There are portents and signs all over the globe; ongoing Earth changes, weird and extreme weather as well as a general feeling of foreboding among quite a few people that something is coming. There is a specific something “BIG” something “BIG” coming from “out there” in the cosmos. No, this is not opinion nor speculation but a confirmed FACT! This is evidenced by ongoing Earth changes and other portents and signs. This is also confirmed by astronomical and geophysical data gathered by scientists over the last several decades. It is further confirmed by the suspicious behavior and actions of the World’s Elite in their preparations for something considered by them to be very important for them to tell us, the general public. This “something BIG” they have kept hidden from the public for over 50 years and they have no intention of disclosing what it is. Those that have found out about it are simply told it isn’t true. If scientists, researchers or whistleblowers find out and disclose too much to the public, they are either black-balled or “eliminated.”
Now it’s true there have been several “cry wolf” non-events that have helped desensitize the people. This was done deliberately to keep their secret hidden. A few of the most notable “cry wolf” non-events include the Y2K scare of 2000; the Mayan end calendar 12/21/12 date; the supposed “passage” of a Planet X in 2003; and several false stories of Planet X since then as well as comets Elenin and Ison. (See: “Incoming! Evidence For the Brown Dwarf/Planet X System” – the “Cry Wolf Syndrome” sub-heading on our Planet X webpage at
While people for the most part are in the dark about what is truly happening on our planet, that is beginning to change. A recent article by Lisa Haven states: “It seems a lot of people lately are having a gut feeling that something ‘Big’ is about to unfold, but no one knows exactly what it is. Maybe people are feeling that way because of the events that are taking place around them. From signs in the heavens, to military stockpiling, to politically disturbing events. There seems to be a confluence of activity both in the political and spiritual realm culminating in 2015 causing people’s alarms to go off. Could it be that people are feeling this way because of the eerie events that are culminating in September??”
It has been abuzz on the internet of events converging in September that have people on edge. These converging events are particularly interesting in light of the Foreign Minister of France’s statement on “500 days of climate chaos’ that was given in May, 2014. The 500 days would bring us to September 23, 2015. Then you have Pope Francis’ visit to America when he will affirm what he has declared: his desire to build a World Government and a New World Order; the last of the Blood Moons takes place; The Temple Institutes announces their plan to farm raise Red Heifers, a precursor to the building of the Temple; the UN hosts their Agenda 21 Meeting Sustainable Development for the entire planet (September 25-27); the Pope will travel to New York and address Congress and attend the meeting; and the Jade Helm military “exercises” will end September 15, and more.
But there are 3 points at the top of Lisa Haven’s list of events that are most important. These are as follows:

1. NORAD reopens Cheyenne Mountain after years of closure due to worries about an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack…
2. US Supreme Court legalizes so-called “gay” (sodomite) marriage in all 50 states.
3. The Star of Bethlehem appeared on June 30 of this year and will again on August 27, 2016. This has not happened since the Birth of Christ.

Point number one we will take up later. Point number two is, we believe, the final nail in the coffin of this present civilization. (See: Incurring God’s Wrath on our website). The third point will be taken up below.
From several articles on the Diamond Star Research website which has drawn from a multitude of sources comes the following condensed and numbered listing of Earth change events now occurring on our home planet and in our solar system. These events are changing our way of life forever whether you realize it or not!

1. The intensity and frequency in seismological activity has increased dramatically the likes of which we have never seen since readings began to be recorded. Earthquakes of greater magnitude and frequency are occurring at an unprecedented rate. (The number of big earthquakes during the first three months of 2014 was more than double the yearly average of what we have experienced since 1979, and the number of earthquakes in the central and eastern US has quintupled in recent years). The number of medium to large earthquakes went up dramatically in 2008 and again in 2012 . (2012 earthquake figure was 460 – that’s almost six times the yearly earthquake total of 1979).
2. There has been an unprecedented increase in volcanism with dormant volcanoes waking up after hundreds or thousands of years of dormancy. (Two extinct volcanoes have just become active in South America after an estimated 160,000 years of dormancy). During the 20th century 35 volcanic eruptions occurred in a typical year. Now there are 35 to 40 eruptions occurring every single day! The Chaiten which erupted in 2008 – a volcano considered extinct – hadn’t erupted in 9,600 years! The Nabro volcano erupted in Ethiopia which had never erupted before in recorded history! Five volcanoes erupted all at the same time in Indonesia just this August, 2015 – something that’s never happened before! Also undersea volcanoes are coming to life helping to super-heat and acidify ocean waters as never before. Volcanism is very much on the rise but is purposely being under-reported. For example, the Monsanto funded World Organization of Volcano Observatories (VOVO) reported for the week starting February 4, 2015 only 18 new/ongoing volcanoes. Whereas the independent (non-government, non-corporate) Volcano Discovery website reported for the same week 30 red aviation code active volcanoes worldwide.
3. The weather has gone wild with a bizarre increase in the electrical potential of thunderstorms; super-cells spawning record tornadoes, hail, rainfall, (sometimes as much as 2 feet in a 24 hour period or a month’s rainfall total in one storm). Also record drought, wildfires, certain places receiving 6 feet of hail accumulation – various places such as Japan, Alaska, Russia, etc. receiving anywhere from 17 to 21 feet of snow in just a matter of days. Jet streams have gone erratic forming vortices instead of the usual mild undulating weather patterns (as seen years ago) resulting in a change in ocean currents giving rise to even more extreme weather. The 2012/2013 winter was Europe’s worst winter in 1,000 years. Record heat waves in 2015 occurred in many areas of the globe including Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, and Iran. (In Iran there was a record temperature of 163 degrees F). An extreme change in frequency and intensity of global weather patterns is presently surpassing recent recorded historical values.
4. The conjunction of Venus (the Morning Star identified with the Virgin Mary) and Jupiter (called the “King Star” signifying Christ) occurred on June 30 of this year, a phenomenon that has not been seen since the Birth of Christ. This will occur again in even a better alignment on August 27, 2016. Venus and Jupiter are two of the brightest planets seen in our night skies. These planets when this conjunction occurs, do not come one in front of the other but rather, appear to converge one above the other, thereby accenting each other’s brightness even more forming the Star of Bethlehem. (Further details can be learned of this at
5. The Earth is now cracking with marked increased frequency of sinkholes (moving north, establishing a pattern); landslides increasing – once considered rare, now a regular occurrence. Stretch cracks (Earth mantle stretching) occurring now more than ever before all across the globe. As the Earth’s seismic shakings increase both in number and frequency (and severity), a record number of sinkholes are opening up all over the planet. There are all sizes – some small but deep enough to swallow up a single person in a matter of seconds to monster sinkholes 200 feet across and 90 feet deep or more as well as some as in the Louisiana bayou Corne that has swallowed up over 26 acres including 100 foot trees. Sinkholes have swallowed up people, houses, cars, roads, and whole areas of land (as much as four football fields in size). Concurrent with these sinkhole events are the occurrence of related land-shifting events: landslides, collapsing bridges and buildings, sinking land, breaks in water mains, gas line explosions, and train derailments.
6. The number of comets, NEOs (near Earth objects), and fireballs have steadily increased in recent years with a dramatic rise in the last couple of years. A article reports that “before 1979 there were less than a dozen known ‘Sun-grazing comets.’ As of December 2012, NASA had discovered ar knew of 2,500.” Professor James McCanney and other scientists have said there has been an unprecedented number of comets coming into our solar system. It was said by these scientists that “a swarm of comets” have entered our solar system. There has been an “explosion” in the number of fireball sightings in recent years. For example for the year 2005 – 497; 2006 – 517; 2007 – 591; 2008 – 730; 2009 – 701; 2010 – 954; 2011 – 1,658; 2012 – 2,251; 2013 – 3,525. In the last three years there has been a 400% increase in meteor reports. Source: The American Meteor Society. The yearly trend has been that the fireball (meteor) rate has gone up especially towards the end of the last decade (about 2009-2010). Since then the fireball rate has increased each year by 50% over the previous year until 2014 at which time the rate slowed. The rate for 2014 was only over 5% over 2013. However, the fireball observation rate from multi-state observations is growing faster than the yearly fireball rate. This is indicating that the fireballs are increasing in size and mass, sufficient enough to be seen by witnesses in multiple states and provinces. As of 2015 extra bright or large fireballs have been reported. A multiple meteorite impact event occurred in August, 2015 but was under-reported.
7. The number of mass animal death events in recent years is astounding! Along with all the foregoing facts and figures on major End Times happenings, these mass animal death events indicate something very strange occurring on this planet of ours. The reader will note that the figures given here are not of the individual animal deaths but the number of mass animal death events. Each event could mean individual animal deaths in the hundreds or thousands or even millions in some cases. So we are talking of a phenomenal die-off of various animal species of land, sea and air. In 2010 – Only a few mass animal death events were recorded as records were just begun late in the year as this mass animal death event phenomenon was relatively recent. For 2011: Approximately 144 known cases of mass animal deaths in 67 countries; 2012 – 465 known mass animal deaths in 67 countries; 2013 – 798 known mass animal death events in 93 countries; 2014 – 651 known mass animal death events in 76 countries; 2015 – 554 mass animal death events in 80 countries as of August with four months yet to go. Although animals and fish have been dying all through history, we have not seen massive consistant numbers such as these before. People are saying they have “have never seen anything like this before.”
8. Sea level rise is dramatic worldwide with unprecedented tidal surges,, rip currents and sea incursions on various coastlines. The Marshall Islands, the Fiji Islands, Hawaii, North America and Asia coastlines are experiencing unprecedented sea level rise and ocean incursions with some villages having to relocate further inland on higher ground. Some cities such as Honolulu, Hawaii and Miami Beach, Fl. have seen their storm drains work in reverse bringing in rising ocean surges instead of draining it away. In fact, recently the city of Miami Beach had to install millions of dollars of pumping equipment to pump out ocean waters that were flooding as much as 5 and 6 blocks inland. (This was during fair weather not during storms).
9. The heating of ocean waters worldwide is greater now than ever before in recorded history. June 2014 ocean temperatures broke all records ever set at any time of the year since records have been kept. 75% of the river deltas are flooding. Floods are more frequent and widespread at levels never before seen with tidal waves adding to the flooding along coastlines.
10. The North magnetic pole is currently moving 12 times faster than the normal rate towards the geographical North Pole. The magnetic North Pole is moving towards the northern coast of Siberia at an unbelievable rate of 579 feet per day. Based on its current speed (which could change), it is estimated that it will make it to the coast by 2019. Very noticeable pole migrations have been going on since 2004 (the same year that earthquakes began to increase in frequency and severity). There has been a steady decline and weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field for decades (especially recently) with fluctuations and whacky compass readings. Airports have had to change there runway designations because of the change in the magnetic field.
11. There has been severe magnetic compression. The magnetosphere is being barraged by the incoming cosmic ray particle superwave as well as plasma discharges and flares from the Sun. This severely compresses the Earth’s magnetosphere on the sunward side. Comets and meteors associated with what has been called the incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system are increasingly effecting the Sun and all the planets. These have included several groups of comets, some of which are sungrazers and have actually struck the Sun. The magnetosphere has weakened 200% with the magnetic North Pole shifting 10 degrees to the right..
12. Stan Deyo ( who has researched earthquakes and Earth changes for years, reported recently that scientists have probed the Earth’s core to check what is going on in the inner Earth. What they found is that the Earth’s shape is changing. It is becoming less spherical and more oblate. There is an outside force pulling on the earth distorting its shape and giving rise to what is known as the Chandler’s wobble named after the scientist Seth Carlos Chandler who discovered it it 1891. This wobble has become much more irregular in the 1990s. As of recent years it has even become more pronounced and extreme. Due to fluctuations in the magnetosphere and overall seismic changes within the Earth itself including mantle stretching, the wobble is giving rise to very extreme weather and tidal surges. This is only getting worse as the Earth is in the beginning stages of a shift of its axis – leading to an actual pole shift which seems not far off. This shift in axis and Earth wobble is primarily due to the influence of the incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system.
13. On March 12, 2012 the Earth developed a bow-shock on its nightside (the side away from the Sun) – a second solar wind from the Constellation Leo. Two different sources have reported on this including the Higher Truth Channel. On the same day a huge dust cloud was kicked up on Mars’ southern hemisphere that has baffled scientists.
14. An extreme increase in the excessive ground pressure and its release of methane into the sea as well as from undersea volcanic magma chambers explains why the oceans are acidifying, changing in chemical composition and heating up giving rise to an increase in death of sea creatures and bird life which presently surpasses recent recorded historical values. (Such conditions in ocean waters leads to hypoxia which is a loss of oxygen in bodily tissues).
15. The Eskimos report the Sun not rising or setting where it normally did, that stars are out of place and are not reliable for navigation. The winds have changed in the Arctic. The Sun now comes up two days early in Greenland. The Moon has shifted and no longer tracks across the sky in a normal manner. An erratic wobble in the Moon is presently surpassing recent record historical values.
16. Planets in our solar system are now revealing discrepancies in their orbits caused by gravity tugs as documented over the last 100 years, surpassing recent record historical values. (NASA sent Pioneer 10 and 11 which discovered among other things that the gas giants of Uranus and Neptune had definite perturbations in their orbits as well as signs of axis shift).
17. Comets in our solar system are showing deviations in their orbits caused by gravity tugs are documented over the last 14 years by two independent universities surpassing recent record historical values.
18. There has been increased solar activity and increased solar radiation with much higher ultraviolet radiations of all types: A, B, and C giving rise to massive die-off of whole forests of trees as well as individual tree injury and disease.

The above list is not by any means complete as there are other Earth and solar changes such as the changes occurring on every planet in the solar system much the same way it is on Earth as well as other data on waters (seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc. (even the sap of trees) turning blood red; unprecedented dust storms; the two sun phenomenon and much more.
The World’s Elite are very much aware of these portents/signs and their cause and have been preparing underground bases and cities that are well stocked for their survival. Government agencies and corporate entities have been moving their headquarters and centers of operation inland away from the coastlines and prone fault zone areas (San Andreas and New Madrid, etc.) to avoid being caught in the expected seismic upheaval and tsunamis.
The Commander of the U.S. North Command and NORAD, William Gortney said at a Pentagon briefing in April, 2015 that the U.S. military is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain after vacating it almost a decade ago. The complex is being completely refurbished with new communications equipment being installed by the Pentagon.
Michael Snyder of stated on April 15, 2015: “The New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of concerns about what a ‘natural disaster’ could do … and NORAD is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain… Why are they so concerned?” [ “Pentagon Run for Cheyenne Mountain Star Gate Base – Mega Tsunami Warnings” by Michael Snyder. ]
The reason for the above moves by several government agencies and the reasons trillions of dollars have gone missing is because of the building of over 100 underground sanctuaries and over 1,400 worldwide as well as seed vaults and underground communications centers for the coming passage of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system. As far as we know the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is drawing much closer to the orbit of Jupiter. At that point it will be about to cross over and above the ecliptic (plane of the planets). This is when the real trouble begins for the Earth. We are very close to entering the Great Tribulation period. Are you prepared?

Sources: There are those that are new to the subject of Planet X or are in denial that anything is that wrong with our world. Information in this article is taken from the following sources and will help the reader greatly if he pursues and studies this and acts on it for his future and those of his loved ones will depend on it. As always, it pays to be discerning and prayerful in ascertaining the final truth of this information.  The Planet X webpage and the Articles/Research Updates webpage. Check out the following articles: “Incoming! Evidence For the Brown Dwarf/Planet X System”; “Planet X – Earth Changes Update 2015”; “Increasing Earth Changes: Interesting Facts and Figures.” Also see “Final Warning on the Great Warning” as well as the End Times video webpage. This is a very important site of a long-time very credible and knowledgeable researcher. Obtain his 2 DVD set “Incoming!”   This is the only other Catholic website other than ours that presents Planet x information as well as End Times prophecy and information from a traditional catholic perspective. Also see the video, “Birth Pangs on the Youtube website. Excellent videos can be viewed on this site. Gives pertinent news of ongoing Planet X and related matters now unfolding. Has both videos and articles as well as a forum for your input. As the name suggests, gives current updates on Planet X and related matters. Has interesting articles and videos as well as a number of links to good information on Planet X related information.

*Also see our links webpage for further sources. Also type in your search engine key words: Planet X, Nibiru, Two Suns, Robert S. Harrington, Earth Changes, Magnetic Pole Migration, Earth Wobble, Doomsday Preparations, DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases), Changes on the Sun, Fireballs.