The Powers-That-Be know a great geophysical event is coming (other than what they themselves are planning) which will involve several things including Planet X type comets and a crossing of the galactic gravitational plane, the dark rift. The planning of certain events in the agenda of the elite is in anticipation of this great coming cataclysmic event. These plans are referred to as the Anglo-Saxon Mission and are covered in detail in our volume 5 in chapter 15 – “The End Times Scenario” under the subchapter, “ The Anglo-Saxon Mission.”

The seventh item discussed at the elite’s secret Anglo-Saxon Mission meeting in June of 2005 was the topic of having all police state measures in place for the expected great geophysical event which they expected to come in 5 to 10 years which would place it between 2010 and 2015. The Global Elite want all things in place and the world’s population under their FULL control before this event occurs. Whether this expected geophysical event means their artificially induced pole shift or the coming cataclysm during crossing of the dark rift is not clear. It could mean one or the other. But in reflection on this, it could very well mean the former.

Beyond this there is a very catastrophic cataclysm headed our way in our near future which we are sure the elite are also aware of or why else pour so much money (billions of dollars) into infrared telescope technology, underground cities, the survival seed vault and much more.  The particular major cataclysm headed our way that we are speaking of is when our solar system crosses the dark rift. Research since 2010 has revealed that we are definitely headed for a major ELE (extinction level event) estimated to occur at the conclusion of the Great Tribulation period. This crossing over and into the dark rift will bring us out of this era and into the next and will involve a number of preceding events as this main cataclysm precipitates upon us.

The first sign of the crossing of the dark rift is already taking place – the general global warming of all planets in our solar system and an increase in the densities of their atmospheres. Also changes in the Sun with increased brightness, radiation energy output; the altering of the Earth’s axis (already begun) with the wandering of magnetic poles and the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field. (See our chapter on Final Warning on the Great Warning and our Earth changes chapters in volumes 4 and 5).

It should be further noted that there are recent changes on the Sun. Stan Deyo who was interviewed on Dr. Bill Deagle’s radio program, said the Sun has developed two new bandwidths of ultraviolet radiation. The Earth’s ozone layer has developed several anomalous weak spots where ultraviolet radiation is reported to be very intense burning or creating a stinging feeling even at normal temperatures.

As noted above, another important indicator of crossing the dark rift is the fact our magnetic poles, especially magnetic North is greatly shifting (now in Siberia). The Earth’s magnetic field has dropped 40% in the last two years.  (What type of pole shift was not made clear, whether geophysical or magnetic. There is a big difference: a geophysical pole shift is very seismically destructive while a magnetic pole shift is not though a magnetic pole reversal would cause the planet to stop spinning for a time and then spin in reverse direction making the Sun rise in the West and set in the East). There are other scientists that expect a magnetic pole reversal is very near, possibly within the next one to two years. (There is a gag order in place on NASA scientists and employees to only share such information with immediate family members).

The next indicator of the coming crossing of the dark rift is an increase in the scattering of comets headed our way admitted to by a number of scientists. This too seems to be happening. There have been a number of these comets in recent years. (Several of these are covered in volume 4 in a subchapter. “Comets: Signs of the Coming Chastisement,” p 135).

Professor James McCanney has given several updates on the new Comet entering the inner solar system called C-2012-s-1 ISON named after the Russian space agency International Space Observatory Network. It is a curious fact that this comet is coming into the inner solar system during the beginning part of the expected arrival of Planet X. McCanney speculates that Comet Ison could have been in our solar system before even though this comet is supposed to be new to our solar system. Could it be the Great Comet of 1680?

There are several electrical alignments of Comet Ison with the planets in our solar system and with the Sun as this comet passes through during the course of 2013. Here are the alignments according to date.

January 15: Earth and Comet Ison. There will be significant weather events as a result.

February 22: Mercury and the Comet. (Will be seen in the evening sky).
May 22: Mercury and the comet.
June 4: Venus and the comet.
August 18: Mercury and the comet. (Seen in the morning sky).
October 3: Mars – Earth – Venus – Comet Ison. This promises to be a most interesting event. Not only will you have an electrical alignment, but the comet will intersect with the orbit of Mars. Mars could disappear in the comet’s tail. The comet’s close encounter with Mars could result in a change in orbit for either Mars or the comet, possibly both. Mars atmosphere could change. There may be some scarring of the Martian surface and some terra-forming going on. It is going to be rather rough on the Martian surface with very extreme weather conditions at the time of this encounter. (Note: We will come back to this spectacular event later).
October 10: There will be a possible alignment and interaction with Jupiter.                                         (Comet Holmes coming near Jupiter could be captured by this gas giant and become another of its moons or at least have an orbit change).
[Author’s Note:                                         comet orbits and trajectories are always uncertain as they are subject to change due to interactions with planets and due to tail drag. There are usually minor daily changes. As Comet Ison passes through the asteroid belt it could dislodge a few asteroids.]
October 20-21: Venus and Comet Ison.
November 15-18: Earth – Mercury – Comet Ison – Jupiter.
November 27: Mercury – Comet Ison with surface interactions with the Sun. This appears to be another possible big event with the outcome being uncertain.

Before we continue with the possible electrical alignments for 2014, we want to return to the projected Comet Ison – Mars encounter of October 3, 2013 mentioned above. As noted this could be a terra-forming event with very rough surface conditions on Mars.

With the above in mind we present what Kerry Cassidy posted on her blog recently from an above top secret whistleblower.  The problem with whistleblowers is you can’t always tell whether they are authentic or a disinformation operative.  With that said, here is what Kerry had to say first before presenting this whistleblower conversation.

“The following was sent to me from a Source who is in touch with the NSA (National Security Agency) whistleblower.   This is way above top secret. The caveat is whether this is an ‘orchestrated leak’ for purposes unknown.

“This is the same guy who talked about the Colorado fires being used to camouflage the movement of large equipment.

“I cannot confirm or verify the following other than to say that my Source (*D) is fully trusted. Whether he is being used and manipulated I do not know. Regardless this is highly interesting intell that if true (and at least some of the points made have been substantiated by other testimony) then this is real insight into what the Secret Space Program is currently involved in.”

Excerpts from this whistleblower conversation transcript follow:

“(D) Can we talk about Mars?

“(Z) Some. Not very much.

“(D) I understand they are evacuating a lot of the surface personnel and sending most of the fleet back here. Is that true? Also, from what I understand they are apparently moving a lot of the bigger hardware, (computers, lab equipment and such), much deeper underground below the base. Correct?

“(Z) I’m impressed.

“(D) Is it true?

“(Z) Yes it’s true and much, much more. Mars is going to take the real beating. She will be closest during the passing (Nibiru), but trust me, we’ll get ours when the time comes.

“(D) Could you be a bit more specific? Ours?

“(Z) We will be on the other side of the Sun when Nibiru pivots. Mars will be between her (Nibiru) and the Sun.                                         I think we can all see the massive canyon (Hebes) that was cut into Mars when Nibiru grounded during her last passage.                                         [Author’s Note: “Nibiru grounded” we think refers to electrical grounding with great thunderbolts as seen by the ancients in previous encounters of this kind.]

“(D) Copy that.

“(Z) In 2013, when we (the Earth) enter her debris field, we will also be phasing at the entry of the “Rift.” No matter how good our targeting systems, our plasma systems, if the polarity shifts (multi-dimensional phasing) or changes, we’re pretty much dead in the water.                                         Nothing will function. It would be like walking out into a hail storm without any clothing on. A rather painful experience. All models and simulations show a 87 to 91% probability of this occurring.                                         {Author’s Note: Could this mention of “entry of the ‘Rift’” mean the crossing of the dark rift?]

“(D) Thus, the extremely deep tunneling system, (Earth, Mars)?

“(Z) Yes, and other precautions.

“(D) Can we talk about the U.S. Military and their instructions within our country during the time of change?

“(Z) No.

“(D) Is it that bad?

“(Z) Yes.

“(D) Is Blue Beam still on the boards? Still a consideration?

“(Z) Yes. My team feels it will fail and cause more complications, more distrust within the military. But there are some who feel it wil be very convincing and needed for ultimate control and unification. I cannot express how disappointed I am concerning this decision.

“(D) Do we really have any say in this? Is there anything we can do, to oppose this group, their decisions?

“(Z) Not really. At this point, it would take global communication and agreement. Not possible at our current level.

“(D) May I humbly ask how things got to this point?

“(Z) The technical deception was not realized until it was too late (1950s, early 1960s). The effort to correct the situation is being implemented. It’s so complex, it’s impossible to explain at this point, but extreme efforts are being made to change our alliance. Many of us have died attempting this.

“(D) I took your advise and took pictures during sunset outside the Denver DIA (Denver International Airport) area. You can clearly see the phasing energy system in the sky.

“(Z) Try the ultra violet spectrum system filters in 10 mg. exposure. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll capture!   I have to go. I’m sorry I can’t say more right now, but we’re doing what we can.” (Secret Space Program – New Intell, “A Conversation With the Way Above Top Secret NSA Whistleblower.” Kerry Cassidy’s blog. October 25, 2012. Project Camelot website).

We note several things about information disclosed in this whistleblower conversation. First, there is a direct reference to Mars “taking a real beatimg” which would tally with James McCanney’s information regarding Comet Ison’s terra-forming encounter with Mars. Also there is a reference to Nibiru’s passage. Is Comet Ison a planet X type comet? Professor James McCanney has said there are several planet X type objects out there. Certainly time will tell as Comet Ison makes its inner solar system passage through the course of 2013 and early 2014.

We note further there is reference to underground tunneling on both Earth and Mars. We know this has been going on for years on Earth. We have pointed out in our research in our volume 3 and 5 that Mars has life – both vegetation and animal life, and that there is evidence of cities on the Martian surface. Also there is evidence given in the aforementioned research that there have been space missions to both our Moon and Mars. So it would stand to reason the elite would prepare underground facilities on both the Earth and Mars in preparation for just such an event (a planet x type comet).

Lastly, there is reference to “phasing at the entry of the ‘Rift.’” Is the term, “rift” used here referring to our solar system’s entry into the dark rift, the galactic gravitational plane? Note the reference to the “Phasing Energy System in the sky.” This appears to be the phasing and changing of the Sun’s energy radiation output and increase in ultraviolet radiation.

Before we conclude our discussion of Comet Ison, we present one more electrical alignment: This one happening sometime between January 8 and 14, 2014. This  alignment depends on whether Comet Ison survives the Mars encounter on October 3, 2013 and the encounter with the Sun in November 2013 unaltered.

Comet Ison will electrically align with the Earth and Venus at inferior conjunction and with the new Moon passing, and Jupiter – all electrically aligned with the Moon coming out of blocking position. If this does happen as projected, we will be looking directly at the Comet’s nose.  The electrical “fireworks” and “thunderbolts of the gods” seen and described by the Ancients in days of old, we may soon see ourselves.

One more thing to make this scenario even more interesting: James McCanney tells us the Sun at this very alignment (January, 2014) will be in solar maximum and at its peak.

If all this comes to pass as projected, people on Earth will be able to see this comet’s interactions with the planets using their naked eye. Barring clouds, it will be clearly visible in the night sky. Comet Ison is expected to be 15 times brighter than the full Moon and visible in the day with the naked eye. McCanney does point out the slight possibility that this comet could fizzle out. But given all the foregoing information, we think this is highly unlikely.

NASA is especially silent on this comet especially its encounter with Mars and its encounter with the Sun. James McCanney says this comet could blow NASA’s cover-up of the true nature of comets: The fact that comets are not dirty “snowballs” will be apparent for all to see so NASA, as James McCanney says, “is as quiet as a church mouse.”

This comet’s passage into the inner solar system in 2013 seems to be the advent of Planet X type comets coming in during the Planet X 2013-2014 window of passage. Sometime during this period the Earth could very well pass through the tail of one of these Planet X type comets and we would undergo a pelting of hailstones (small rocks) and various size asteroids and other debris and cosmic dust as in the days of the Exodus. As this Planet X comet’s magnetic field interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, we could see similar things happen that the Israelites saw back then.                                         From the Iron reddish cosmic dust that would turn the waters to blood-red and biter (and therefore undrinkable), to a plague of frogs, various types of insects including flies would come out of the ground or out of their normal habitats. Besides the plagues there would be strange diseases to afflict especially animals but also man. Both man and beast will be afflicted with boils. Last but not least, there would be an approximate 3 days of darkness similar to the time of the Exodus. All these plagues and miseries will be cause by Nibiru’s passage as has happened in ages past notably during the time of the exodus of the Israelites.

We present here the Ten Plagues of Egypt (Exodus – chapters 7 – 11:

  1. THE CORRUPTING AND TURNING OF WATERS INTO BLOOD. All aquatic life including fish died. Egyptians were afflicted from drinking waters of the river.
  3. THE PLAGUE OF SCINIPHS. (Sciniphs are small flying insects, very troublesome to both man and beast).
  5. MURRAIN AMONST THE CATTLE.  Murrain is derived from the Latin, “morior” meaning “to die.” Horses, asses, camels, oxen, and sheep were also afflicted with the disease.

One should notice the similarities between the Ten Plagues of Egypt as recounted in Exodus, to the coming affects of the coming passage of Planet X type comets as we enter into the Great Tribulation period.

The McCanney Update. Professor James McCanney has presented some very interesting information on his website and on his radio program as of October-November of 2012. This has to do with the fact that the Earth at some point (possibly in 2014) could very well enter into the debris field of Comet Ison’s tail. Such things have been recorded in history as in the time of Exodus as noted above. The term given to this phenomenon is the Red Hand of Death. This is when the Earth comes into the tail of the comet. Various types of debris such as petroleum based rocks will hail down upon the surface of the Earth as a hail of fire. Substances like Naphtha (various types of oils, etc.), sulfur dioxide and other chemical compounds will enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Red Hand of Death in particular refers to sulfur dioxide that will enter the Earth’s atmosphere as individual streamers. These eventually will combine with the jet stream in the upper atmosphere and become cloudlike. As the sulfur dioxide is carried along it will pick up moisture along the way and begin to settle out as long fingers from a hand and descend to Earth.   It will appear as a big reddish (orange-red) hand with fingers curving much the same way as depicted in the classic 1950s movie The Ten Commandments. This was depicted very well with the exception of the color – it was red not green.  As these “fingers” of sulfur dioxide descend, everything will be covered with a fine reddish dust and the water will turn “blood-red.” This will continue to happen as long as the Earth is in the tail of the comet.  There is a way to protect oneself from this poison. [For more on this and how to prepare for it go to]

This brings us to the climax of this Great Tribulation period as a time of the crossing of the dark rift. This will very soon approach us very rapidly. According to the independent scientist team at the Horizon Project headed by Brent Miller, this crossing of the dark rift would most likely be a sudden and very catastrophic ELE (extinction-level-event).

In order to understand our prophetic future we need to understand our ancient past especially in regard to previous highly-advanced civilizations and their sudden and catastrophic demise and disappearance.  For a number of years now, the Horizon Project has studied in-depth the Earth’s cataclysmic past. There is much evidence of this in the coral and sea shells and other evidence of sea life found on high mountains. Several cities have been discovered under the water on the ocean floor. There is seen stone buildings, roads and streets, walls fully intact as though they just suddenly sank beneath the sea. Such ancient cities have been found off the coasts of Japan, China, Cypress and Cuba. There is evidence in these cities of a highly advanced culture with gear wheels, spark plugs, batteries, computer-like devices and other artifacts found that definitely illustrates that a highly technological civilization lived in these cities.

The Horizon Project scientists have more than overwhelming evidence for another extinction level event coming very soon.   How soon? Brent Miller was interviewed by George Noori on the Coast to Coast Radio Show back in 2007.  When asked how soon is such an event coming, Mr. Miller said the crossing of the galactic gravitational plane (the dark rift) could be (by the Horizon Project’s calculations) in the next 8 to 15 years approximately. Keep in mind Brent Miller said this in 2007. Eight to 15 years would be approximately 2015 to 2022. This timeframe seems to fit with what Father Malachi Martin told Art Bell in 1997. He said to the effect: “It will be all over in 20 years.” (This was reiterated by Father Kramer in the Fatima Crusader). That places this as being about 2017. All the predictions, prophecies, target date agendas, and scientific calculations point to a timeframe for this coming about in the Great Tribulation climax roughly from 2015 to 2020. This has been our approximation as well. But the final Divine Chastisement timing is known only to God.  We can only watch the signs and discern their meaning thus calculating about when the End of Days would come.

A galactic wave of energy appears to strike our solar system as it makes its crossing of the dark rift possibly triggering a solar nova and a rain of fire. This will be the purification of the Earth. This crossing is the reason the Ancients referred to Planet X as “the planet of the crossing” which astronomical symbol is the cross. It now appears we are due to make this crossing as Planet X type comets are now entering our inner solar system. We will cross from this decadent, corrupt age into the new era of peace to come as was promised in Sacred Scripture.

So to put the “end of all ends” into perspective, the Great Tribulation can be described as those tribulation years (approximately 3 and a half years) that is ushered in at the time of the Great Warning during man’s created “chastisement” (the Minor Chastisement) involving a possible pole shift, and ending with God’s Divine Chastisement and Purification (the Great White Fire) as our solar system crosses the dark rift of the galactic gravitational plane. All this is in accord with the prophecies of Sacred Scripture and Marian Apparitions as well as ancient prophecies of old of several different cultures.