In the last forty years or so, the Blessed Mother and numerous saints here at Necedah, have revealed to us the shadow of things yet to come: Apostasy in the Church, betrayal of government, wars, natural and man-made disasters.  One such shadow foretold was widespread food shortages (along with increases in prices and governmental controls) causing starvation and bloodshed.
What we have in this country (and the world) today is the increase not only in the price of food and fuel, but the selling off of America’s food supplies and the stockpiling of food surpluses by the One World Advocates.  All this and more has been foretold in Necedah’s revelation.  Necedah has warned of this food and fuel crisis and told us how to prepare for it.
Note in the following messages that rising prices on food goods and fuel was foretold decades ago; and more importantly, that these rising prices and contrived shortages were warned of as well as measures of control of the population.

December 15, 1972: “Exchange of wheat and exchange of cattle, the exchange of many commodities that our Nation would be self-supporting, is now promised to other nations, which will cause a great shortage of many commodities.  Many of the commodities will be lost to our people, prices will rise, taxes will rise and takeover will come because many will not be able to sustain themselves.”

March 9, 1973: “Be less wasteful.  You are crying about the prices of meat today, wait a little while and it will be tripled; and then throw it away because there is a little speck of fat on it, throw it away.”

June 29, 1973:  “. . .Thy Country will have a little taste of what can happen if Our God wills the lack of food for both human and animal consumption’s; what it will be like when it becomes worse.  You will find humanity killing one another.  They will act worse than animals.”

August 15, 1974:  “They will have much to suffer when there will be true shortages of food.  The enemy at this moment has stored it up for themselves, but when God’s punishment comes there will be none for them either.  They will not be spared, My Child.”

March 5, 1975:  “They are promoting shortage of food which will not be accurate.  fuel, gasoline and many canned commodities that they will store to hold out on the people for hunger, hunger will bring people to do their bidding.  Pull in your belts but do not give in, do not give in.”
Store dried foods, such as beans, rice and many other dry lentils, so on and so forth.  Store them in light containers.  When shortages come you might not like those types of eating but you can still revive strength to survive.  For it is this type of food that you will find a shortage of in your markets.  Now be prudent when you speak of these things for you will have some that will go overboard.  They will store enough food to feed an army.  That should not be.  Use common sense, not foolishness.  Even corn if dried properly, you store corn in the same type of container and then you can later grind it and you can make corn meal bread or corn meal mush or something to sustain you if that becomes necessary, still you have the food on hand.  But the wisest thing to do with corn is put it into the oven, when it is dry, not too hot but enough to kill the germ of the weevil that might have crept into it; and then take it out and seal it into something tight.  Destroy the weevil in the beans by heating it to a certain degree so that it will kill the egg of the weevil that might be there.  And if you should find the weevil floating in your food, don’t be so squeamish, the bean is still good.  Throw out the weevil . . .
“But the enemy of God is also coming forth and will make it impossible for you to obtain … things that you will need … Just as you have noticed they retained just a simple fruit jar lid.  You cannot can without the lids.  There were plenty but they are in the canning factory warehouses.  Stored away to force humanity to buy their canned goods at exorbitant prices attached to them.  They do not encourage the housewife to can themselves so that is the reason for the shortage of the lids.  You will find other shortages . . . man-made shortages, not God’s.  God didn’t make the shortages of anything. . . The enemy wants to keep manpower under their thumbs.  As you were told, they will bring you to your knees, not in prayer.”

February 25, 1977:  “Only seek what is necessary in life.  Use the proper foods.  Prepare for the enemy will try to destroy everything.  And when God the Father in Heaven brings down His arms and throws the elements out or kilter, there will be crop failures, there will be storms and there will be much destruction.  There will be earthquakes, earthquakes that no one has ever witnessed before.  It will be tremendous, many lives and much property will be lost.  Also floods, first the drought and then the floods.  And many fires.  Yes there will be many things happening to destroy foods and the material you will need such as gases, oil and gasoline.  It’ll be deliberately destroyed because they are not letting all the public have it.”

March 18, 1977:  “Eat the proper foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and good meats.  They are not harmful to you. But lots of fruits and vegetables, that is important.  Whole wheat flour, whole wheat bread, and even barley and rye.  They are all good grains.  soy beans, grow the edible ones in your gardens and cook them, bake them or grind them into flour for pancakes, cakes, breads and make a few changes.  Those are the things you should look into.  Those are the things you should do for all your people here, not just one or two families.”

May 1, 1977:  “Be true brothers and sisters to each other.  guide and protect each other.  Spare yourselves.  Eat the proper food.  Save food.  Prepare yourself for survival for the enemy of thy Church, the enemy of thy Nation can destroy the white people, the Christian people.  As of days of old they will do so.  Prepare for survival as you have been told what to do.  For with one finger your whole electricity can be wiped out.  Remember that.”

June 29, 1977:  “There will be shortages of food.  There will be shortages of fuel.  There will be shortages of gasoline.  It isn’t long away that they will ration gasoline.  You will be allowed only a certain quantity.  Some of you here are fortunate that you have some of God’s natural fuel to burn, that is wood.  Do not let the wood deteriorate needlessly.  That too, can run out if you are not careful or you will have to pay a very high price.”

December 21, 1979:  “How many of you . . . remember the message to do canning as much as possible; to take care of your food as much as possible?  For the time before you could be the time that you will need what you have prepared.  You are not assured of a good garden next year.  If God wills it, it could happen.  But yet you could have one of the driest years in history.  Remember you were told a year ago in Lent to can and grow a garden.  If you have anything that you are saving, that is beginning to spoil, can it.  Don’t let it spoil, place it in jars.  It will keep for years if you store it properly.  Of course it is all the will of God, if He wants a dry year or He wants to give you  another moist year.  But we are warning you ahead of time to prepare yourselves.  See that you have enough food for at least one year for the increase of the fuel for your automobiles will be mounting as many other things will be mounting.  Most of you have electrical appliances or gasoline and all that will increase.  You electrical bills will constantly increase.  The day will come you will have to seek wood and use the old kitchen range that takes no electricity and cooks and bakes as well as any electrical appliance only it might make more work.  Work is good for you.  It keeps you strong and healthy.  Prepare to use your wood range for your electric bills will grow tremendously.  this is only a warning.  You can ignore it or you can pay attention.  The choice is yours.”
You will note in these messages from Heaven references to both types of shortages: those caused by God via the weather and those caused by man via price controls and manipulations of both the food and fuel industries by the enemy of God.  In fact, a March 16, 1979 message states: “There is truly no shortage of gasoline; the only shortage is in their Supreme Grand Master’s purse.  they want to indulge and grab more funds for themselves.”  In the same message “…The shortage of food and gasoline and other products, all planned, well-planned in advance of how it is supposed to work.  All your gasoline storage tanks all of them are filled with gasoline.  None of them are empty.  If the USA would want to take care of its own . . . country, there would be gasoline enough for all of its people.  But the Standard Oil Company will not allow it.  So you will be told of shortages that are not; gasoline that has been stored for many years; wheat that has been piled up in the bins.  They are not short of wheat, even though they sold billions of dollars worth to Russia – wheat to the Russians.”

The So Called “Green” Revolution
     Keeping in mind Heaven’s warning about food and fuel, but especially food, we turn our attention to the “green” revolution in the production of the world’s hunger problems.  In reality this revolution is the production of food is a control mechanism.  through the Rockefeller family, the pharmaceutical industry along with the chemical agribusiness was built to control the medicine and the foods consumed by the American public.  Both were based on the fossil fuel petroleum industry in the fact that they both relied on chemical compounds and synthetic ingredients that were used in the making of medicines, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and more.
In other words, the so-called “green” revolution is really the chemical revolution.  All big business, but especially the pharmaceutical industry and the big agribusinesses are reliant on the petroleum industry for support.  The scheme was to develop the agribusiness to monopolize farming just as the petroleum industry was used years before to monopolize the energy business and even the manufacturing industry.
We note here that beyond money (which centralized banking has effectively monopolized into a global economy), two key areas had to be controlled: First was fuel which has been done, but secondly was food production which is now well underway via the green revolution.  As Henry Kissenger of Kissenger Associates and a head Bildergerg elite, declared in the 1970’s, :”If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the populate.”
The first phase of the “green” revolution was to develop hybrid varieties of crops that grew well in a monoculture on soils fertilized with chemicals.  In addition chemical insecticides and herbicides were incorporated i nto this system of growing to progress from agriculture (family farms using a natural organic farming program using open-pollinated seeds), to agribusiness (corporate “farms” using a chemcial-based growing system with monoculture hybrid and then genetically modified crop programs).  In other words, we have a revolution in agriculture or food production that concentrates control of the food chain in corporate multinational hands, away from the traditional family farmer.
F. William Engdahl, Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization and author of “Seeds of Destruction,” notes, “A crucial aspect driving the interest of the Rockefeller Foundation and US agri-business companies was the fact that the Green Revolution was based on proliferation of new hybrid seeds in developing markets.  One vital aspect of hybrid seeds was their lack of reproductive capacity.  Hybrids had a built in protection against multiplication.  Unlike normal open pollinated species whose seed gave yields similar to its parents, they yield of the seed borne by hybrid plants was significantly lower than that of the first generation.
“That declining yield characteristic of hybrids meant farmers must normally buy seed every year in order to obtain high yields.  Moreover, the lower yield of the second generation eliminated the trade in seed that was often done by seed producers without the breeder’s authorization.  It prevented the redisbribution of the commercial crop seed by middlemen.  If the large multinational seed companies were able to control the parental seed lines in house, no competitor or farmer would be able to produce the hybrid.  The global concentration of hybrid seed patents into a handful of giant seed companies, led by DuPont’s Poineer Hi-Bred and Monsanto’s Dekalb laid the ground for the later FMP (genetically modified organisms) seed revolution.” (Global Research Report, Dec. 4, 2007, “Doomsday Seed Vault In The Arctic” by F. William Engdahl, p6).
The next phase of the “green” revolution was the development of GMOs (genetically modified organisms),  This biotechnology involves splicing genes from one species (either plant or animal) into the DNA of another.  Also GMO corn such as Round Up Ready Corn is capable of carrying its own pesticide gene to ward off pests.  The whole technology is fraught with unknown and possibly disastrous consequences for health and environment.  Even though there has not been adequate testing of GMO foods, multinational biotech giants led by Monsanto, which have the most to gain, have propounded a very convincing message via the mass media that these GMO foods wold cure world famine, reduce reliance on pesticides, and/or cure the diseases of mankind.
Prepare for a shock!  Evidence has been coming in such as actual internal memos of FDA (Federal Drug Administration) scientists warning of toxins, allergies and new diseases caused by such genetically modified foods.  Regardless of the above, the FDA withheld information from Congress after a genetically modified supplement killed nearly a hundred people and disabled thousands.
The point of all this is that if genetically modified foods (chich constitutes 60% to 80% of foods in grocery outlets today) are so good for us or as safe as is claimed, then why doesn’t the biotech industry want you to know the following: 1. Company research is rigged, alarming evidence of health dangers is covered up, and intense political pressure is applied to keep the truth from coming out.

2.  Scientists were offered bribes or threatened.  Evidence was stolen.  Data was omitted or distorted.

3. Government employees who complained were harassed, stripped of responsibilities, or fired.

4. Laboratory rats fed a genetically modified crop developed stomach lesions and seven of the forty died within two weeks.  The crop was approved without further tests.

5. When a top scientist tried to alert the public about his alarming discoveries, he lost his job and was silenced with threats of a lawsuit.

The whole “green” revolution, but especially the final phase of genetically modified plant and animal species for food, is to control food production to effectively control the population – to sicken them en masse, to eventually reduce the population (by as much as 80% according to the One World Elites’ own statements).  This is the declared goal of Global Bilderberg Elites such as Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller.

According to several reports and specifically the Centre for Genetic Resources of the Netherlands (CGN), there is a huge seed vault called the Svcalbard Global Seed Vault, nicknamed the ‘Doomsday Seed Vault”.  The nickname is for good reason, for it is located in the Arctic on the Norwegian Island of Spitsbergen, part of theSvalbard island group, a very remote Godforsaken area that Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation and the Government of Norway among others, have invested tens of millions of dollars into.  This seed vault, being built into the side of a mountain near the small village of Longyearbyen, is costing $9 million (U.S. dollars) and is huge, measuring 478.7 feet long with the width of each vault (within the main vault) varying from 31.2 feet to 31.8 feet.  Each vault is 88.6 feet long.  The height of the vault is 19.7 feet.
The seed vault has the capacity to store 4.5 million seed samples.  Each seed sample contains an average count of 500 seeds.  So a maximum of 2.25 billion seeds can be stored in the seed bank.  when just half of the first 3 vault rooms are filled, it will hold the world’s largest collection of seeds.
The point is why is there a need for this vault when there are several seed banks located in various countries throughout the world?  This monstrous seed vault which is almost ready for business, will be able to contain up to 3 million varieties of seeds from the entire world, “so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future”. (Press Release)
Furthermore, according to CGN, “The Purpose of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is to provide insurance against both incremental and catastrophic loss of crop diversity held in traditional seed banks around the world.” (Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands.  CGN Seeds in Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Feb. 22, 2008).
What is disturbing here is who is financing and controlling this seed saving operation which by the way, is saving all kinds of traditional varieties with genetically modified seeds not being allowed.  It is for any type of seed.  Genetically modified seeds are banned.  Here is the disturbing part: The same corporations responsible for our hybrid green revolution and for the genetically modified biotech unlabeled foods being sold to us via the grocery chain outlets; are also responsible for genetically modifying both plants and animals for food production, and are the very ones who are storing these traditional varieties in this Doomsday Seed Vault.  These corporations, previously named, are the very ones that been exposed by Heavenly revelation and by dedicated independent researchers as the ones setting up a one world Anti-Christ system for our enslavement.  These are the folks whose stated goal is to reduce the world’s population by 80% and have given us in addition to GMOs, dioxins, PCBs, Agent orange and a host of other life-threatening toxic chemicals in our food supply and much more.  These corporate elites (Monsanto, Dupont-Pioneer Hi-Bred, Dekalb, etc.) are foisting genetically modified seed varieties on the world’s population while saving the good open-pollinated seed varieties for themselves in a bombproof Doomsday Seed Vault remotely located beyond the Arctic Circle.  Is there something wrong with this picture?  Most certainly there is and we haven’t touched on the worst of it that relates to this subject.  But space does not permit.
More and more one can see why Our Heavenly Mother and the saints have warned us so long ago as per the above messages.  God is merciful and has given us an extended grace perios to get prepared but are we squandering it?  Is it a case of too little, too late?  Time will tell.  So we reiterate now again:  PREPARE NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!