[ Author’s Note: In our previous article, Punishment or Peace? – we pointed out that there is a definite cause and effect principle that brings about a predestined consequence to our actions. We elaborate further on that concept here. ]

On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its decision in the case Obergefell versus Hodges. The 5 to 4 decision made sodomy (same-sex “marriage”) the law of the land, bringing this nation to a new low. This decision is not all that unexpected given the fact that the groundwork for it has been laid down by introducing movements in previous years pushing feminism and so-called equal rights; the obscuring of genders via the uni-sex look in fashions and much more.
With the weakening and watering-down of the Catholic faith and Christian principles via the liturgical, educational, and cultural revolutions, moral behavior has sunk to the lowest level ever. One of the first steps towards the progressive homosexual degradation was pornography. Pornography and sexual promiscuity, no matter how it is manifested, leads to the eventual corruption of society where sodomy is finally accepted as “normal.” The sodomite (homosexual and lesbian) subculture is permeated with pornography in all its manifestations. Such action of a sodomite subculture corrupts society by focusing on the unrestricted pursuit of human pleasure while destroying the foundation of the family.
Nations (and the Church itself) are held accountable to God for the sin of sodomy. Saint Augustine stated, “Sins against nature … like the sin of Sodom, are abominable and deserve punishment whenever and wherever they are committed. If all nations committed them, all alike would be held guilty of the same charge in God’s Law, for our Creator did not prescribe that we should use each other in this way. In fact, the relationship that we ought to have with God is itself violated when our nature, of which he is Author, is desecrated by perverted lust.” [ Saint Augustine, Confessions, Book 3, chap. 8, p 65, apud atila S. Guimeraes.]
Enrique Rueda, who has studied the homosexual movement in depth has stated that while the Church does not “officially” support the movement, the movement has however, “been very successful in penetrating the Catholic Church and now derives considerable support from it.” [ The Homosexual Network by Enrique Rueda, p 301.]
For this reason and more , we are now witnessing the complete and final corruption of a once Christian society and the final phase in the eclipse of the Church. (The above information from Rueda is over 30 years old and it has systematically gotten much worse).
In Necedah’s Message to the Elect, it was prophesied, “My Child, of the Shepherds of the Church of God, My Divine Son wills that I tell you this. You, My Child, should tell the same words to all the Elect. They lay aside the Gospel of peace and love in favor of easier maxims, which My Child does not require that they do violence to their own will, or expose their negligence to the reproach of the flock. Worse still they pervert the scriptures, rather preach falsehoods and impossible doctrines which lacks spirituality, thus abandoning what is fundamental and life giving in favor of what is superficial and secondary.                 For this reason, My Child, God will abandon them to the sorry consequences of their pride. The Church, My Child, will be sundered by heresy and schism.                 Bishops will adjure each other, clergy and laity will live in enmity and GOD WILL BE FORGOTTEN. THE GOOD WILL BE ALONE WITHOUT JUST COUNSEL SAVE FROM ABOVE, but God will never desert them My Child, for the good will praise God and He will be with them always.” [ July 2, 1954.]
The above message aptly describes the state of the Church today. “Rome has left the Church!” as Archbishop Marcel Lefbve put it, and as La Salette put it, “Rome will loose the Faith” It most certainly has. So no wonder corruption we now see prevails.
Incredible signs of God’s Chastisement (His Wrath) and His Second Coming are manifest across the globe: The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter forming the Star of Bethlehem, last seen at the Birth of Christ, is now occurring (first conjunction was June 29 and 30 with more to come very soon); an unprecedented rise in sea levels, ocean incursions and rip currents; a dramatic rise in the number of earthquakes worldwide especially in the higher magnitudes; unprecedented volcanism including dormant volcanoes that have not erupted in recorded history; sink holes and landslides as well as firefalls (meteors) more frequent than ever before; Earth’s magnetic field weakening and fluctuating as never before; Earth wobble and axis shift now in the beginning stage of pole-shift; and seas, rivers, lakes, rains, and even the sap of trees turning to a blood red.
All the foregoing and more is indicating a magnetic and gravitational interference from an incoming celestial body into our inner solar system. This appears to be the “Great Comet” prophesied by Saint Hildegard (11th century) as well as other Catholic prophecy and Marian apparitions indicating the wrath of God is imminent.
We know that we, God’s children, are put on this Earth to be tried and tested. God in His Infinite Wisdom knows best and there is no reason to be discouraged but rather trust in God and His Divine Providence and His Holy Mother’s protection. Concerning all these social upheavals and corruption incurring God’s Wrath, we must turn to God’s Word. Consider these words:
“…There is no reason to be discouraged or despair. On the contrary, judging from the viewpoint of Divine Revelation and prophecy, we could say that ‘everything is going according to plan’ – so to speak. While we must at all times fight for good morals, common decency, common sense, true justice, and religious truth, nevertheless we know that this world will at some point in the future be ruled by the Antichrist, not because God positively wills it so, but because He permits it as part of salvation history in order to draw a great good from it. This has been revealed to us in Holy Scripture by Almighty God Himself (e.g. 2 Thess. 2; 1 Jn 2:18; cf. Mt 24). Although the knowledge that it will and must happen is no excuse to surrender, to sit back and watch it all come about. It is cause to not despair; to not be dismayed, and to understand why all these frightening social upheavals against God’s Law – both natural and revealed – are happening, and why God is permitting them.                 This, in turn, allows us to continue our trustful and loving surrender to Divine Providence, full of Faith and Hope, keeping in mind that even though the times in which we live are evil, nevertheless Almighty God, Who is all-knowing, all-good, and all-powerful, has chosen to place us into precisely this time of human history and no other – and He did so because He foreknew that this would be most conducive to our salvation.” [ Why We Are Where We Are Today: Bp Sanborn explains the History of Christe