The seasons will be altered, the Earth will produce nothing but bad fruit; the stars will lose their regular motion; the moon will only reflect a faint reddish glow.  Water and fire will give the Earth’s globe convulsions and terrible earthquakes which will swallow up mountains, cities, etc…”

–        The Blessed Virgin Mary to  Melanie, Shepherdess of La Salette, France – (The Secret of La Salette) – September 19, 1846.

The above prophecy of La Salette describes what will happen with the passage of the Nemesis-Nibiru system and subsequent pole shift, seismic upheaval, and other related catastrophic events.The signs of this impending cataclysm are growing more evident by the day.

In our last article, “Earth Changes, Prophecies and the Coming Purification,” we covered evidence of a pole shift now underway.  The geophysical North Pole has been shifting north and now east for some time now.  But now the rate of this shift has increased tremendously indicating the “tipping point” is not far off.

Another very noticeable sign of pole shift underway is the altering of the seasons.  The seasons are now significantly shifting or blending and this is a direct result of the shifting of the poles.  This and more on the incoming Nemesis-Nibiru system is covered inPlanet X Nibiru Gets Closer – Years of Chaos… (the change of seasons is noted at the 25-26 min. mark).

We have observed this shift of the seasons for several years now, especially in the last couple of years.  We have seen a shift or a blending of the seasons.  For example, here in the upper Great Lakes region, we are seeing a much milder Autumn in recent years especially last year and this year (2015-2016).  September weather was an extension of summer; October was like September used to be, and November (so far) is like October.  Keep in mind the average date for a killing frost in this area is September 15th.  This year we did not see frost at all until October 8th, and then it was only “patchy” frost.  In fact, September and the first part of October did not see temperatures drop into the thirties at all at night which is very strange.  There was no widespread killing frost until October 25th and even then in sheltered areas protected by tress, buildings, cement sidewalks or stonewalls, etc (which radiate heat at night) left frost sensitive plants unharmed.  As of this writing we finally did reach 28 degrees F. on the morning of November 9th.

Having frost-sensitive plants such as impatiens, marigolds, vincas, and zinnias blooming through most of October is unprecedented.  Killing frosts usually finish things off by the end of the first week in October.  Also unprecedented is having garden vegetables still being harvested in November (Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Kale, Lettuce, Spinach and more).  Even though the aforementioned vegetables are frost-resistant, cold temperatures do inhibit their growth.  Last year we could pick Spinach and Kale in December (and even broccoli sprouts) in December. This is totally unheard of in this part of the country.  The lawn was nice and green leading right up to Christmas!  Winter snow was very little before Christmas and then only temporary.  Winter didn’t set in until very late December and early January.  Past Novembers when weather was normal is when we saw the onset of winter weather.  Normally we could easily be buried under a foot and a half of snow by Thanksgiving.  This hasn’t happened since the poles began to shift.

The other seasons have shifted or blended as well.  This unusual weather and shifting of the seasons has happened all around the world.  The jet streams have gone totally off-course and are part of the reason this strange phenomenon is happening. For the first time in recorded history the northern jet streams have merged and joined with the jet streams of the southern hemisphere.  The shifting of the poles is the reason.

The geophysical north pole (not the magnetic) has shifted towards the British Isles.  While we have been warm, England and the rest of Europe is experiencing colder than average weather.  Last year sightings of the Arctic Owl, the Narwhal, and other Arctic animals were reported as far south as Brussels, Belgium.  The New Scientist  website and the Science Alert website have both reported that the geophysical North Pole is moving towards the British Isles.  But of course, both sites blame man for causing this to happen via global warming ice melt throwing the planet off balance.  Couldn’t possibly be the Nemesis-Nibiru system, could it?  Naw, just can’t be.

Unfortunately, they attribute these anomalies and extreme events to human-forced climate change.  The real reason is however, the Nemesis-Nibiru system coming into the inner solar system. Officialdom will keep trying to hide the real cause to these strange events and happenings on our planet right up until they head for their underground sanctuaries.  We have to trust our own observations and research not “official sources.”

Further evidence and insight for the coming pole shift and ongoing Earth wobble can be found at two other sites.  One is Earth wobble called The Big Wobble.

The season shift is the result of pole shift which in turn is the result of the magnetic pulling forces of the Nemesis-Nibiru system on our planet.  This effect upon our planet will become greater as this “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations” comes closer.  This will become much greater until the axis of the Earth reaches the “tipping point” and a major shift occurs.  This will happen suddenly and unexpectedly taking by surprise most all the world’s population and cause a great loss of life, up to 75%, as a result.  No wonder the Blessed Virgin Mary at Necedah warned:  “A large portion of the world will be laid waste, some completely annihilated … the geographical aspect of whole continents will be violently altered.”  (Necedah’s Message to the Elect – July 2, 1954). Now compare this prophecy given decades ago to the statement made recently by a FEMA official warning that there will be “a separation of land masses.”  This is what we can expect when the “tipping point” is reached in the coming pole shift.

The seasonal signs of change are announcing the coming pole shift.  All  this plus the testimony of the Inuit Eskimo Elders and Edgar Cayce predictions are explained very well.