Information on Planet X is a mixture of truth, distorted or half-truths and deliberate disinformation as well as falsehoods. The Planet X deception is that this story of Planet X started with a Zeta channeler, Nancy Liederman. (See: Appendix A. Backwoods Home Letter to the Editor). The other falsehood being purported is that Planet X will crash into the Earth.
A great organized effort by New World Order paid disinformants has been put forth over alternative media (especially on the internet) to deceive truth seekers concerning Planet X. These End Times deceptionists often masquerade as simple you-tubers on the internet or even credentialed investigators, journalists, and/or whistleblowers, talk show hosts, etc.
In 2011, there was a great deal of hype and hoopla over Comet Elenin. First, as the hyped story goes, Elenin was making its way through our solar system, making certain alignments with the Sun and some of the planets on certain dates. These alignments were said to cause great earthquakes on these dates. Elenin was said to be Nibiru (Planet X) and to be very large causing great changes and catastrophes on Earth in late 2011.
Others claimed Elenin was a harbinger of Nibiru and that the word E.L.E.N.I.N. meant “Extinction-Level-Event-Nibiru-Is-Near.”
Comet Elenin was to cause three days of darkness approximately on September 26-27-28. As with other claims, this claim proved to be false as well – nothing happened.
Then along came author and researcher, Richard C Hoagland who made the outlandish claim that Comet Elenin was not a comet, but an intelligently controlled spacecraft. He was interviewed on Coast-to-Coast radio with George Noori as host. This is one of the first public explanations of his ideas.
Then something unexpected happened: Comet Elenin broke up into fragments! Oops! No more Comet Elenin! So what happened with all the theories? They went “poof” along with Comet Elenin.
So first you have: “Oh, you know what? Elenin is really Nibiru! It’s really BIG! It’s gonna cause three days of darkness!”
Then you have: “Comet Elenin is really a spacecraft!” So as in the Wizard of Oz: “Oh my! Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my!” Etc, etc. ad nauseum.
All of this is so much hype and rubbish for public consumption. When Comet Elenin did the unexpected, it took all the theories with it. There was one researcher on the internet whom, before it happened, said that a break up of Comet Elenin was very possible and that said it was a small comet.
The truth of the matter was that this was a deliberate disinformation campaign put on by the “Powers-That-Be” to “cry wolf” and an attempt to obscure the Planet X approach scenario. Comet Elenin was a small comet and had minor if any effect on Earth. A trusted source, astrophysicist James McCanney who has studied the true nature of comets in-depth (including Planet X), stated at the time, “Comet Elenin IS NOT A THREAT to Earth.” (See:
Another distraction and obfuscation of the truth came in July of 2012. This was of a different nature. On July 11 John Moore of on his internet radio show reported that whistleblowers (in this case military intelligence contacts – John, himself has a background in military intelligence) had revealed to him that the military and their dependents were given evacuation “bug-out” briefings that involved a Nibiru (Planet X) flyby of August 17- September 26. Researcher, Mike Harris also had whistleblower informants (one was a foreign contact) testifying a similar story, thus confirming John Moore’s sources.
Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot confirmed the authenticity of some of these sources such as Mike Harris’ foreign contact. Through Kerry’s diligence in pursuing this story further, the truth became clear, especially regarding certain details. She raised certain questions as did another investigator, Cliff High, who along with Mike Harris and John Moore were interviewed on Kerry Cassidy’s Whistleblower Radio Show program on July 26, 2012. These questions brought to light certain details that contradicted some of the claims given by the whistleblowers.
If Planet X was doing a flyby in the August 17 – September 26 window – it contradicted the projected window of December, 2012 to June, 2013. (There are others who claim a window of July, 2013 to July, 2014). For Planet X to be that close, it would have to be causing great disturbances, greater than the current seismic activity, volcanism, and geomagnetic disturbances that was happening at the time. This clearly was not happening.
As this story was scrutinized, it began to change. According to some whistleblower testimony, it wasn’t Planet X but a moon-sized planetary object that was passing through. This later got downsized to an asteroid-like object that was the size of two football fields. So, in a matter of days, it went from Planet X to a moon-sized planetary object to an asteroid the size of two football fields.
Also the military personnel and their families involved in these evacuation briefings turned out to be only those military and dependents directly connected to continuity of government. Later, on the John Moore shows claims of evacuations occurring were said to be at bases such as Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia, Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg and on the West Coast, Camp Pendleton, California. All these claimed evacuations were unconfirmed, however.
Later, there were videos of military tanks, trucks and other military equipment moving across the country on trains and in convoys. These military movements were in the southern states and in California and Nevada. No reason was ascertained as to why these military movements were being conducted.
While such people as John Moore and Mike Harris appear to be well-meaning folk, it is to hoax or to falsify true information through whistleblower “plants” or misinformants. While we believe a certain amount of falsification took place here, it does appear something authentic is taking place – but just what is taking place, is hard to determine. Clearly Planet X is not coming through at this time.
Such obfuscation of the truth only serves the interests of the New World Order elite while making the whole subject of the Planet X flyby look ridiculous. That is the purpose of it: to confuse and misdirect the public while hiding the real truth. In fact, such things often serve as a “cover story” for the real truth behind it.
The reality is that the Planet X flyby has to be obscured and falsified by officialdom as much as possible. Planet X is not some myth put out by Zetatalk website purporting that it was discovered in 1995. The truth is that Planet X was discovered in 1983 by IRAS (infra-red astronomical satellite) telescope. NASA issued a press release and then denied it in subsequent years, burying the whole subject of Planet X. Later, when Planet X became more visible to midsized and small telescopes in 2001-2002, a campaign of disinformation was launched to keep the lid on it assuring that if the story leaked a false “cover story’ was given for public consumption, not the real truth.
There is real credible information out there if one wants to take the time to look for it, sift through the findings, discern the truth of it and then assemble the true facts after removing the errors that are always inherit in such research. (We have gleaned through a number of internet videos which one can view at our website).