1.  Go to Confession monthly or more often.  At Necedah and other apparition sites our Blessed Mother has long requested monthly Confession.  In some of Her recent apparitions She requests even weekly Confessions due to the urgency of our times.  Consider makeing even a general Confession if possible, in which one confesses anything from the past that weighs on one’s conscience.  The more completely and honestly you have confessed your sins, the less painful the Warning will be.

2. Go to Holy Mass as often as possible.  It is very important to frequent the Sacraments as much as possible and that includes going to Holy Mass as often as jpossible, preferably everyday, and receive Holy Communion in the state of grace (wiuth sins confessed).  This should be your top spiritual priority, because in Holy Communion Jesus gives you streng6th for the struggles of your Christian life.

3. Pray the Rosary every day.  Make every effort to pray more than one Rosary.  The Queen of the Holy Rosary at Necedah requested we say all 15 mysteries of the Rosary as often as possible.  The Rosary is very powerful, second to only the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

4. Visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as often as possible.  If your church is locked during the day, come early for Mass (and stay afterwards), and take advantage of all opportunities for prayer in the Church.  Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament is much more powerful than prayer at home, for Jesus is physically present in the Tabernacle, and He greatly blesses those who visit Him there.

5. Read good spiritual materials everyday to nourish your soul.  Most important is the Bible (especially the Gospels).  Read also the Lives of the Saints, the traditional Catechisms of the Catholic Church, the messages of Our Lady, and other authentic Catholic writings.  Another option: listen to cassette tapes or CD’s and/or watch inspiring and educational videos, DVDs’, etc. (there are many).

6. Consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and renew this Consecration frequently.  This should involve enthroning one’s home and renewing this enthronement.  Consecrating one’s self to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary puts you under Their powerful protection.

7. Make the First Friday and First Saturday devotions.  You can gain many graces this way.

8. Use Sacramentals for Protection from Satan’s evils.  Bless yourself with Holy Water every day.  Put blessed crucifixes in your home, plus blessed pictures, statues, and icons of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and the Saints.  Light blessed candles.  Wear a crucifix and the Brown Scapular.  Carry the Rosary with you at all times and make liberal use of blessed medals (especially the Miraculous Medal, St. Benedict’s Medal, etc.), blessed salt, and blessed palm crosses.

9. Practice fasting and abstinence at least one day a week (preferably Friday).  Use common sense guidelines and know your limitations.

10. Help other prepare for the Warning.  Buy good books, tapes, and videos and give them to friends and neighbors.  Make copies of this preparation guide if you like.  Be bold – just one book or tape, etc. can change a person’s life!

11. Pray for the conversion of souls.  You may not see the results of your prayers immediately, but when the Warning occurs, huge graces will be poured out on unbelievers because you have prayed for them.

12. Pray for the exposure of, protection from, and the defeat of Satan’s Legions.  It is highly important to pray for this intention everyday.  This is where our Legions of Good Angels will come to our aid and protection if we but humbly ask and implore their help.  We should always pray to our Guardian Angels every day.  We should say the Saint Michael prayer agains the wiles of Satan in this battle between Good and Evil.


1. One should keep in his home the Holy Bible and other spiritual helps as well as sacraments (as outlined above) and a small home prayer altar.

2. One should have on hand blessed candles
make of 100% beeswax to be kept lit during the Three Days of Darkness.

3. Survival foods such as dried foods, grains, lentils, and other nonperishables that have a long shelf life should be stocked up well in advance.

4. A source of good water should be available such as a well with a hand-pump in the basement of one’s home.

5. All windows, doors, and other openings should be sealed and/or covered to proetect from poisonous gases and other contaminats in the outside air.  (This is due to both the comet’s tail passing over the surface of the Earth as well as from changes in Earth’s atmosphere because of the solar nova during this Purification).

*VERY IMPORTANT:  One should not venture outside of his dwelling for any reason until all danger is past.

NOTE:  Please see Volume 2, APOCALYPSE ACROSS AMERICA – Appendix D.  Survival and Recommended Reading fro survival needs, etc.