Cultural Corruption and the Coming Chastisement

It is generally understood by Marian-minded Catholics and even by Christians in general, that there is a cause and effect that that works throughout all of creation.  There is a cause and effect principle that works in nature and even more so in the supernatural.  This is especially true of End Time events and conditions.  Moral degeneracy and cultural corruption lead to God’s punishment and eventual cataclysms of God’s Divine Chastisement.

The following prophetic revelations given over the years reinforces this concept that the coming cataclysms of the Divine Chastisement are a direct result of the causative factor:  moral degeneracy and cultural corruption.  The sins of mankind are the causative factors that bring on the wrath of God’s Justice.

“Pray, pray, my Grandson’s arm is hard to hold back.  The Chastisement will hit thy Nation, thy Country.  First, for the dreadful destruction of the unborn; second, for the blackest of sins they have wallowed into; third, for the lack of Christian duty by the priests, the religious and my children, the laity.”               –         Given by St. Anne at Necedah – July 26, 1973.

“The seasons will be altered, the Earth will produce nothing but bad fruit, the Stars will lose their regular motion, the moon will only reflect a faint reddish glow.  Water and fire will give the Earth’s globe convulsions and terrible earthquakes which will swallow up mountains, cities, etc…”                                              –      La Salette – September 19, 1846.

At Fatima, Sister Lucy stated in response to a question about whether the Secret of Fatima is in Holy Scripture:  “It’s in the Gospels and in the Apocalypse, read them.”  She specifically mentioned Apocalypse chapters 8 through 13.

Akita, Father Gobbi and the revelations on the Three Days of Darkness given through St. Padre Pio also tell of the coming rain of fire and cataclysms to come.  The above revelations are but representative samples of the many prophecies foretelling of cataclysms of the Divine Chastisement being sent by God to punish mankind because of his corrupted ways.  All these profound prophecies are fully explained in THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS            : Vol. 4 – The  Apocalypse In Perspective: Ch. 7. “The Storm of the Chastisement.” 

Cultural Corruption

Society has now been transformed from a once Christian society into a pagan one through one cultural shock after another that began in the mid 1960’s into the 1970’s.  During this second cultural revolution (the “Roaring Twenties” being the first cultural revolution), cultural and religious standards of civility and morality were discarded by an increasingly decadent and corrupted society.  What type of dress and living habits we have today is an outward sign of a manifest disintegration of Christian decency which has transformed a once Christian culture to a gutter-level of pagan promiscuity.

What we have today is a result of a strategy developed by Dr. Kurt Lewin, a scientist working out of the Tavistock Institute For Human Relations (England) for the express purpose of destroying Christian civilization.  The technique to accomplish this was called “long-range penetration strain” (words of Dr. Kurt Lewin) to subject a very large group of people to various systematic “strains” on its culture, its economics, its morals, its political beliefs, and its religious beliefs until under such attack and cultural strain, fragmentation occurs followed by social breakdown.   This strategy was premeditated and pre-planned by the New World Order scientists working through various organizations and movements to destroy Christian culture.

At the time of the cultural revolution (mid 1960’s to mid 1970’s) which fostered  the destruction of decency in dress, manners, and customs, you also had the religious and liturgical revolution destroying the Catholic traditions of the centuries  resulting in a complete reorientation of Catholic religious life and practice .  This came about through a parallel plan via the Alta Vendita to corrupt the Roman Catholic Church from within.  Meantime through the World Council of Churches (a New World Order organization) other denominations were undermined as well.  So here we have two parallel diabolical plans timed at the same time, the cultural revolution and the liturgical revolution, to work in tandem to destroy Christian civilization from within.  There was still another.

The political process of the Country as well as other countries was also being undermined at the same time, especially in the educational institutions.  While all the foregoing was happening, the revolution in education was introducing sensitivity training, sex education, core-curriculum teaching methods and inculcated New World Order type philosophies while at the same time erasing true historical, scientific and cultural principles and facts from the textbooks so that the end result was an indoctrination not an education.  So we had three cultural revolutions in one:  one in education, another in religion, and yet another in culture – all timed to coincide together.

The cultural revolution promoted women to wear immodest and indecent clothing (mini-skirts, shorts, bikinis, streetwear that looked like underwear, etc.) and this eventually evolved into women wearing men’s apparel to masculinize women and creating a unisex look.  In the meantime men were encouraged by this cultural revolution to wear apparel formally only worn by women:  flowered shirts, ear-rings and other affeminette apparel.  In addition, to complete the unisex look, men wore long hair while women were encouraged (even before the revolution was fully underway) to wear bobbed or otherwise short hairstyles.

We should note here, that the above corruptions in style of dress has been condemned by the Holy Scriptures.  Deuteronomy 22:5 states:  “A woman shall not be clothed with man’s apparel, neither shall a man use women’s apparel; for he that doeth these things is abominable before God.” 

Furthermore, this unisex or blurring of identity between men’s and women’s style in apparel encourages and promotes homosexuality, and hence sodomy.  This corrupted style of dress has severely affected the women.  The women are the heart of the home and of the family and how they dress seriously affects their children’s outlook, often confusing them on the role of men and women in society.  Dressing with dignity and nobility was out.  The dress-down, unisex or “grungy” look was in, regardless of the occasion.

We should not overlook certain other developments during this same time frame while the cultural revolution was underway.  Public prayer and God was taken out of the so-called “public” (actually government) school system.  To top it all off, right in the worst of the cultural revolution, abortion was made legal.  Then we turn around and ask God to bless America!  How can He? – when we have thrown Him out of our schools and public institutions, abandoned the True Faith in droves and flaunted Him with immorality, sodomy, unisex dress, promiscuity, disregard for the value of human life (abortion, euthanasia, etc.), and the abandonment of Christian civility, morals and manners.

The cultural revolution, aided by the liturgical or religious revolution and the revolution in education, abolished the natural and good order ordained by God and long ago established by the True Catholic Christian Church over the centuries.  The war against Christian culture was manifest many decades ago.  It started long before the second cultural revolution of the sixties when the clothing and hairstyle of the “Beatles” as well as their so-called “music” was considered extremely revolutionary.  (Though considered extremely revolutionary then, it is considered “normal” and accepted today).  Going back to the early 20th century, before the first cultural revolution (the “Roaring 20’s” when “flappers”  and the Charleston, shorter dresses were in vogue), a decent dress and moral code were still firmly in place/  A film from the period (1905) shows the manner of dress and civility of the time before the cultural revolutions changed society forever.  This 1905 film,  Boarding School Girls at Coney Islandshows the very feminine and modest dress worn, the customs and manners in place and even the very modest swimwear of both the women and the men during that time.  Incidentally, the typical swimwear of both the women (dresses below the knee) – and the men (covering both the thighs and the upper torso), is far more modest in some respects than many of the so-called street-wear worn today.

It has been said that “clothes make the man” (and the woman).  How a person is dressed not only reveals and reflects the implicit moral code or lack of it, but the person’s way of thinking, their discipline (or lack of it), and their attitude and desires.  Everything in the temporal order – dress, attitude, manners, recreation, decoration, etc. – favors either Catholic Christian civilization or the New World Order’s cultural revolution.

The unfortunate thing is that people today, especially the youth, want to be “with the times” and to “fit in.”  Public opinion favors and gives implicit approval to certain “styles” and ways of being – which of course, unbeknownst to most, are being promoted by the Tavistock cultural revolution agents.  While it is natural for a person to delight in feeling at one with the consensus, to follow the trends of the moment to “fit in” – one really has to take note and realize the consequences and his (or her) influence on their children, the future of society.  It appears that this revolutionary force of the times sweeps along the most of us (especially the youth) to wear immodest, unisex, and vulgar clothing.

Both cultural revolutions (the “Roaring Twenties” and the “Revolting Sixties”) were premeditated plans to attack the Catholic Christian culture.  The symbol of the “Revolting Sixties” was the “Broken Cross,” erroneously called the “Peace Sign” today.  (The true Peace Sign is the Dove of the Holy Ghost).  This Broken Cross was an important sign of the cultural revolution, being used in riots and revolts against symbols of authority and the “Establishment.”  It was painted on signs, mini-busses and on buildings, etc. in violent protest against the established order:  Christian civilization.

It is important to understand what this symbol of the revolution meant.  The conspirators took the Latin Cross and turned it upside-down to symbolize the overturning of Christian values and customs, making what was once considered indecent and abnormal appear “normal” and “accepted.”  Thus, what was once considered normal and decent, was to be considered abnormal and passé.  The upside-down Cross then had its cross-arms broken to symbolize the fragmentation and breaking (or breakdown) of Christian society according to the Tavistock plan.  Lastly, the Broken Cross was put within a circle symbolizing the final goal of the cultural revolution, the total fragmentation and thus the complete destruction of the Christian order of society.

Look at yesteryear’s Christian order of society in speech, manners, customs, decorum and dress and then look at today’s corrupted culture.  What has become of manners and morals, civility and dress?  It has been destroyed through the “Broken Cross” cultural revolution.  This sign of the Broken Cross was born during the very violent protests of the hippie psychedelic drug cultural revolution.  This sign is NOT a “peace” sign but a sign of VIOLENCE against the established order of Christian culture.

No wonder the Necedah revelations warned many years ago to pray for the youth:  “…Pray for the children, for a cleaner life.”  (June 4, 1950).  The “styles” of today were the very styles that Jacinta of Fatima warned about:  “Styles will come that will offend Our Lord very much.” 

The difficult thing today is to have the courage to take a stand and act outside the public consensus and be contrary to it.  But if we follow Our Lord Jesus Christ that is exactly what we need to do.  A true Christian is one who is in the world but not of the world.  It’s much like the man in a rowboat on the “river of life.”  He either mans the oars and fights against the current (ways of the world) and progresses towards his goal: the source of the “river of life,” Heaven, his true home; or, he tips up his oars and drifts with the current and ends up being swallowed up at the “river of life’s” end, the mouth of the river, Hell.  It is an important life decision most fail to grasp.

Our choice is important, not only for our own soul, but for the influence (good or bad) it has on those around us, especially the youth and the children.  We can either mitigate the coming cataclysms of the Divine Chastisement or we can hasten and worsen its affects upon us and our children.  We have been warned by God and by the Mother of God through Father Gobbi, Our Lady of Seredne, Ukraine and others that our times are much worse than the days of Noah before the Great Deluge.  Consequently, the Divine Chastisement of coming cataclysms will be like nothing ever experienced by mankind ever in history.  A great galactic cosmic wave is on its way, no doubt, to trigger the Great Warning event prophesied by Marie-Julie Jahenny, Garabandal, Father Gobbi and others .  Marie-Julie Jahenny warned, “It signals the commencement of the chastisement of Earth.”  (June 15, 1882).  All information coming from both scientific and prophetic sources indicates this final Great Warning event is very near – very possibly within the next 5 years.

            It is time to get our spiritual houses in order and choose either the way of Catholic Christian civilization or the way of the cultural revolution.  God’s Grace period is fastrunning out.  Prepare while you still have time left!