It has been confirmed that a Brown Dwarf comet-like object with six or seven moons has broken through the oort cloud ( a cloud of comets, asteroids, etc. approximately one light year from our Sun beyond the Kuiper (asteroid) belt at the edge of our solar system). In 2013 it was reported by Marshall Masters that the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system is now in the vicinity of Saturn’s orbit. Planet X passed between Jupiter and Mars (no doubt picking up asteroids from the asteroid belt along the way, adding to its space debris). It has been reported that Planet X is traveling with a debris field a quarter of a million miles wide.

The search for Planet X has been going on for decades (since the 1950s) and was first detected by NASA in 1983 using a infra-red (IRAS) telescope. The Vatican, the European Space Age4ncy (ESA) and other space agencies have joined in the search, tracking and monitoring this “Wormwood” comet of the Apocalypse. All space agencies across the world have spent billions of dollars in this effort. They have built telescopes and observatories specifically for this purpose.

The most notable of these are the following: Hubble Space Telescope due to be abandoned was refitted and upgraded instead; the South Pole Telescope (SPT) was flown to Antarctica in parts by a C-130 cargo plane and assembled to specifically track Planet X as it came in from the South; the Spitzer telescope launched on August 25, 2003 by NASA in a unique Earth-trailing orbit around the Sun; the International Concordia Explorer is a robotic telescope located at the Concordia Base in Antarctica since December 1997; the Pan-Starrs (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) is a planned array of cameras and telescopes that began operation on May 13, 2010; the SOPHIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infra-red Astronomy is a joint effort of NASA and the German Aerospace Center and began operation mounted on a 747 jumbo jet on May 26, 2010; and the Chandra infra-red telescope that began operation on July 23, 1999 and has used in addition to infra-red capabilities, the capability to detect X-ray emissions from nebulas, stars including Planet-X, etc.

In addition to the above infra-red telescopes, the Vatican has its own observatories and telescopes, some of which were built with Wormwood or Planet X in mind. There is of course the official Vatican Observatory Foundation located at Castel Gandolfo, Italy.                                         Then there is the telescope named SILOE which is sponsored by the Vatican, a space probe specifically built to locate and track Planet X. It was built in Area 51 (approximately in 1990) and orbited by space-flight capable top-secret Aurora. It was built with a radio telescope capable of detecting anomalous celestial bodies approaching our solar system.

Also specifically built to track Planet X was the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) located at the Mount Graham International Observatory in Arizona and started operation in 1993. This telescope is said to be a joint operation between the University of Arizona and the Jesuits from the Vatican, but the Vatican clearly runs the operation according to Father Malachi Martin.

There is still another large telescope that the Vatican appears to be involved in running and that is the one called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (an acronym for Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extra-galactic Research) set up by a consortium of astronomers from Germany, Italy and the United States and located on top of Mount Graham, Arizona, right next to the Vatican’s observatory.

All these observatories and telescopes with billions and billions of dollars spent to locate and track Planet X and its mini solar system as it travels inbound. All this, but nothing admitted publicly as to what the real purpose is of such expensive space programs.

Nibiru or Planet X is a large Brown Dwarf and is extremely dense, has a very strong magnetic field that is definitely affecting the planets of our solar system as it passes through on its way around the Sun. The Sun is being affected by this rapid approach and in turn is affecting the weather of all the planets. (Note: In addition, our solar system is passing through the gravitational plane (the dark rift) or equinox of our galaxy. This is a denser area of cosmic dust and debris that is also affecting our Sun causing great changes in radiation and energy output. It is increasing the densities and brightness of the atmospheres of the planets including our Earth).

As Nibiru passes by the Earth (which could be anywhere from 3 to 10 years away according to Marshall Masters), it will cause at least a partial pole-shift. There are sources that say this passing of Planet X and partial pole-shift won’t occur until sometime between July, 2013 and July, 2014.  (This is actually the time for the passage of comet ISON).  A geomagnetic pole reversal is also possible.                                         A marked increase or “spike” in seismic and volcanic activity can be expected along with even more extreme weather.

For further information on this Planet X passing see our article, Final Warning on the Great Warning and our End Times Videos webpage.

* Research Update: COMET ISON. Comet c-2012s1/ ISON is one of great significance and could prove quite interesting according to astrophysicist James McCanney. This comet may be the first of several Planet X objects to pass through the inner solar system. As McCanney has reiterated again and again, there are several Planet X type objects headed our way and this comet could be the first major comet to arrive.   It looks as though this comet’s arrival fits into the later projected window of 2013-2014. We will have to watch and see.

Comet Ison may have been discovered some time ago but was not made public until late September, 2012. James McCanney tells us, “I suspect NASA knew of this comet for a very long time but decided not to release it until now through the Russian Space Agency.”  The name Ison is derived from the Russian Space Agency.

Now for some amazing facts concerning this comet: This comet is said to become the brightest comet ever seen by modern civilization. The comet will brighten more as it comes closer and according to James McCanney, will be 15 times brighter than the Moon. At its peak brightness, Comet Ison will become visible in daylight.

Comet Ison is approximately the size of the Moon and will become more visible in 2013. It will affect the Sun and the solar system for about One and a half to two years. During this time it will cause solar flare-ups and more extreme weather on Earth and on the other planets as it passes by. The fact is this comet could cause major solar flares at the peak of the Sun cycle maximum.

This comet was discovered just beyond the orbit of Jupiter and will pass between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Note this is the same path of “Planet X.” It will come in low below the Sun and swing out over the Sun on its way out.

According to James McCanney, on or about the first of June 2013, it will align and interact with Venus. It will do the same with Mercury around August 18th.                      Around October 3, it will come extremely close to Mars and could cause extreme weather conditions and even terra-forming. Mars could gain in atmosphere. The outcome is not for certain as the comet will be gaining a greater mass to its nucleus as it comes in. This could greatly affect the outcome of the magnetic “tug of war” as Comet Ison passes by Mars.

The comet’s course and the above-mentioned predictions could be altered due to interactions with the planets it passes and due to the tail drag. Tail drag does two things: First, it causes a buildup in the mass (size) of the comet because of the positive/negative charge between the comet’s nucleus and its tail. Second, it causes the comet to slow down at intervals. The comet’s magnetic attraction to the Sun causes it to speed up and become brighter. So the Comet’s course and timing can be greatly affected by these and other such factors.

Around November 29, 2013 Comet Ison will come within 2 million miles of the Sun – some sources say 1.8 million miles. This may seem like a long way but in space terms its like right next door (or even “knocking” on the door). It is roughly about eight times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Never-A-Straight-Answer NASA is doing all it can to keep the real truth from getting out about this comet. NASA is doing the opposite of what it did with Comet Elenin. Instead of hyping it up as they did then, they are down-playing this one.    Comet Ison was kept from the public for as long as possible and now that it’s publicly released, the information is down-played and kept confused. NASA kept the lid on but then allowed it to be released via the Russian Space Agency.                                         McCanney tells us “NASA is as quiet as a church mouse” on Comet Ison. Its brightness is being played down; only as bright as the Moon and other such faulty statements. As far as we know, no mention has been made in the mainstream media or official scientific channels as to its interaction with the Sun and the planets (especially Mars). Nevertheless, James McCanney tells us Comet Ison could prove quite interesting and cause significant weather extremes and Earth changes as it passes through the inner solar system in 2013.   [For Updates on Comet ISON visit]

Necedah Revelation Warns of Coming Pole-shift. Necedah revelation long ago warned of catastrophic changes to the Earth. In Necedah’s Messages to the Elect, this was stated by the Blessed Virgin Mary Herself: “God the Father has already upset the forces of Nature in many places of the world which will add to the devastation so that the geographical aspect of whole continents will be violently altered. In all these places the chosen ones of God will be spared…” The Blessed Virgin Mary is warning that “the geographical aspect of whole continents will be violently altered!” That is a direct reference to seismic activity so violent it alters the geographical aspect (size, shape and outline – topography) of whole continents. In other words, a pole shift!

In another Necedah message, a reference again is made of a pole shift and its affect on the waters of the Earth (oceans, inland seas, lakes, etc.). It also indicates the Sun’s nova affecting the Earth. Again, this is a message given by the Blessed Virgin Mary Herself: “If God permits the Sun to explode in the period what they call the ‘nova’ …the Earth will be thrown out of its orbit. Many will die and many will plunge into the waters for the water on Earth will go out of its boundaries and flood many countries. That will be one way of punishment and another, My Child, you have witnessed is the White Fire.” (October 7, 1977 – Feast of the Holy Rosary).

When the “water on Earth will go out of its boundaries and flood many countries,” this is a direct reference to tidal waves and sea rise due to the Earth both shifting on its axis (pole-shift) and shifting in orbit as indicated in the message.

We should also note that more than one pole-shift is possible as scientific evidence indicates (see our End Times Video web page). The Sun exploding during “the period they call the ‘nova’” will give rise to several pole-shifts as well as a change in orbit.

After studying the evidence, it becomes clear that the first visible disrupter of our way of life (besides the New World Order) is a Planet X type object (Could it be Comet Ison?). Very gradually, almost unnoticeable, the crossing of the gravitational plane is also affecting us. Heaven has warned us innumerable times that this period is coming and all these Earth changes together along with the implementation of the New World Order agenda will, no doubt, usher in the period of the Great Tribulation.