Heaven warned us 30 to 40 years ago that the financial crisis we now face would come to pass. Now here it is: the worst crisis since the Great Depression.
According to Global Research, the Alex Jones Report, and several others as well as our own research, this financial “meltdown” is contrived purposely to centralize even greater power and to subjugate the masses. Ordinary people will be the hardest hit with innocent homeowners, workers, etc, mercilessly punished. The result: Millions of lost homes, homeowners behind in their payments, or threatened with foreclosure in the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression. This could have been avoided, especially, if we had heeded the requests, warnings and instructions from Heaven.
March 19, 1971:
“Remember God’s warning. Time, faith, patience … will prove much. You have seen many things fall in place. You will be surprised at the things that will still fall in place that are being scoffed at now, but they don’t want to believe it. They will fall in place but it might be too late, but you were warned. You were told the Celestials cannot help you if you do not help yourself…”
“If you think you have seen confusion, when the changing of the currency comes you will see your greatest confusion, the fear will swell in many hearts.  They lose all peace and ingenuity, lose the faith in God that they should have.  Do not do that, you must have faith in God for that is the only security and strength you will have. We will not lay out the pattern for you to follow. You were given messages you must follow. Many of you, if you could have X-ray eyes and look into the vaults of the Lloyds of London, the banks in France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Germany, where they have stacked away the currency, you would be shocked. They forget that God is Master and they are only puppets and if God pulls the strings they will float as a puppet. Their wealth will not help them, it will go down the drain as well as the rest…”
“Now for some of the things that will happen. The currency will change, A DEPRESSION WILL BEFALL YOUR NATION (Emphasis – Editor’s), and when the currency has changed, they will put you in the palm of their hand and they will SQUEEZE, S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E you! (Emphasis in the original). Because they have the power if you let them, that is the Almighty Dollar. When you carry this (Mary Ann holds up the crucifix she wears around her neck) and within this is the Cross of Thy Lord and God, you will be given the strength, don’t forget you are going to need it. There will be new laws on your family; they are already indoctrinating your children.”

March 10, 1972: “Plotters and planners are now ready to act. Are you ready to accept them? Everything you own, everything will not be yours. You will not even own the clothes on your back, they will have it all. When the new money comes and the control of every individual, when you receive a number – well, you have it already, your Social Security Number. You will be classified in the line by your Social Security Number. That is going to be your mark. When you have funds in the so-called bank, which it will not be anymore, it will be a clearing house, you have already done it. Under so-called taking of the census, census ship, you have given, oh every ten years they want the census, it is all placed in line.  You have given them everything you own, you have told them which knob you turn, you have told them what color your chair was, they know your home inside out. When the time comes they will know exactly what you own and your whole condition, you will not be able to hold anything from them, unless something you were, wise about and didn’t give them. Some are wise but some foolishly blare everything right out, because it is for the government. Well you made the mistake … They will put right behind your Social Security Number, your name and when your funds run out, when things happen, they will give you funds, but in the meantime all your property is indebted until they have it all. You will stand one day with nothing. You cannot fight them, you cannot do anything, because the government at that time will be under complete control.  You were told in 1951 about this coming, but you didn’t listen. You are so gullible in giving it, you call yourself honest; honesty is good to a point, but don’t give your soul away in honesty.”

“This is what is before us. This is what is classified as the takeover, the control of every small businessman’s property. It will come into a large syndicate.  They will call them corporations, but that is a laugh. Twenty years ago, yes, corporations then were more or less, but they then had the wrong men in. They had already then maneuvered things to suit themselves. You were warned about the two-fold purpose, you remember them speaking about the two-fold purpose?  It is here, that is what is before you. Now, how to figure your way out of it, it will take a little maneuvering on your own… You are going to have to do your own thinking and talking. Father Coughlin spoke of it in 1930 and 1932. He gave you ideas then, but how many people remember or even have some of his books? You could read them and find what to do, but you did not. Life comes too easy, things come flourishing in. Oh, things got nicer. Money was made a little easier. Money was made to spend a little easier, but in 1951 on December 19th, you were told of the complete takeover then. Your paper, newspapers, news media, your beef industry, your poultry industry, your farming industry, your complete everything, your movies, your theaters, everything is taken over, is controlled by the enemy of God. Your Church has been taken over. Until the Chastisement comes, your Church will be controlled by the evil forces. The grants, that “Almighty Dollar”, as Our Holy Mother spoke, that was your downfall. Anything to make a little money, not anything to save a soul, but to make money…”
“…How much money can be brought in and they will list your names and the amount is put behind it. Yes, it is all there even your own Church has your figures and the enemy goes and looks over the financial statement, and they pick it all out nicely. That is what the enemy of God has accomplished, complete control, complete takeover. This is the PERIOD OF THE TAKEOVER, THEN COMES THE CHASTISEMENT. Return to prayer, return to God, bring God back into your lives, bring God back into your heart: then some of the shackles will start falling off, because He will remove them, but as Our Holy Mother said in 1950, the “Almighty Dollar” is your God. Her Son is forgotten.  Today Her tears are rolling because She is watching Her children destroy themselves… One Rosary a day She asked in 1950, one Rosary, that is five decades, is that too much? God be merciful on those that are so foolish.”
“Thy government, thy Church, thy home, God is not there, God is not there; everything else is but God. And your headquarters, the UN, you in the U.S.A, have planted the UN, the house of thieves. You have at Wilmette, the Hub. Think about it, think about it when the red money comes into use; think about it, you will be just a number. You will have that mark of the beast, your number, your Social Security Number. You will be number so and so. Sad but true. You did not do your duty as a citizen…” (Emphasis, Editor’s).

[Editor’s Note: We note in this message reference to the complete control of everything, that we are in the period of the takeover, which now in our day, is nearing the final stage. We note also the reference to corporations which have merged into mega-corporation behemoths of power on a global scale.  With the present financial crisis the large banking institutions are merging into one global banking syndicate as Heaven made mention of.]

December 1, 1978: “The people will suffer much. They don’t understand. They don’t seem to care. They can’t see the hand-writing on the wall. Money is still flowing but wait until the Supreme Grand Master and the International Bankers will take all their privileges and all their money away and the the new money comes in, when inflation hits the highest peak, when they control your gasoline.  There is no shortage of gasoline, people, there is no shortage, but they are going to create it. They are talking about rationing gas…”  “You will find it very difficult to move about and then the enemy will try to send in agents to see who has horded groceries and goods. That is only to try to take away from those who have canned fruits and vegetables for years. Don’t be so foolish and let anyone come in and inspect your home. They have no right to it, none whatsoever. That is only to enter your home to see what you have and what you have not. That is not right but they foolishly give in and that is how the enemy of God gets a foothold, because you foolishly want to comply with the laws. What laws? God’s laws or man’s greed or want of power? What laws? PEOPLE WAKE UP.