As we enter deeper into the Apocalypse sweeping across America, we will encounter greater and greater tribulations and hardships as we fight to save our sanity in an increasingly insane world. Greater instability is becoming more evident -socially, economically, polititcally – as the corporate world government takes form. As our world becomes more chaotic (all part of the plan), people will find themselves in more desperate situations. People will find it more difficult to maintain the standard of living they once knew. It will become very difficult just to survive.
As the apocalyptic darkness settles upon the land and as confusion and disorder mounts, our privacy, freedoms and rights are being dissolved. As this “acid rain” of tyranny of World Government comes upon us, one question comes to mind: How do we as a people, as a nation, or as individuals with families within our communities survive?
There are multiple answers to this question. First, we must educate ourselves not only about the so-called New World order (one-world government disorder) but we must educate ourselves as to what the technique is to deal with such diabolical forces in our lives and in any given situation. We must teach ourselves survival skills and adopt a simple “closer to the land” way of life.
Second, we must become aware of where and how to live in a police state society; know the danger signs and the pitfalls. We must know how to “blend in” and not fight these police state powers in direct confrontational ways for they have superior fighting power and control of the system. We would surely be the losers. While we should not “fight” the police state system, we need not cooperate with it either. As Claire Wolfe says, “We should have a solution of nonviolent, but adamant non-cooperation.”
Third, we must adopt an alternate plan of survival -what we could call the “Amish solution”. Let’s face it, if a great natural or manmade catastrophe, financial collapse, or other type of infrastructure collapse occurs and technology fails, what would we do? The Amish solution is the best situation to be in for survival. We are not advocating the Amish religion but just their simple “close-tothe-land” lifestyle that would greatly benefit our chances of survival amidst the chaotic apocalyptic tribulations in our near future or presently occuring.
We must be aware of the dangers of living in this electronic computerized society on this prison-planet. Catholic writer and producer of films, Ted Flynn points out the “oceans of data” that Big Brother has on the average citizen. He states, “One hundred and seventy-eight federal agencies and departments maintain nearly two thousand data banks, containing tens of millions of files. The public has never been told about the vast majority of these computer systems, let alone what is in them. If information is inserted incorrectly on someone, with the sharing, buying and selling of information, a person’s identity can and has been damaged for a very long time. Since the early 1990’s, the FBI has been spending $2 billion annually to assemble a data bank of genetic information about Americans. Attorney General Janet Reno was asked who was ‘an enemy of the state. Many in the FBI were livid following this interview because it gave insight into how the Federal government identifies people they consider a threat to the State. She mentioned people who believe in the Bible, people who store food, people who believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, people who home school and other ‘disturbing’ signs. Never mind that the Scriptures, the Catechism, and the doxology of the Roman Catholic Mass speak of such things. It is nothing short of wholesale slaughter of individual rights and freedoms intrinsically part of American tradition and culture. Each year the erosion of freedoms continues. Inch by inch the government chips away at what was once secure.
If the information above is disturbing, consider the internet. “The unwarranted information dumped into people’s e-mail boxes grows every day. It’s nearly free advertising, so why not? Once an electronic pulse is sent to someone, you are very easily tracked from a remote location if so desired.  Order a certain type of book over and marketing information on similar subjects begins to arrive. Data storage for specific purposes on individuals is big business. Anywhere from several cents on up will be paid for that name.  A direct marketing company would pay an average of ten cents per name and then send you something in the mail. Names turn into sales and sales turn into profits. Companies then turn around and sell those names to other companies for further income. It’s all one big cycle with the consumer helpless in the process. There are ways to eliminate this to some extent by using credit cards less, but not totally”. [AUTHOR’S NOTE: We advise people to eliminate credit cards totally and use debit cards in a limited way.]
“Everything is for sale. Nothing is left that can not be obtained by a hacker on a computer. If a fourteen-year old kid in Israel can get into the top secret Pentagon at will, as was done in 1998, this should tell you something about computer security. Unlisted telephone numbers, utility bills, street addresses, marriage information, schools, safe deposit boxes, bank accounts, tax records on the state and federal level, phone calls made over the last year and beyond, and credit history are all available. The crumbs form a bread trail, which leads in a short time to a very detailed profile on any citizen in America. The cost for such a service is only a few hundred dollars. Anyone in the information technology industry will verify how easy it is to get this information. This information is available from not just one artery, but dozens of firms. It’s not uncommon to turn on your computer and see spam from an investigating agency willing to sell information for a fee about private citizens. Only a little information is offered, yet they begin to build the profile slowly but surely.”
(HOPE OF THE WICKED by Ted Flynn, pp 250 & 251).
Ted Flynn quotes Jonathan Robbin, target marketing specialist and founder of the data information service Claritas, as saying, “Tell me someone’s zip code, and I can predict what they eat, drink, drive, even think.” (Ibid, p 251).
The USA Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Act have crippled the Constitution. With our rights and freedoms severely being curtailed and eroded, our nation and the common citizens in particular, are in a very precarious position. The loss of Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus coupled with a new definition of “torture” are just the tip of the Orwellian iceberg. If enacted, HR 1955 will for the first time put “thought crime” laws on the books, robbing Americans of their right to freedom of conscience thought.
Because of the Orwellian measures mentioned above and elsewhere in this work coupled with the electronic technology to go with it, has brought about a means by which not only the corporate elite can spy on us, but the shadow government as well. Next we examine the internet.
In other parts of this work we have warned of the world-wide-web, the internet.  The internet transmissions, as are our phone calls, are closely monitored by the National Security Agency (NSA). All sites you visit, all blogs and all e-mails are monitored without you knowing it. However there are precautions one can take while traveling in cyber-space on the New World Order’s “spider” web. While there are certain dangers inherited in operating on the internet, there are also opportunities. We recommend some of the suggestions offered by Claire Wolfe such as using an anonymizer while surfing the net; installing cookie-management software to keep the site you visit from gathering even more information about you; encrypt as much personal correspondence as possible; don’t fill out online surveys; and transact business over the internet only when certain of transmission and storage of credit cards, etc., is encrypted and secure.
We would add, keep your personnel information and correspondence to a minimum or choose another means of communicating it – regular mail rather than e-mail. While the internet offers great possibilities for like minded freedom-loving people and communities, it also has a downside. If at some point the internet becomes unsafe, have a backup plan. Keep in mind in our high-tech world the point of opting out of the system will come. So you should have two plans: One plan is business as usual with precautions taken to protect yourself, your information, your privacy; but also a backup plan or “Plan B” which is one of survival, what we call the Amish solution.
Our first priority is to educate ourselves on what the One World Advocates have in mind for us and to be aware of the different plans that cover every aspect of our lives: our health, our culture, our economics, our beliefs and our very way of life that is being threatened by Big Brother in ongoing and coming tribulations. A considerable number of Big Brother’s plans have been exposed. Some areas need special attention for they are extremely important in our lives.


The health care system is in reality a sickness management system. The system has been transformed from within from one of health protection and prevention of disease, to one that actually causes people to become sick with various illnesses. This situation is in turn made worse as more sickness and disease is developed by so-called “side-effects”. The drugs administered by the doctor produce more side-effects leading to more illness and “new” diseases. The drug used to treat the original illness simply “chases” the symptoms back into the body, thus illness is not cured but repressed with toxins being embedded in organs, bones and other body tissues, only to resurface later as another, sometimes worse illness. That’s the plan. Remember the old movie scenario of the doctor, the husband and his sick wife who he wished to eliminate. That’s the end-game plan: to eliminate as many people as possible, 80% according to the globalists’ own statements and documents.
Keep the above facts and the globalists’s stated goals of people reduction in mind as we present further evidence of their end-game plan.  According to the research of Byron Richards, the FDA has adopted a policy designed to:
1. Speed up the testing of new drugs by exposing people to risks in much earlier phases of drug development than previous safety testing allowed.
2. Negate the rights of individuals to file state lawsuits, thus eliminating protection against drug-induced harm.
3. Maintain a set of trade-secret laws that enables the FDA and drug companies to establish “acceptable” risks without ever informing the public of the risks. The FDA is setting itself up as the authority on how many people a drug can kill before the risks outweigh the benefits.
4. Hide safety information from the public as people experience adverse events using approved medications, including deaths.
About the above FDA program outlined in Richards’ book, he says, “Evidence shows that the FDA is basing these decisions on profits for drug companies, noton public safety. The FDA has changed sides. It is no longer operating on the charter that gives it legal authority, This is abuse of constitutional power.” (FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH by Byron Richards, p 36).
Richards’ research has been very revealing concerning the plan to control Americans and keeping them sick while eliminating a sizable portion of the population. Again from Byron Richards’ research, several points are listed in the plan which will be firmly established within the next five to ten years (approximately 2011-16).
1. The personal health data of all Americans will be registered in a national data base owned by the government. This will begin in the summer of 2006 with new bar-coded drug labels and will progress until the database includes every person’s complete medical history.
2. By the time a child enters school, a comprehensive mental health screen will be performed and “appropriate” medication will be dispensed, part of a national mental-health initiative. All data will go into the national database, branding a child for life. The pilot project for this step in the plan is called Teen Screen, already operating in 43 states.
3. A computer chip will be implanted in every American and be required in order to receive health services. It will contain a person’s health history; it will be programmable (and prone to viruses and computer hackers), and it could have multiple other uses – including tracking the person’s whereabouts as desired by government agencies. Such devices are already approved by the FDA. One example, Verichip, is now being marketed to doctors and hospitals as the VeriMed Patient Identification System. As of March 2006, eighty hospitals and several hundred doctors were already signed up. In addition to storing data, it is a global positioning identification chip.
4. Doctors’ offices will become one large clinical trial for rapid deployment of new and unproven drugs and monitoring of existing drugs. This means a patient going to the doctor may receive care based on a new or ongoing drug trial, not on the best available care. In many cases, patients will be guinea pigs. The FDA considers this step to be their top priority for the next five years. It is called the Critical Path to Personalized Medicine Initiative. In 2006, it received its first federal funding.
5. Individuals will have no personal rights to sue if they are damaged by a drug. Protection currently offered to U.S. citizens by state law is actively being overturned by the FDA. The FDA is now working on the side of drug companies and against the safety of the people it is supposed to be protecting.
6. The DNA of every citizen will be on file with the FDA. Newly developed drugs, based on the new sciences of proteomics and nanotechnology, will require analysis of protein molecules based on the person’s DNA and cellular function. Under the false guise of progress and safety, Americans will be conned into handing over their DNA to the federal government. This will lead to all manner of superiority/racial profiling based on DNA, promoting the new eugenics for the 21st century – the Rockefeller dream.
7. New international patent laws are allowing large multinational companies, with the help of aggressive law firms, to control all meaningful life science inventions. They are specifically trying to control patents relating to natural life processes in the body, as well as the processes by which nutrition and herbs work in the body (realizing these are oftentimes superior to current drugs). Beware of any company seeking patents relating to natural life function.
8. The availability of beneficial nutritional supplementation as a health option will be gone. Large drug companies, with the help of various governments (including the U.S, government), are seeking to force companies selling high-quality nutritional health options out of business. Once gone, they plan to take over the business for themselves, restricting useful options that compete with best-selling drugs and jacking up the price on what remains. They will also try to patent natural health options, turning them into expensive pharmaceutical drugs. The European example already shows elevated supplement prices for low potency and poor quality, a sign of things to come in America.
According to Richards’ research, all these above points are now well underway. No wonder the FDA is attacking natural health while FDA approved drugs are killing 100,000 Americans a year and sending 1.6 million people to the hospital with adverse reactions. Richards concludes, “My extensive investigation into this issue shows that the FDA’s actions are part of a much broader campaign to control health. The attack on the natural-health industry is intentional. It is part of a larger attack on many of your rights.” (Ibid, p 6).
There is much more indeed to this plan and it has to do also with our food. Just as Big Pharmaceutical has controlled the health care system, turning it into a sickness management industry, Big Food is doing a similar thing with our food turning healthy foods into disease-producing foods. Big Food in cooperation with Big Pharma has, under the direction of Big Brother, worked to destroy our health food and food supplements.
Another major way of destroying our health is through vaccinations. As far back as 1950, Heaven, here at Necedah, warned that vaccines are “a money making racket … The serum that’s in it is so bad that it takes the victim, either he dies or is a cripple. That’s the way the enemy wants it.” (As quoted in MY WORK WITH NECEDAH by Henry Swan, Vol.. 3, p 158).
The fact of the matter is such vaccines contain a number of toxins: fluids of chicken embryos injected with a strain of influenza virus that government health officials think will be prevalent during the coming flu seasons. In addition to this the vaccine contains aluminum formaldehyde, infectious microorganisms, thimerosal (mercury), ethylene glycol and other toxic adjutants as well as aborted fetal cells.  How is the human body supposed to build immunity from this toxic cesspool? Little known is how dangerous some of these toxins are. Mercury contained in the thimerosal is so toxic it is rated as being the second most toxic substance in the world – radioactive plutonium being the most toxic. In recent years (1990’s to the present) this country as well as other countries of the world have been under an almost steady barrage of chemtrails that is a form of aerial germ warfare. This too, was warned of by the Celestials here at Necedah. Mary Ann Van Hoof saw in vision years ago, the germ warfare canisters stored in the secret subterranean arsenal in Siberia to be used on the unsuspecting populace, especially here in America. Mary Ann described what she saw in this vision: “Yes, they got germ warfare right here… That’s what’s in this big room, stored full of it. I don’t know what the name is, it’s in the Russian language.
[Question was asked: ‘Is it put up in any special kind of containers?’] Oh yes, aluminum containers. Much can be opened and spilled over cities and the  occupant in the plane will not be affected but the airwaves will take it, ‘cause they studied the airwaves so they know just when and how to plant it and the USA will get a dose of it. What the USA’s own populace did to each other, the enemy’s coming to help along. See they boasted that the USA will collapse like a ripened tomato, so I guess that’s what they mean – you get them all sick they won’t be able to help themselves. Just when this will happen I don’t know, but here it is.” (March 26, 1976).
As we can see from Heaven’s messages, all of this has been planned years ago to come together now during the very early part of the 21st century. With the financial crisis now unfolding across the world (purposely contrived to devalue the dollar to bring about a greater centralization of power and prepare the way for a global economy complete with a global monetary system); and with the microchipping of man, beast and commercial products through the use of the RFID chips and the National Agricultural Identification System, we are fast entering the climax of this apocalyptic end time period.
It is time to follow Heaven’s guidelines, become self-sustaining and return to a simpler agriculturally based Christian way of life. As time goes on and we enter deeper and deeper into this climax, that will mean opting out of many of today’s technocratic ways of doing things. There is much that needs to be covered concerning all this, but our space is limited. Suffice it to say that a shift in the way of doing things has already started. (For example, for those of you who live in the city, it is interesting to note that as of this year (2008) there are over 600 “urban farmers” in U.S. cities that have tilled under their lawns and planted them with vegetables. So as Mary Ann used to say: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”)  We must keep in mind that our final solution to all we face during this time of tribulation is always a spiritual one. “There must be a Constant Vigil of Prayer before it’s too late, before it’s too late. This beautiful country should be an example for all nations. We should show them unity, we should be true Christians. Should be peace amongst home, school and church and especially the religious.., WAKE UP! The only hope is the unification with a Constant Vigil of Prayer.” (July 16, 1962).
Sacred Scripture exhorts us to do all in prayer: “Amen I say to you, all things whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you shall receive, and it shall be done to you.” (Luke 4:22).
It behooves us in this present crisis to become true Christians and increase our prayer life. Much of the dangers that face us can be mitigated through prayer, trust in God and His Holy Mother, and through careful thoughtful planning. This coupled with practical common sense time-proven measures in survival will get us through. But for added spiritual protection for ourselves, our families and our possessions St. Benedict gave us some important instructions in spiritual protection.
“St. Benedict asked all of us to save all of our Blessed Palms, make them all into small crosses and on the Feast of the Holy Cross, which is May the 3rd, have a priest then say special prayers over them. No car should be on the road, of any of you, without a blessed Cross in at least the glove compartment or fastened on the interior. Your homes should all have a blessed Cross on the four corners of your foundations. Your business places should have blessed crosses on all its four corners of the foundation. Bless the four corners of your property so when Satan strikes he will shun those that have the blessed crosses. He fears the True Cross of thy Lord and God. So all of you please take heed, for the blessed Palm will represent the True Cross of Christ, if the priest puts this ritual upon it and every priest has the power to do so… So take care of all these things and -do them as quickly as you can… Don’t waste any of your Palm Sunday Palms.” (February 25, 1977).