Heaven here at Necedah, long ago warned of the natural disasters now befalling our nation and the world. God permits these things. Many of these are “acts of God”. Yet others are man-induced through weather warfare. Both of these causes, due to the increased natural disasters, are indicated in Heaven’s messages. As Heaven has said, God permits these things (floods, fires, storms, earthquakes, etc.). Man has long tinkered with the elements of nature; worked against the natural laws of God in such a way that He has set in motion a chain reaction knocking nature out of balance. Man has tampered and modified the natural pattern in playing “god” that he now faces and has incurred the wrath of God upon himself.
February 26, 1957: “The whole (Pacific) coastal strip will be under water. Just the mountains will stick out. There will be lots of people lost if that happens, and it will happen if they throw a bomb on the coast line.”

December 5, 1958: “More disasters. Many more martyrs. Storms, floods, fires. West Coast fire no accident.”

March 4, 1966: “There will be floods, fire, storms, disaster, but it will not wake them up. Those are just called the elements.”

February 21, 1969: “God will strike this Continent as well as others. Fires, storms, floods, hurricanes, destruction of crops bringing hunger; oh yes he can.”

February 28, 1969: “Earthquakes, storms, which will take many lives. Floods, floods, tremendous floods. God’s devastation on earth. Crack in the Pacific Ocean is breathing; there will be tremors and then there will be the huge one. God help Alaska and the Pacific Coast interior devastation. God will prove that He is alive. Have mercy on all the souls that will be lost.”

March 28, 1969: “God, oh God, don’t let that happen, don’t let that happen. Earthquakes, severe floods, tidal waves, internal tremors don’t let it happen, don’t.”

April 4, 1969: “Many large cities will be shook with the rumblings of an earthquake. Even then they will not believe that those things could happen through God Almighty; that He would permit these things to happen. The severe storms, the hurricanes, the devastation from the elements. They must remember that Thy Lord and God is at the helm. He will not hold back. But destruction will be befalling, be it man-made, or be it from the elements. Man has made enough powerful material to cause devastation, to destroy much earth. Only God can control these things.”

May 28, 1969: “Earthquakes where there have never been earthquakes before. Floods and elements that God will permit – all through God’s wrath.”

There isn’t a part of nature that man hasn’t manipulated or interfered with in some way and unfortunately that includes earthquakes. He has found several different ways to induce earthquakes by artificial means. Even Heaven has referred to this in some of the above messages. In fact, Mary Ann Van Hoof has described what she has seen in connection with this in her visions, that bombs were being set “underneath the inundated shore line of California and that will collapse the San Andreas Fault completely down, even the side fault which leads to San Diego, all the way to San Francisco, and all the way up into parts of Canada. There is a weak vein going out that far and they are setting bombs that just one finger will help this along. They have been working at this because it is out in no man’s land, during the night with a covered shield over them so they cannot be seen with airplanes. But they are pretty well set up here to go further. They are stupid. Can’t they see what’s happening if they do that? All the rest of the USA they want will be under water. Death Valley will be under water. Some of the proving grounds will be inundated. The Rockies will be out. A mess, is what they want? They are trying to keep Kansas, Oklahoma and Dakotas’ grain fields. The water’s going to reach them if they are not careful. Well, this is the picture I give you.”

As stated above, some of these natural disasters are acts of God, but some, more than you might think, are created by or induced by man through weather warfare technology. This has led to contrived shortages of food. This also was prophesied to happen by Heaven at Necedah over 30 years ago.