hell.  For even Saint Cyprian notes, “He who follows a false bishop of Rome (a false pope) is out of communion with the Church.” 

This author has another friend who says the novus ordo sect is not the Catholic Church.  In this he’s right, but then he turns right around and says that Bergoglio (a.k.a. Francis) is still the “pope.”  Figure that!  You can’t have a true pope (which he isn’t)  the head of a false church.  This we also pointed out in the above article.  This same man prays that Bergoglio in union with bishops of the world will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.  He prays for his “holy” (that should be read phony) Father’s intentions!  Seriously?  I hear this quite often from him when we are at Mass or a prayer vigil and he leads the prayers, etc.   In spite of all that has been said above about what has happened regarding this false pope and his false church, these “recognize and resist” friends of mine and others still believe that this man is the “Vicar of Christ.”  I fear for their souls for if they follow their current path they will end up following this apostate right over the cliff into the abyss of Hell.

Why explain anymore to these people (who at the last public presentation of this subject they refused to look at this author’s book, “The Church in Eclipse: the Pope in Exile”  which has all the documentation on this) and who are so obstinate and refuse to look at the true Church teaching on this matter.   It has been said that for those who understand, no explanation is needed, but for those who don’t no explanation is possible.   It’s a case where either their brains are “out to lunch” or, their elevator quit working and doesn’t go to the “top floor” anymore.  You may see the above book at this link. []

Really there is only one way to look at it: either the Catholic Church has defected from the Faith (which Faith itself tells us is impossible) or, the men who held (or hold) themselves out as popes defected from the faith, even before their putative elections, and therefore possessed no authority from Christ (which canon law and Catholic theology tells us is very possible).

As we have already made clear in our previous articles and in our book cited above, what is masquerading as the “Catholic Church” is a counterfeit church prophesied to come into existence in these End Times.  This counterfeit church is being transformed into the pantheistic World Church of the Antichrist in front of our very eyes but there are those such as my friends cited above who refuse to acknowledge it.


For those who care to know, we leave you with these quotes:

“It is a mistake for the Church to try to hold on to old traditions, or to have clear answers for everything.”  – Antipope Francis.   

            “Rome has lost the Faith, my dear friends.  Rome is in apostasy.  These are not words in the air.  This is the truth.  Rome is in apostasy…  They have left the Church.  This is sure, sure, sure.”   – Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Retreat Conference, Sept. 4, 1987. 

            “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.  The Church will be in eclipse and the world in dismay.”  – Our Lady of La Salette, Sept. 19, 1846. 

            “The greatest act of violence that can be done against the papacy is calling the man who is not Peter, ‘Peter’”  – anonymous.  

            “All the gods of the heathens are demons.”  – Psalm 95.   

            “The apostasy will begin at the top (the papacy)” – the Third Secret of Fatima.  

            “Woe to him who does evil.  Woe to him twice who is complacent with it.”

                                                                                     -St. Gertrude, Book III, chap. 30.


            “It is easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.”

                                                                                     – Mark Twain.