BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE                         February 20, 2012
P. O. Box 712
Gold Beach, OR 97444

Dear Editor:

I was introduced to your magazine a few years ago. I subscribed because of some of the practical, down-to-earth articles on gardening, survival preparedness, etc. But with this issue of Backwoods Home – March/April, 2012 – I find two very disturbing articles that I feel do your readers a disservice. I head up an End Times Research organization that I founded in 1980. This organization’s mission is to research apocalyptic phenomena and End Time events to specifically sort out the confusion separating truth from error thus arriving at the true reality of our world. I feel it is my responsibility to point out some important things to you.
To me this issue of Backwoods Home went too far. I have never seen such a distorted, faulty treatment of a most serious subject with mainstream media disinformation and half-truths gathered all in one place as you have in this issue. Obviously, your two contributing writers, Claire Wolfe and John Silveira, are students of mainstream official sources such as NASA which they apparently consider as trustworthy and the “gospel” truth. But really these sources have not proven trustworthy in several very important areas – one of which is End Time events and the Apocalypse, etc. (See enclosed APOCALYPSE BEACON article). NASA is actually controlled by the NSA. (Note: There is an inside joke amongst those who work for these agencies that that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) means Never-A-Straight-Answer and that NSA (National Security Agency) means “No Such Agency.” The NSA actually denied its own existence in the early years). The above control of NASA has been
documented by scientists (such as astrophycisist James McCanney) and others who have worked with this agency.
The Apocalypse and all that goes with it is a subject most people find mysterious and confusing and either dismiss it altogether (calling it “doom ‘n gloom”) – or give faulty interpretations of it. That includes also journalists, scientific “experts,” and religious “experts” as well. Author, Bonnie Gaunt has said that the Apocalypse of Saint John “is the most un-understood book of the Bible.” It most certainly is! I have never seen a subject such as the Apocalypse (or the End Times in general) so badly treated: distorted, falsified, misinterpreted and otherwise ill-treated. Easily, it can be said that most journalists who write on such a topic do not really have a grasp or an in-depth understanding of it to properly discern the truth of such a deep, all-encompassing multi-faceted subject. I can say that because I have devoted most of my life to the in-depth study of this important area of research. I realize most people, including journalists, do not have the time to devote to such a study. I hate to see such a very all-encompassing heavy, serious subject treated so superficially and/or with such incomplete research, or research based on faulty information that has been “put out there” by the “Powers-That-Be.”
From years and years of research, I have come across several faulty apocalyptic end-time viewpoints, theories and proposed scenarios – some due to honest mistakes or erroneous and/or incomplete research; others because they were deliberately put out by “The-Powers-That-Be” through “official” sources to confuse the whole subject and throw researchers off the track. This particular fact has been documented several times.
It is done to deceive the masses. You either believe this or you don’t. That is why it is very important to be very discerning in sifting through various pieces of scientific data or purported “truths” to separate fact from fiction. In this particular case (Apocalypse and End Time events) the truth is often stranger than fiction. In some cases, what has been accepted as fact turns out to be fiction and vice-versa. Truth most often, is mixed with error and separating the two without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” can be a meticulous job. I have made it my objective to carefully penetrate the prevailing “fog of confusion” that has been generated by the controlled media (and even government agencies), and to document what is the true reality. It is not easy, but it is most important it be done RIGHT.
From the various tell-tale statements of both your writers, I can tell they accept fully the disinformation and faulty “facts” (which are really theories) that have been put out by those forces wishing to control public opinion. There is a reason for this, but that is another subject. (See enclosed APOCALYPSE BEACON article). You need a reality check as to what is truly happening in our apocalyptic world. Your writers also cite some very poor sources that they debunk but that serious researchers don’t even bother with because such sources are simply not trustworthy and are usually mixed with either faulty theories and /or deliberate disinformation. Take the Planet X subject, for example. In Claire Wolfe’s article, A Brief History of the End of the World – the section Planet X aka Nibiru, it is said, “The story originated …” with “Nancy Lieder who … claimed … she was contacted by aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system…” No doubt, Claire Wolfe got this from one of the Zeta-talk websites. Serious researchers on this subject (Astrophycisist James McCanney, Marshall Masters, etc.) don’t bother with such fraudulent material. As for myself, I don’t touch any of the Zeta-talk websites because their information is faulty and seems to be deliberate misinformation put out to confuse and to deceive.
Furthermore, the Planet X “story” did not “originate with Nancy Lieder” but first broke into print shortly after NASA discovered it in 1983 via IRAS (infra-red astronomical satellite). In following years the story was “buried” and officially denied.
One more thing on Planet X: You have a drawing on page 10 that depicts Planet X crashing into the Earth. No serious researcher of the subject has ever claimed such a crazy scenario. We are talking about a fly-by, not a collision. Planet X can effect the Earth (and the Sun) at a distance. Here we are talking about millions of miles – from this distance it can cause a lot of interference between magnetic fields. (This has been recorded in history by ancient cultures).
There is so much more to this, but this letter is already too long. I have some websites and other sources to check out in this regard that is enclosed with this letter for further reference.
It seems your whole point is not only to debunk Planet X, galactic alignment, pole shifts, etc., but the whole subject of the Apocalypse and the End Times. While I agree that some claims to the above subjects are erroneous and need to be debunked, there are those true claims that deserve a fair hearing. Saint Hierom said it best:

     “The truth has set bounds. But evil and falsehood multiplies without end; and the more those evils are pursued, the more errors they produce. We seek no conquest over our adversaries; but only that truth may overcome falsehood.”

While it is true that it is not the end of the world, it is also true that it is the end of an age and a transition into another. (One could say however, that it is the end of the world as we know it – meaning there will be great changes coming – but yes, the world will still be here on December 22, 2012 and long after.
So what I’m saying is that while some claims need debunking, not all fall in that category. (Often the true claims are suppressed by official agencies and have a hard time seeing the “light of day”). This is true of not only Planet X but the long-count Mayan calendar, the galactic alignment (actually it is not so much an alignment that matters but our solar system’s passing through the galactic gravitational plane), gamma ray bursts (the role of gamma rays covered very well by scientists Paul La Violette) and a great deal more. There is a fair amount of credible information out there, but it takes hard work and long hours to find it, sift it, discern it and remove fact from fiction or truth from error. This is a serious, hard process that takes experience as well as discernment. The importance of this should be apparent to the real truth-seeker in this age of confusion. This process is based on a simple principle best expressed by Father Hecker:

  “Seek for truth amidst the error, establish its existence, applaud it, and endeavor to make it a basis for further truth and a fulcrum for the overthrow of the error connected with it.”

2012 is not like the Y2K of 2000 except to say that yes, the world will still be here in 2013 but in what condition? (In fact the years 2012-2019 could prove very interesting in regard to end-time apocalyptic events). True, the world is NOT going to end, but with the entire solar system will begin a crossover into a very dense area, the gravitational plane known as the galactic equinox. This will only BEGIN to happen in late 2012 into 2013 and last several years to make the complete crossover. It is a transition that will be accompanied by several apocalyptic events (i.e. geomagnetic pole reversal, planet X fly-by (the reason why it’s known as the “Planet of the Crossing”), solar storm maximum in 2013, seismic upheavals increasing, weather extremes getting even more extreme, etc.).
As to where we are on this apocalyptic cosmic clock – read Mathew 24:3-14 to get an approximate idea. It’s all happening now!
I do hope you take this seriously for we are facing something as a civilization, we have never faced before in our history – and so much more could be said about that, but you need to do your own research. I have provided you with a few of the best sources – there are others of course. Of course if you are really not interested in the true evidence but only reacting to all the hype about the “end of the world” falsehoods, then you may not care about the deeper aspects of this End of Days closing age. I would hope that your magazine is about helping people with the truth and not just out to “sell a lot of magazines.”
I can’t just sit by and see such confusion on this subject continue. For this reason I have written numerous articles, six books – five of which belong to a complete 5-volume set called The Apocalypse Unfolds which contain very in-depth research on all facets of this End of the Age Apocalypse. I hope in some way my effort has aided your understanding of this very important and serious subject. (Note: Gaining knowledge is one thing but gaining an understanding of that knowledge is another). I hope this letter is of some help in this regard.

Sincerely for the truth,
Diamond Star