As this is being written, events are escalating rapidly. Everything has been set in place to declare martial law, initiate a worldwide police state; to in effect, set in motion their “ordo-ab-chaos” (order out of chaos) New World Order plan.
The only things left to do in setting up a world super-state dictatorship, is to converge and integrate existing political entities and economic systems; and to “test” certain criteria through practice “dry” runs to ascertain any weaknesses in the system (noting readiness capabilities) and gauging people’s reactions in any given situation or crisis.
While a great many things are involved and coming together rapidly, we can only cover a few at a time. We present what seems to be the most relevant at this time.
* THE PURPOSE OF THE SWINE FLU SCARE. The Mexican outbreak of the so-called Swine Flu (now designated as H1N1 Flu) which has nothing to do with pigs, but like the Avian (bird) Flu outbreak, has a multiple agenda. We first must understand that many of the new strains of flu viruses are man-made bio weapons from New World Order controlled laboratories. This fact was revealed to Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah as far back as March 21, 1952.
Through the research of Dr. Strecker, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Eustace Mullins, Dr. John Coleman and others it has become obviously clear to the well-informed that there is a massive world government plan to reduce and otherwise control the world population through engineered, genocidal viruses and chemical warfare masked as “medicine” for “public health.” These doctors and researchers have documented the fact that certain cancer viruses, the West Nile Virus, Ebola, AIDS, Avian Flu and now the H1N1 (so-called Swine Flu) Virus are all man-made.
Concerning the H1N1 Flu Virus strain, reports state that this is a “never before-seen form of the flu that combines pig, bird and human viruses” which consists of an intercontinental mix of viruses from North America, Europe and Asia. This report was initially released by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). This is a very revealing statement, Then we have this admission from the Dallas County Medical Director, Dr. John Carlo: “This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified.” (“Swine Flu is Deadly Mix of Never-Before-Seen Viruses” by Paul J. Watson. Prison April 25, 2009)
The purpose of such flu outbreaks are for weakening our resistance to the final takeover and for depopulating the planet. This is being accomplished through two principle methods: (1) “Test-case” outbreaks are being carried out in a clandestine way as “dry-runs” for the real outbreak which New World order forces will bring about; and (2) to instill fear into the populace thus scaring them into accepting mass vaccination that will in turn compound the problem by actually spreading the influenza further. (Incidentally, most of those who contracted the H1 N1 Flu virus were those that had taken vaccinations within the past five years and were set up for it. This was learned from an inside source within the government whose password and user name to the government website immediately disappeared after releasing this information). Planned “outbreaks” and their associated vaccination programs are to test both the capabilities of government programs to handle such situations and at the same time condition the people to accept government quarantines, martial law, evacuations, and other public measures supposedly for the “good of the people.”
Our advice is to remain calm and collected and not give into the hysteria and hyped fear of the mainstream media. Keep away from pharmaceutical medications and vaccinations that simply compound the existing, condition.
Turn instead, to such proven herbal remedies such as hyssop, comfrey, garlic and other natural means. We also need to change our life-style to one that is close to the land, in effect, closer to God. Spiritual means such as prayer and sacramentals have been known to help.
We must at all times, remember that these man-made laboratory diseases are designed to weaken our resistance to their final takeover. It is all part of the plan.
The April 2, 2009 Economic Summit of theG20 nations in London, England was not to solve our economic crisis but to facilitate in setting up a new economic world system via the deliberately planned economic crisis that was designed for that purpose. This will be done through the super-sizing of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and ditching the
U.S. dollar as the world’s standard reserve currency. The dollar is to be replaced by IMF SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights). This will involve creating a depression next year (2010) in America (and the world) ushering in a regional currency, the Amero. (Investigative journalist, Daniel Estulin, who has researched the Bilderberg Group and tracks their meetings closely for over 15 years, has discovered the Bilderberg plans to create a depression – either a long, drawn out one possibly lasting years; or an intense, shorter version that paves the way for a sustainable new world economic order).
The agenda then, is a total restructuring of the global political economy. This will include setting up a World Treasury Department and a Global Bank to be incorporated into the IMF. The London G20 Summit was but a launching
pad for an ongoing process that according to French economist Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a “dynamic reform .., meaning that it has to be completed over
time with several rounds.” He further stated, “The first decision, which can be made at the G-20 Summit, will be to shorten this period from 2013 to 2011.”(As quoted in THE NEW AMERICAN, April 27, 2009. “Global Fusion” by William F. Jasper, p 11).  British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated at the conclusion of the G-20 Summit, “A new world order is emerging,.”
The most globalist-oriented World Advocate of all time is Henry Kissenger, who declared in recent interviews on PBS and CNBC that there is “a need for a new world order.” He said President Obama’s “task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a ‘new world order’ can be created.” (Ibid). So Obama’s job as defined and mandated to him by the Bilderberg Group is to prepare America via federal corporate takeover ( by means of accepting federal bailout money) to merge it with Canada and Mexicointo a North American Union. This will be a convergence of political andeconomic systems. The North American Union, the Asian Union and other unions are to be completed within a very near time-frame of approximately 2011 to 2013. All world unions, including the European Union, the Middle Eastern Union and the African Union are to be merged into a global union or world super-state dictatorship in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist. (The above statements are not mere speculation but are based on years of in-depth study of the Bilderberg plans and their time-line agenda in setting their goals and target dates of completion).
In a second volume on the Apocalypse, “APOCALYPSE ACROSS AMERICA!”, Diamond Star Research reported the following: “Beyond actual surveillance via cameras in public places and those mounted on satellites overhead that have the ability to intrude on your privacy from space, there are the various means of tracking a person’s every move and actions thus tabulating a virtual history of his life on this electronic prison-planet.  “The ability to monitor and track every American citizen begins with the Social Security System that was put in place via President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the Social Security Act of 1935. This tracking system using a 9 digit personal numbering format enables the One World Advocates to implement a ‘Mark of the Beast’ type of identification technology. About this 9 digit Social Security number, Necedah revelation warns, ‘When the new money comes in and the control of each individual, when you receive a number .., your Social Security number, you will be classified … by your Social Security number. That is going to be your mark … You will have that Mark of the Beast, your Social Security number.’(March 10, 1972).“Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell leaked the real reason for the Social Security number. Fox News aired an interview with him on June 17, 2001 where he made an admission that the Social Security number is for tracking and monitoring. Powell was discussing Mr. Bush’s trip to Europe and the tracking of lost nuclear material and Russian scientists. This very important admission was this: ‘Finding the Russian scientists may be a problem being that Russia does not have a Social Security System, as here in America, that allows us to MONITOR, TRACK DOWN and CAPTURE an American citizen.’ (THE AMERICAN BULLETIN, Vol. 28, Issue 09/10, Sept.-Oct., 2007. ‘Colin Powell Leaks Real Reason For The Social Security Number’ by Walter J. Burien, Jr. p1).  “The Social Security number can be imprinted along with your personal identification (name, address, etc.), your medical history, etc. into a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip. There are plans (which are already being carried out) to chip everything imaginable including people. The One World Government Advocates are all in favor of a chipped-world where everything will be monitored and highly controlled to their benefit and at our expense.”
(From the chapter: “The Emerging One World Government”).
There is currently underway a new pre-census program being carried out under Obama’s direction that employs 140,000 temporary workers to complete it as quickly as possible. The program, costing $700 million, does not count people but instead marks every front door in America with electronic GPS (global positioning satellite) coordinates.
A reader of the Last Trumpet Newsletter was going to accept one of these temporary jobs until he found out during orientation that it was a conspiratorial plot to mark the locations of very residence in America. David J. Meyer, editor of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, found out from this man some very disturbing facts. “…He informed me that the workers were to stand one foot from the frontdoor of every home and enter the coordinates into a hand-held computerized device. One woman in the orientation class jokingly asked, ‘What if a person lives in a cave?’ The instructor gave the serious answer that she was to go to the entrance of that cave and enter the information. He then said, ‘There will be no place to hide.’ The workers were also told that they were not to give any information about their project to anyone or they would be fined and/or jailed!”  Mr. Meyer also adds, “When we realize all of this, we can also better understand why Senator Judd Gregg declined the job of Secretary of Commerce. The Department of Commerce has always been in charge of the U.S. Census. Gregg was told that the Census was being taken away from the Commerce Department and would be under the direct control of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel!” (LAST TRUMPET NEWSLETTER, Vol. XXVIII, Issue VI, June, 2009).
All of these things and more are part of the New World Order’s electronic prison-planet.
Back in the 1970’s when the CIA was experimenting with mind control and social conditioning through music, Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) wrote the lyrics to a new song called, “The Sounds of Silence.” This title has taken on new meaning with the push for the new HDTV (high-definition television) technology which we will see is not just about crisper images and richer sound.
To most people the switch to HDTV is just an upgrade in television technology. But is it? Isn’t it a bit strange that to make the HDTV upgrade, President Bush signed into law the Digital Transition and Public Safety Act (actually buried in Section III of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005) on February 8, 2006? It is also strange that a mandatory shut off of analog television broadcasting was set for February 17, 2009 but was delayed until June, 2009 because there was not enough funding for it and people were not able to make the switch in time for the original deadline. So Congress appropriated $1.5 billion to fund a “voucher” system to help people defray the cost of purchasing the necessary converter boxes. Why the mandatory switch and government help to purchase the new HDTV?
To answer that question one has to understand that there is a somewhat unknown history of 30-40 years in developing a radio signal that later was digitally designed to bypass the human ear and implant ideas, emotions, etc.  directly into the brain. U.S. Patent #5,159,703 that describes the technology as “Silent Sound Spread Spectrum” (SSSS) was developed for military use by Dr. Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia and granted patent rights on October 27, 1992. We will skip the patent’s technical description and suffice to say this digital technology is a silent communications system that allows for unwarranted implantation of specific thoughts, emotions and even prescribed physical actions into unsuspecting human beings. Even instincts and emotions can be changed.
Illnesses and diseases of all kinds as well as chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, depression, insomnia, anxiety and/or anger can be induced into the mind through SSSS. But to answer the specific question: why the switch? If SSSS was broadcast through the analog system, it would show up on our stations as static and , therefore detectable. But SSSS delivered via the new HDTV signal no one will notice. It is literally a silent sound. Besides that, wireless digital technology is the cheapest, most effective way of broadcasting it. Furthermore, in our modern era most of the infrastructure for maintaining this technology is already in place.
If all the above wasn’t bad enough, independent research has revealed that the new HDTV technology can be used to spy on Americans right in their own homes. The TV set can be used as a camera so “Big Brother” can watch and listen to the unsuspecting on a regular basis in the privacy of their homes. The TV set does not have to be on or even plugged in for this to be accomplished.  Heaven, here at Necedah, warned of this “Big Brother” technology years ago, that the television set could be used by the enemy as a camera.