The purpose for all the interfaith meetings, synods, prayer gatherings, and dialogue between the Masonic – controlled Vatican hierarchy and the various heretical sects noted above as well as with traditional Catholic groups, etc.. is to set up a world church, All religions are invited in to be a part of it.
All the above heretical and/or subversive act ions taking place within the last half a century or since Vatican II was a major part of the Carbonari ‘ s Alta Vendita plan; a Masonic plan to take over the Church from within. This plan was couched in ambiguous terms so as to have a loose interpretation or a double meaning. It was the Masonic anti – priests (Cardinals, bishops, etc…) who developed this ambiguous language so the conspiracy to take over the Church from within could be carried out without too much notice of it in the decades following the Council.
These Masonic forces which we have been warned of through Necedah‘s revelation (most notably June 16, July 16, August 15, and December 2, 1977) are the same Masonic forces that have destroyed Catholic Monarchies throughout Europe. The eldest daughter of the Church, France, was destroyed by the Masonic French revolution of 1789. The Masonic modernists in the Church have called the Vatican II Council the 1789 of the Church. Cardinal Suenens stated. Vatican II was the 1789 in the Church.
This revolution within the Church is now affecting the traditional church as well. It has become apparent through recent and ongoing events that a merger may take place between the Society of St. Pius X and Rome (the mainstream Church). This has caused considerable consternation among SSPX clergy.
It appears that Protestantized and modernist Rome is managing to deactivate and neutralize the resistance centered in the SSPX. This has to be accomplished by the Masonic forces who control the Church, so that all religions, sec ts, factions of the Church, etc.., especially traditional Catholics can be absorbed or taken into the Anti – Christ World Church now emerging. Is Rome to be transformed through interfaith infidelities and diabolical dialogue, into a Pantheon of false religions? As La Salette has prophesied: ― Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti – Christ.  The first part of this prophecy has come true and the second part appears to be close at hand.
Do not be fooled by new reforms of the reform or supposed return of certain traditions such as more Latin in the new Mass, limited permissions given for the Latin Tridentine Mass, tabernacle in a central location in churches, etc., as found in Pope Benedict XVI ‘ s proposal offered in Sacramentum Caritatus The Pope‘s proposals in this same document also include modernist aspects, a perpetuation of abuses such as inculturation which incorporates pagan and cultural elements into the liturgy. These proposals also include intercommunion with Protestants and more.
A new synthesis is being fabricated as part of the Hegelian formula for change and revolution within the Church. This is why the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared many times within the last century and a half, to warn us of what is now happening within the Church. Our hope for survival is in Her protection under Her Blue Mantle through Her intercession to Her Divine Son. It is through independent Remnant Church chapels and groups, and through conservative fragments within the mainstream Church that remain loyal to the Magisterium of the Church to Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother and to the true apostolic faith that the Church will triumph over her enemies for the gates of Hell will not prevail against Her.
Let us remember the words of Church Father St. Anthanasius:  Ev en if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Christ.