Introduction. There has been an especially dramatic rise in both the frequency and intensity of Earth changes within the past few years. As of late 2013 and early 2014 very strange things are happening all across the planet. What was once unheard of or considered rare, is now seen as an increasingly common occurrence. These End Times events include not only earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, and extreme weather, but sinkholes, landslides and other land-shiftings (either rising or dropping), new islands appearing, seas – lakes – rivers – rains turning blood-red, strange booms and sounds, the shifting of the Moon, second Sun sightings and more. (There are even spinning ice circles showing up in waterways as of this winter).
This article will concentrate more on what is happening and less on why it is happening. Future articles will explore the “why” to all this. This presentation of facts and figures is to give the reader an overall view of what is all happening now across our planet. This will give the reader a better perspective of how enormous and all encompassing these Earth changes are becoming – making the world a very different place than just a decade ago.
Before we present all the facts and figures on Earth changes, we need to look at population statistics and the New World Order’s depopulation agenda relative to these Earth changes facts and figures.
Population of the World by Billions.

1804 – 1 billion
1927 – 2 billion
1959 – 3 billion
1974 – 4 billion
1987 – 5 billion
1998 – 6 billion
2011 – 7 billion
2014 – 7,148,151,800+

Georgia Guidestones

On one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia, stands a huge granite monument to the New World Order agenda. It is known as the Georgia Guidestones or the American Stonehenge. These “ten commandments” of the New World Order are engraved in eight different languages on four great stones that support the capstone.
Relatively unknown to most people, it was commissioned to be built by an articulate stranger who gave the name, R. C. Christian, in June, 1979. No one knows who this man really was. His name, no doubt, is not his real name.
This occultic monument links to the Evil Forces who dominate this world. The messages engraved on these stones cover the four major agendas of the New World Order: (1) Governance and the establishment of a world government, (2) Population and reproduction control, (3) The environment and man’s relationship to nature, and (4) Spirituality.
The messages on the Georgia Guidestones are:

1. Maintain humanity under 500, 000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
     7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

The covert and central message of this American Stonehenge is important
because it affirms the fact there is a covert and sinister group intent on:

1.  Dramatically reducing the population of the world.
2. Promoting environmentalism.
3. Establishing a world government.
4.  Promoting a new spirituality.

It should be noted further that these sinister Forces of Evil have an agenda that involves using the forces of nature (via Project Blue Beam and the HAARP weather and seismic technologies) to influence or otherwise exacerbate these natural cosmic forces against the human population of the world. Keep in mind these Evil Forces know of coming geophysical events of a cataclysmic and catastrophic nature that will very likely wipe out most of civilization as we know it. They are preparing underground shelters for themselves while leaving us in the dark and unprepared. They are also planning in advance of this natural cosmic geophysical event a contrived so-called “natural” event to reduce the population down to a manageable level as outlined in the first “commandment” of the Georgia Guidestones. This will also involve martial law and a police state. The Powers-That-Be know they must trigger this so-called “natural” event before the real cosmic event happens if they are to successfully gain control of the world.
Many of the strange things happening in this world including some of these Earth changes, are related to the agenda of population reduction of these sinister forces of Evil. As of January 2014, the world population is about 7,148,151,800 or more. That means the Powers-That-Be need to eliminate a little over six and a half billion people in order to maintain humanity under 500,000,000.


Earthquakes of all magnitudes have been steadily increasing in both frequency and intensity over several decades but especially since 2009 with a sharp rise in 2012. There have been definite increases in both major earthquakes and great earthquakes.. Major earthquakes are defined as those between 7.0 and 7.9 in magnitude. The great earthquakes are defined as those classified as 8.0 and above.
Major and great earthquake numbers for recent years in the following yearly periods: April 2010 – March 2011: 16 major and 1 great; April 2011 – March 2012: 14 major and 0 great; April 2012 – March 2013: 13 major and 3 great earthquakes. In the past 7 years there have been 12 great earthquakes.
It should be noted that the old Richter scale is being replaced with the Moment Magnitude scale. USGS (United States Geological Survey) is also constantly downgrading the magnitude numbers of earthquakes as well as taking certain earthquake numbers down after the automatic computerized system posts them.
Either scale can be somewhat misleading if one is not familiar with it. For example, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake produces ten times more ground motion than a magnitude 6.2, but the energy released is 32 times greater. But the energy released in an 8.2 magnitude earthquake is a thousand times more than a magnitude 6.2.
Earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or less are not always noticed but these have increased greatly in the last couple of years as well.
Generally earthquakes have increased in recent times as the statistics below show.

Earthquakes 7.0 Magnitude or Greater (38-39 year spans).

1863 – 1900: 12
1900 – 1938: 53
1938 – 1977: 79
1977 – 2015: 190 (projected): As of 2011: 164; As of 2012: 460. (The 460 figure appears to represent more than just 7.0 magnitude or greater).

A series of massive earthquakes (three 8.0+ earthquakes occurred in just a few days) promted scientists to suggest the Earth is cracking up. Scientists were becoming quite alarmed at this sudden increase in frequency and magnitude. Other figures for this period were for example: Costa Rica had its largest increase in 62 years – 2010: 6,245; 2011: 3,483; 2012: 11,049. Japan had 3,134 earthquakes in 2012 and 10,000 in 2011 – over more than a thousand than the average from 2001 to 2010. Mexico had over 5,000 earthquakes in 2012. At that time the world was experiencing 2,600 earthquakes per day. (Figures for 2013 relative to this are not available, however earthquake activity in 2013 rose greatly).
Due to HAARP and Project Blue Beam seismic technologies as well as fracking operations, earthquakes are now showing up where they were never known or at least very rare. In the past, California was the only state in the Union synonymous with earthquake activity. No where in the U.S. were you more likely to experience an earthquake than in this state. Not anymore! Within the last few years, Oklahoma and Texas have been shaken by an alarming increase in earthquakes. These states are the new earthquake country.
According to the Pole website, “From 1975 to 2008, only a handful of quakes over magnitude 3.0 were recorded in the state of Oklahoma. That number skyrocketed to over 200 since 2009. And in 2013 – the state’s most seismically active year on record – there were nearly 3,000 quakes in Oklahoma.
“Oklahoma’s strongest recorded earthquake was a 5.6-magnitude that struck in November 2011 near the town of Prague. It damaged 200 buildings and rattled parts of seven states.” (“The New Earthquake Country” – January 4, 2014. Earth Changes and the Pole Shift).
Concerning Texas the same source reports: “The Dallas-Fort Worth area is not known as a place that’s prone to earthquakes. In fact, before 2007, there were no recorded earthquakes in the area. Since then, there have been hundreds. The majority of the quakes have been less than 3.0 on the Richter Scale, with some as high as magnitude 3.6. Regardless of magnitude, the reports of deafening booms and property damage speak for themselves.” (Ibid).
This source also reports, “Even seasoned earthquake veterans from California said the quakes in recent months are different than anything they felt before. Now, even North Texas residents are considering earthquake insurance.”


Volcanoes on this planet are waking up in record numbers. Just to name a very few among the many: Chaiten which erupted in 2008 – a volcano considered extinct – it hadn’t erupted in 9,600 years; Nabro volcano erupted in Ethiopia which never erupted before “in recorded history.” Also undersea volcanoes are coming to life as never before. More super-volcanoes such as the one under Yellowstone, are being discovered in various areas: South America, the Russian plains and even under the state of Maine.
According to the Smithsonian website, between 1976 and 2010, the average number of eruptions per year has been 61. In the first four months of 2012, the number of eruptions was already 56. As of December 2013 there already were 83 volcanoes erupting across the planet. (As of November 27, 2013 it was reported by the Extinction Protocol website that about 35 volcanoes are currently erupting across the globe).

Volcanic Eruptions per year.

1970 – 55
1971 – 53
1972 – 53
1973 – 66
1974 – 60
1975 – 49
1976 – 55
1977 – 64
1978 – 55
1979 – 60
1980 – 66
1981 – 55
1982 – 58
1983 – 55
1984 – 59
1985 – 54
1986 – 67
1987 – 64
1988 – 63
1989 – 54
1990 – 55
1991 – 64
1992 – 57
1993 – 58
1994 – 58
1995 – 62
1996 – 59
1997 – 52
1998 – 56
1999 – 66
2000 – 67
2001 – 65
2002 – 68
2003 – 64
2004 – 71
2005 – 73
2006 – 76
2007 – 72
2008 – 78
2009 – 68
2010 -69
2011 – 56 (This was not a final figure).
2012 – (Figures not available but volcanism increased tremendously this year).
2013 – 83 – as of December 5.


As the Earth’s seismic shakings increase both in number and severity, a record number of sinkholes are opening up all over the planet. There are monster sinkholes, some leaking radiation and/or methane into the environment forcing residents from their homes. These behemoth sinkholes (LA Bayou Corne is over 26 acres and growing; the Ohio sinkhole swallowed up 4 football fields of land; the Kansas plains sinkhole opened up to 200 feet across and 90 feet deep) can swallow up 100 foot trees, houses, cars, apartment buildings, vast tracts of land, or just individual people. While these anomalies can somewhat be blamed on fracking and excessive drilling, there is a deeper underlying cause. These sinkholes often accompany freak weather, earthquakes or strange “boomings.” These sinkholes which have increased sixfold between 2000 and 2011, are linked to the overall expansion and cracking of the Earth as the Earth undergoes a dramatic tectonic shifting of plates.
The Before It’s News website reported on the recent dramatic rise in the number of sinkholes. On July 15, 2012, they stated these events “are not isolated incidents. Many of them”occur on the same day, “after extreme shaking (Earth wobble) … as shown on the USGS live seismographs (LISS).” Concurrent with these sinkhole events (which are opening up at an alarming pace around the world) are the occurrence of other catastrophic events such as landslides, collapsing bridges and buildings, sinking land, breaks in water mains and gas lines, and much more.


The number of comets, NEOs (near Earth objects) and fireballs have steadily increased in recent years with a dramatic rise in the last couple of years. A article reports that “before 1979 there were less than a dozen known ‘Sun-grazing comets.’ As of December 2012, NASA had discovered or knew of over 2,500.” This has resulted in a dramatic rise in the discovery of NEOs. There has been an increase in newly discovered moons around other planets in the solar system. reports that “the whole solar system seems to be undergoing a change, with the weakest solar cycle in 100 years, new bodies being discovered beyond Neptune and, bizarrely, the tally of Jupiter’s moons going up and down, apparently randomly.” (“2013 Saw a Dramatic Rise in Meteor Fireballs. What Does 2014 Have in Store?” – by Philpos Mouski. Jan. 12, 2014).
In 2013, the year of the comets, Professor James McCanney as well as other scientists reported an unprecedented number of comets coming into the solar system. It was said by these scientists that “a swarm of comets” have entered our solar system. This gave rise to a very dramatic rise in fireball sightings. The December 2013 and January 2014 fireball sightings have been attributed by some to the Comet Ison debris field. By mid-January, 2014, sightings of multiple fireballs were being reported all over the United States and some in Europe. In Minnesota a report of 3 fireballs at once: in Colorado – two; in Texas – 4 at once, and in Washington State, a woman was simply scared for the number of fireballs coming down. In several of these reports, fireballs were said to be coming “straight down.”

The Number of Near Earth Objects or Fireballs.

Before 2005 fireball events were not that significant, but since that time there began a dramatic rise in the number of sightings, especially within the last few years. 2013 and 2014 has seen an alarming “explosion” of these sightings. (Figures used here are from the American Meteor Society). *Note: Figures are also given for fireballs with sound as well as those where fragmentation occurred.

2005 – 467 (49 with sound; 3 fragmented).
2006 – 517 (41 with sound; 1 fragmented).
2007 – 591 (50 with sound; 2 fragmented)
2008 – 730 (69 with sound; 0 fragmented).
2009 – 701 (72 with sound; 3 fragmented).
2010 – 954 (104 with sound; 53 fragmented).
2011 – 1,638 (183 with sound; 517 fragmented).
2012 – 2,151 (248 with sound; 643 fragmented).
2013 – 3,525 (337 with sound; 928 fragmented).
2014 (so far) – 49 (2 with sound; 9 fragmented).
* In the last three years there has been a 400% increase in meteor reports.


The number of mass animal death events in recent years is astounding! Along with all the foregoing facts and figures on the major End Times happenings, these mass animal death events indicate something very strange occurring on this planet of ours. The reader will note that the figures given here are not of the individual animal deaths, but the number of mass animal death events. Each event could mean individual animal deaths in the hundreds or thousands. So we are talking of a phenomenal mass die-off of various animal species of land, sea and air.

2010: Only a few mass animal death events were recorded as records were just begun late in the year as this mass animal death event phenomenon was relatively recent.
2011: Approximately 144 known cases of mass animal death events worldwide.
2012: 465 known mass animal death events in 67 countries.
2013: 798 known mass animal death events in 93 countries.
2014: 54 known mass animal death events in 22 countries as of January 20, 2014.

There are millions of fish and massive numbers of whales and dolphins washing ashore dead. Birds are falling from the sky and millions of poultry are dying from the avian flu. Some areas have reported the loss of bees, especially honeybees, by as much as 50% of the population. Land animals of all kinds are dying in large record numbers. Although animals and fish have been dying all through history, we have not seen massive consistant numbers such as these before. People are saying they have “never seen anything like this before.”
The cause for these mass animal death events have been theorized from being caused by HAARP, chemtrails, red tides (of poisonous red algae), altered magnetic field of the Earth, pollution due to various toxicants including an unprecedented release of methane gas and nuclear radiation into the environment, etc. (We will examine the cause or causes in future reports).

*         *         *

          All in all these Earth changing events outlined above and a whole lot more not covered here are truly apocalyptic and a sign of the End Times. The Bible has prophesied that these strange events would come to pass in our End of Days which we are living through now. Truly astounding things have been happening and continue to happen right in front of our eyes: rains of blood-red water, rivers – seas – lakes – even waterfalls and ice – turning blood-red, tree sap turning blood-red, mystery “booms” and strange sky-sounds, sinkholes, landslides and other earth shifting events, extreme floods and rains, wildfires becoming epidemic, very extreme weather patterns, outbreaks of disease, strange behavior of both man and beast, chaos and financial breakdowns, earthquakes and tsunamis – all on a scale never before seen in the modern era. (All this and more with an emphasis as to why this is happening in future reports – coming soon).