“More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh (impurity) than for any other reason.” – Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta Marto.   

In today’s corrupt pagan world with sodomy, transgenderism rampant and promoted even by the so-called hierarchy of what is perceived as the “Catholic” Church (really the counterfeit church), it appears that to say anything about modesty or purity whether in speech, manners, or dress is a futile effort.  When this author proposed saying anything about modesty, purity, etc. to members of his family he was given the reply, “It won’t do any good.  They won’t listen.”  So what is it we are supposed to do?  Are we to just to give up and let evil triumph?
Evil has triumphed because those who are to safeguard the Catholic Faith and morals have failed to do what is necessary.  The Blessed Virgin Mary has certainly called our attention to it, especially Our Lady of Fatima, and so have the great Popes and prelates of the past (pre-Vatican II).  They held the tidal wave of evil back until Satan through infiltration and subversion got the upper hand and now it appears all is lost.  It appears lost because we have those who either can’t see how shameful we as a society have become or in seeing it don’t have the courage to stand up for the truth; for decency and modesty to safeguard purity.
DO WE NOT CARE?  Are we not going to make the effort to combat this evil? Remember, it all started with the indecent fashions that came about a century ago in the first cultural revolution via the “Roaring Twenties.”  It all came about through immodesty in dress, speech and actions and gradually became worse until we find ourselves in a sodomite society where women dress like men, and sometimes men dress like women (earrings, etc.).  [Look up Deuteronomy 22:5 to see how this is an abomination before God!]
Let’s be common sense about it.  People are afraid to speak out about it.  They would rather go along to get along.  They would rather “tolerate” it than to correct it.  To some it seems hopeless so they do nothing.  What a pity, for we will pay for our in-action in the end.  We cannot rely on officials who are most corrupt.  We cannot rely on the hierarchy of the Church who are either openly supporters of sodomy, transgenderism and corrupt manners of dress and worse – or are too “timid” to speak out even if they see it is wrong.  We have a so-called “pope” and hierarchy of the counterfeit church that promote all these immoral evils.  Are we going sit by and let it keep stone-rolling over us?  Do we care about our children and grandchildren?
There was an article on the Salve Maria Regina website that stated the following:

“Any man who would remain in the presence of an immodestly dressed woman or girl without reprimanding her and refusing to be seen with her is guilty of condoning such grievous offense against God by his very silence, and is also a hypocrite unworthy of the name of Christian.
            “Any parent who permits their daughter or son to wear the modern immodest styles are subject to the condemnation of Scripture – ‘it would be better that they tie a milestone around their neck and cast themselves into the sea.’
            Any priest who permits immodestly dressed women to enter the House of God or gives them Communion is ‘guilty of the Body and Blood of Our Lord!’”   [“Our Lady’s Words to Jacinta.”  www.salvemariaregina.info.]

The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those squeamish priests and bishops who are afraid to speak the truth about this.  Parents, grandparents and teachers are also guilty.  Silence, in this case, is not “golden,” but actually condones such evil.  As the great English martyr, Saint Thomas Moore pointed out “Silence is consent!”  Saint Catherine of Sienna said about silence:

“We have had enough exhortations to be silent.  Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues – the world is ROTTEN BECAUSE OF SILENCE!”   

            I have been contemplating presenting something on modesty and purity to my family – my grown sons and daughters and their children (my grandchildren) – but I have been advised that they wouldn’t listen or it would be better coming from someone else.  Well if that’s the case, if any of my family would read this, consider the video below called, Marian Sodality Short Talk – “a People Set Apart” by Father Paul Krug C.S.P.V.  See Video HERE

One of the points in this very simple and nice way of putting it is: “We are to be a people set apart.”  But are we today?  Can we tell the Catholic from the rest of society today by their manner of dress and deportment?  Not really!  The only ones that stand out in manner of dress in today’s society are the Mennonites and the Amish.  You can’t tell a Catholic from a pagan.  We don’t dress to please God in a dignified manner – no we dress to be comfortable.  But consider this: For over 1900 years women not only wore dresses but dresses down to their ankles.  Consider all the pioneering women who traveled with their husbands and families in covered wagons; camped in the open and cooked over campfires, fought Indians and toiled right along with their husbands on their homesteads and more.
Now consider one more thing:  modesty is the guardian of purity.  You cannot enter Heaven unless you are perfectly PURE!  Modesty helps you gain purity which you must have before entering Heaven.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.  People today have no concept of what modesty is and consequently dress like slobs just because it happens to be 90 degrees in the shade with a70% humidity.  Well, guess what?  Back in the pioneering days mentioned above those temperatures and humidity levels were reached just the same.  They didn’t dress like slobs to be “comfortable.” But they dressed with dignity and decorum – they dressed for God!  Contemplate that!
Now someday I may make that presentation and have it recorded.  If I do I’ll have it posted at the end of this article.  In the meantime however, view and listen to the good priest above who does a very fine job of explaining modesty.  Just keep remembering that MODESTY IS THE GUARDIAN OF PURITY – AND YOU HAVE TO BE PURE TO ENTER HEAVEN!