Identifying the “man of sin” has been a quest of many with varied speculations as who the Antichrist really is. Napoleon, Martin Luth er, Hitler, and several others have been called Antichrists. There have been a number of false christs as far back in this millennium including Simon Bar Koseva who came not many years after Christ. Another was Serene of Syria in the eighth century. There were several others who have come and gone. With the exception of Apollonius who was a powerful Antichrist at the time of Jesus Christ, most of the Antichrists did not wield the power or the satanic deception to gain that much control.
Just who is the Antichrist? In identifying who he is we must first keep in mind that Satan (Lucifer) always is the “ape” of God. That is, he mimics God and His plan. Some of the many things prophesied about the True Christ have been mimicked by the false Christ. Let’s take a look at some of the prophecies about the Antichrist:
He shall be named Apollyon. (Apoc. 9:1 He shall be from Asia Minor. (Apoc. 2:13)
He shall have no desire for women. (Dan. 11:37)
He shall cause fire, or lightning, to come down from heaven an d he will perform satanic miracles. (Apoc. 13:13; Luke 10:18)
He shall be worshiped as God, in the Temple of God. (Thess. 2:4)
The number of his name shall be 666. (Apoc. 13:8)

Thanks to the diligent, well documented research of Troy Lawrence, we know Saint John in his apocalyptic writings was referring to an Antichrist who lived at the time of Jesus Christ and also to the emerging Antichrist of our day. Just as Christians believe Christ came at the beginning of this millennium and will come again in Glory at its ending, so the Luciferians, the New Agers, and the “initiated”, believe the Hindu deity, Kalki (“the Destroyer” in Sanskrit) has come already and is due to come again.
Now here is where it gets really interesting! The Kalki (destroyer) who ca me and is to come is Apollyon. According to Saint John’s Apocalypse when the fifth angel sounded, a star fell from heaven and was given the key to the bottomless pit. From this pit came locusts (the identity of which we will discuss in the next chapter) who had a king over them called Abaddon, in Hebrew, but, in Greek, Apollyon. (Apoc. 9:11) Both words mean “destroyer”. This destroyer is the contradiction opposing the Savior.
Apollonius of Tyana who claimed to be the son of Zeus, was born in Tyana, in C appodocia, Asia Minor (now Turkey), in the very same year that Jesus Christ was born. His biographer, Flavius Philostratus, a Roman historian, tells us that Apollonius was born at the beginning of the Christian era, his birth was attended with miracles an d portents; he adopted the monastic rule, renouncing wine, rejected the married state, let his hair grow long (as Christ did); wore nothing but linen, and acquired such a reputation for sanctity that sick people flocked to him to be healed.
Philostratus further tells us that Apollonius led the struggle against Christianity with a pagan “spirituality” and the performing of “miracles”, even a “resurrection” from the dead, to rival the True Christ’s work in Palestine.
Apollonius (Apollo – Python) was worshiped as a pagan serpent god and the name Apollo was tied to the worship of the sun god by that name. But Apollo was also known as Teitan, a name that contained the value of the mystic number 666. Apollonius was able to cause lightning to come down out of heaven and was worshiped as God.
Lo and behold! Now as we Christians await the Second Coming of Christ and the Luciferians await the return of Apollonius, who arrives on the scene but Lord MAITREYA! Troy Lawrence asks, “If Satan possessed the man Apollonius two thousand years ago, then will he possess another in these last days? Is he now here?” Take note that much of what Apollonius did , MAITREYA is also doing: the long hair, his appearances accompanied by portents and miracles, the wearing of the linen robes, is worshiped as God, and, as we shall see, his name has the value of 666. Could it be that this Lord Maitreya is the coming “destroyer”? The Lord Maitreya is claiming to be “the Christ”. The name, Maitreya means “kindness”, “benevolence”, “compassionate”, “loving”, “friendly” or “merciful”. But all this is part of his deception. When the time comes to rule he will not be merciful to Christians. Furthermore, Maitreya is not his real name. So who is he?
From Lawrence’s research at the Tara Center, we know that Maitreya was born in “the East” in February, 1962; that his last name is Ahmad, and called Maitreya but he does not go by that name. He is part of the Hindu – Sufi Moselem (or Muslim, but not Orthodox Muslim) community in London, England. Maitreya (Ahmad) belongs to the Ashmadiyya community.
Lord Maitreya is, in reality, Rahmat Ahmad, great grandson of Ghulam Ahmad. His uncle is Tahir Ahmad who has been the fourth Khalifa of the Sufi Moselem Ahmadiyya movement which has come down through history.
The Khalifs (also spelled Caliph) are the ruling Caliphs who oversaw the Ottoman (Turkey) Empire. (Christians of the Middle Ages considered the Turks to be the devil incarnate.) Lord Maitreya (Rahmat Ahmad) is from this line of Caliphs of THE APOCALYPSE UNFOLDS 174 this As ia Minor Turkish empire. The Caliphs were the prophets, priests and kings of Sufism. (Orthodox Muslims do not have Caliphs and adhere to the Quran only, based on the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.) The Caliphs rule this Sufi Muslim empire which is over a billion Muslims with Sufism gathering three million of them every year. The Lord Maitreya (Rahmat Ahmad) is the fifth of these Caliphs waiting to emerge on the world power scene.
But what is the significance of the word caliph? It just so happen s that in Koine Greek, the language of the Apocalypse, the word caliph or khalif takes on a new meaning. Lawrence quotes Robert F. Riggs, an accomplished student of Islam, on commenting on the Mark of the Beast and attempts to assign the number 666 to var ious names: “Most of these attempted solutions (names of Popes, Luther, Napoleon, the Kaiser, and Hitler) are too contrived to be considered seriously, since they employ such strategies as incorrect spelling, abbreviations, and obscure notation. About the best that can be hoped for is to derive a spelling of ‘The Caliph’ that is recognizable to a modern Greek who is literate in Koine. Both (the) Callef and Cal’lif meet this requirement. Both spellings also produce the value 666.” (As quoted in “NEW AGE MESSIAH IDENTIFIED” by Troy Lawrence, p 158) The Sufis, with their Caliphs, originate in the area of Syria. The Caliphs ruled the Ahmadis and spread Sufism through secret societies. This is Maitreya’s heritage.
Now we get down to Maitreya’s real name, Rahmat and its meaning. Rahmat is the Arabic equivalent of Maitreya! It has the same meaning as the name Maitreya: benevolence, the merciful one, etc. But when the name Rahmat is separated into the two names that make it up, it becomes “Ra”, another name for Lucifer, and “Maat“, another name signifying the worship of Mother Earth (Gaia in the New Age term).
Concerning the name Ra; Donald A. Mackenzie, author of “Egyptian Myth and Legend”, says the Egyptian god, Ra, is the Lord of the Air. Saint Paul tel ls us that Satan is “prince of the power of the air”. (Ephesians 2:2) Concerning the name “Maat“ – the New Age term is Gaia but she is known in history in Luciferian circles as “Isis“ or “Kali“. So the two names together signify a false Christ and a fals e mother. Ra (Lucifer) desires to dethrone the True Christ and to take His place just as “Maat” (false mother Mary of the New Age) seeks to displace the true Mary, Mother of the True God, from Her throne as Queen of Heaven and Earth. So we have Lucifer very cleverly and deceptively seeking to dethrone God, in the Divine Person of Jesus Christ as King of Heaven and Earth along with His Mother Mary.