In these End of Days worldwide spiritual darkness fell,
As across the landscape tolls the apocalyptic bell.

As ominous signs show the coming death knell,
Most people much too busy to even tell.

But mad scientists are using CERN to open the Gates of Hell,
Sick men violating God’s Laws of Nature wherein He dwells.

Already the Earth is quaking causing strange tides and sea swells,
Gone rampant are wildfires, floods and drought causing dried up wells.

Morally depraved people everywhere flaunting God’s Laws,
In their sick behavior they can’t see their own corruptive flaws.

But God is merciful – He’s sending them so many signs,
Too bad the people are too preoccupied to see; too much on their minds.

But people sensing something “BIG” is about to unfold,
But what that is they don’t seem to know and aren’t being told.

Nonetheless, on and on goes the killing of the unborn,
With families in disfunction; their relations torn.

The U.S. Supreme Court legalized being a sodomite,
Final nail in the coffin, have Christians lost the fight?

The family and society have sunk to new moral lows,
Bringing on God’s wrath with dreadful and fearful woes.

All the portents and signs of the End are there,
Yet people too busy; too preoccupied to care.

The weather has gone wild with drought, flood, and superstorm,
Records everywhere high or low, being broke; nothing is the norm.

Last century volcano eruptions were 35-40 a year,
Now it’s 35-40 a day signaling the End is near.

Earthquakes for 3 months now double what use to be in a year,
People told it’s just over-reporting; there’s nothing to fear.

Sink holes, landslides and more in record numbers; the Earth’s cracking,
But people told it’s just caused by heavy rains or gas well fracking.

Fireballs, meteors and asteroids – once rare and hardly seen at all,
Now number yearly in the thousands, yet even more do they fall.

Marine life and the oceans too are dying,
Yet about these things Officialdom keeps lying.

Fish and fowl, animals of every kind dying in record numbers,
Of these events too, people are told lies; on and on the populace slumbers.

Increased and more severe are rip currents, tidal surges and flooded coastlines,
But all this is evidence of portents and signs of the End Times.

Ocean waters heating up like never before,
Caused by hot magma surging forth from Earth’s core.

Magnetic field fluctuating and weakening causing pole migration,
Bringing on disoriented birds and whacky compass readings; even more consternation.

The North Pole now moving 12 times the normal rate,
At 579 feet per day, it doesn’t seem to abate.

All planets by a strange force now affected,
Orbital discrepancies, atmospheres changing and more being detected.

The outer planets have had definite perturbations,
Far more asteroids and comets coming; what must be their final destinations.

Scientists have found probing inner Earth at this late date,
Earth’s shape changing – it’s now more oblate.

Eskimos say the stars are out of place,
The Moon too has shifted; doesn’t always show the same face.

Sun does not rise or set as it normally once did,
So things are not at all like when most were a kid.

From the Sun we get much more ultraviolet radiation,
Its been measured like all other strangeness; it’s not your imagination.

Skies, rivers, seas, even waterfalls and tree sap all turning blood red,
Over all the Earth is seen – oh what woe and dread.

The Earth now has a bow-shock on its night-side,
That it’s a second solar wind, Officialdom to us won’t confide.

Methane release and ground pressure surpasses all recorded historical values,
Ocean waters acidifying causing hypoxia in all sea animal tissues.

Obviously, things are getting stranger it certainly does seem,
But what does all these signs and portents mean?

Has now arrived the Great Comet of prophecy?
A great terror of the skies, our nemesis for all to see!

Into our solar system another has come called Planet X,
But don’t stare in disbelief as over all this you vex.

Planet X system now incoming – seen as a second sun,
When it gets between us and our star, civilization will be over and done.

You may think this is fear-mongering and fable,
But straight forward I lay my cards face-up on the table.

Why else are all officials prepared to cower in their dens,
If you don’t believe – look underground and you’ll see through a different lens.

They have there virtual cities and bases; silo and bunker,
It’s even in the Bible that in the End that’s where they’ll all hunker.

Officialdom, whether secular or religious know what’s coming you see,
They’ve been tracking it for over 50 years, so they know it better than we.

NASA, ESA, and the Vatican all sent out probes to see what they could find,
They give us disinformation and denial about what they know so we’ll pay it no mind.

We are treated like mushrooms – fed crap and kept in the dark,
Because of this, our future seems bleak and very stark!

Over Planet X disclosure scientists have died,
While Officialdom to us has continually lied!

When it arrives, all will crap their collective pants as into the heavens we stare,
For we’ll know we’ve been had; oh woe and dread, how will we fare?

Old man carrying a sign that says, “The End is Near!”
But if you’re right with God, what have you to fear?

The End Signs have escalated to the extreme, but people still can’t tell,
The End is here; God’s Chastisement now upon us – so tolls the apocalyptic bell.