[Author’s Note: In Part One of this article, we presented little-known prophecies and obscure covert government programs that involved the use of mini nuclear devices to trigger California’s “Big One.” In Part Two, we present Nicola Tesla’s science of telegeodynamics as well as little-known visions of how this event would unfold. ]

Besides all the earthquakes and volcanoes going off around the world as well as sink holes, landslides, etc. being caused by the incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system, we have man using advanced technology playing “god.” The fact is there is an area of research devoted to artificially inducing earthquakes by various means. Other than the nuclear devices and scaler technology presented in part one, there is the injection of water and/or waste fluids deep into the earth to trigger quakes. Earthquakes are triggered because the liquid, which is under great high pressure, releases stored energy in the rocks. However, the most advanced method to trigger quakes, called telegeodynamics, has been very much suppressed. This scientific method used to trigger quakes was developed by the Yugoslavian inventor, Nicola Tesla. The following gives us an insight as to who this man was and what his research involved.

“Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Nicola Tesla is one of this century’s greatest scientists. A prodigious inventor of electronic devices and pioneer of free energy, Tesla never gained the recognition he deserved because his scientific breakthroughs were deemed to ‘sensitive’ by the ruling corporate and government powers of the day. Thus much of his research was suppressed and stolen.
“In a book entitled Tesla – The Lost Inventions, a section is titled ‘Man-Made Earthquakes.” It discloses Tesla’s fascination with the power of resonance and he experimented with it not only electrically but on the mechanical plane as well. In his Manhattan, USA lab, Tesla built mechanical vibrators and tested their powers. One experiment got out of hand.
“Tesla attached a powerful little vibrator driven by compressed air to a steel pillar. Leaving it there, he went about his business. Meanwhile, down the street, a violent quaking built up, shaking down plaster, bursting plumbing, cracking windows, and breaking heavy machinery off its anchorages.
“Tesla’s vibrator had found the resonant frequency of a deep sandy layer of subsoil beneath his building, setting off a small earthquake. Soon Tesla’s own building began to quake. It is reported that just as the police broke into his lab, Tesla was seen smashing the device with a sledge hammer, the only way he could promptly stop it.
“In a similar experiment, on an evening walk through the city, Tesla attached a battery powered vibrator, described as being the size of an alarm clock, to the steel framework of a building under construction. He adjusted it to a suitable frequency and set the structure into resonant vibration.
“The structure shook, and so did the earth under his feet. Tesla later boasted he could shake down the Empire State Building with such a device. If this claim was not extravagant enough, he went on to say a large-scale resonant vibration was capable of splitting the Earth in half.
“An article from the 11 July, 1935 issue of the New York American entitled ‘Tesla’s Controlled Earthquakes,’ stated Tesla’s ‘experiments in transmitting mechanical vibrations through the Earth – called by him ‘the art of telegeodynamics’ – were roughly described by the scientists as a sort of controlled earthquake.’

“The article quotes Tesla as stating:
“’The rhythmical vibrations pass through the Earth with almost no loss of energy. It becomes possible to convey mechanical effects to the greatest terrestrial distances and produce all kinds of unique effects. The invention could be used with destructive effect in war.’” [ “Telegeodynamics – Earthquakes: Natural or Man-Made” by Jason Jeffries. From the Files of: www.geocities.com/orgonegal/telegeodynamics.html.]
The above scientific information as well as that presented in part one is well documented in aforementioned prophecies. As to how devastating such a man-induced “natural disaster” of this type could be we turn to some relatively little-known visions.
The first vision of the “Big One” was discovered by prophecy researcher, Jessica Madigan in 1967. It was published by her and then republished by the National Chronicle in 1980. Much of what is seen in this vision dovetails perfectly with the vision seen by the Necedah mystic, Mary Ann Van Hoof which we present later.
The vision was seen by a 17 year old boy who had been hospitalized after falling off of a horse. The year was 1937 and in his vision he found himself in a future time in the Los Angeles – Hollywood area. His description of the geology of the area was extremely accurate, something that would take geologists years to do. In the 1930’s (and even in 1967) the information he was hearing and the sights he was seeing were considered a bit “kooky.” However, this is essentially what he saw. He was seeing women in mini-skirts, men and boys wearing long hair, beards, and even earrings. He saw streets crowded with buses and odd-shaped cars. People, besides dressing oddly, walked a bit strange, they sort of slouched along.
The next thing he noticed was a strange glow (Note: Earthquakes are often accompanied by strange glows of light called “earth lights” just prior to the quake itself) and then a strange stillness – no birds. He had a sense of something BIG about to happen. Then it came.


It came without warning, in waves. The first wave or quake buckled sidewalks, broke windows, etc. People screamed, sirens and whistles started blowing. Then it came again, only worse.
Again, people were screaming, noise was everywhere, chips and pieces of buildings flying everywhere. Then the land began to tilt but the buildings were holding, they were holding … but then everything began to crumble, to slide in one direction – all of it into the ocean. In fact, the ocean came rolling in over everything!
In other parts of the globe – South America, Sicily – volcanoes erupted. England was flooded, but no tidal waves. California, Nevada, Arizona, and parts of Utah and Colorado were severely affected. People were in shock! The churches were crowded with people crying and praying. Inland towards the interior, especially in rural areas it seemed safe. Everyone was heading in that direction.
In the meantime, somewhere in the Atlantic, land began to emerge as California was sinking. Ham radio operators were sounding the alarm! “This is California; we are going into the sea! Get to the mountains!” This was repeated over and over.
One might think the above impossible; that it might never happen. But the fact remains when this above account to this obscure 1937 prophetic vision was brought to Mary Ann (the Necedah seer) a year or two before her death in 1984, she assured us that that is how she had seen it. Her vision of California, it tilting and going into the sea, England flooding, etc. was very similar. Even her viewing of it was similar – first up close and then from higHer up and then later she was given a much broader view where she was shown other parts of the world including Hawaii. The similarities are truly striking and all is documented by previously mentioned scientific data as well as more recent visions seen by countless others.
Mary Ann has had the vision of the great earthquake more than once. In 1981 she described part of it: “I hope that Hawaii will be spared the devastation that is scheduled for it. I have seen in vision before, Holy Mother, that you showed me, the Island of Hawaii itself, will be, only the highest peaks will be out, all the rest will be covered. May God spare them. This, you are referring to is when that piece breaks off in California; when that goes into the ocean, the water will be so strong that a wall of water will cover Hawaii, parts of South America, and other small islands. Is that what you are telling me? [ Note: Mary Ann is conversing with the Virgin Mary at this point. ] What about the people? Is there no way?” The Blessed Virgin Mary responds: “No, My Child, There will be no warning. It will come like a flash in the night! There will be no warning for the coast of California. When it happens, it will happen… The destruction is devastating. They say, ‘ Why are we told, when it isn’t happening?’ Get down on your knees and thank God you have still been spared. For again I repeat, I myself cannot tell you the moment, the hour or the day this could and will happen. IT WILL HAPPEN! This much I will tell you! But God the Father Himself has not told me.” [ Necedah – May 28, 1981.]
So there you have it – the technology is there – the intention and planning by covert Shadow Government forces is there – and the prophecies are there. We don’t know when but the time is getting “ripe” for to occur.
It is our contention here at Diamond Star Research, that when the Shadow Government finally does trigger California’s “Big One,” it will be in conjunction with the triggering of the New Madrid fault system, the Canary Island seismic/tsunami event, and others – all artificially induced, of course. This worldwide man-made “natural disaster” will be triggered as the Nemesis (Brown Dwarf/Planet X) system draws ever closer and increases even greater strain on the Earth’s tectonic plate system and underlying magma Facts and Figures. chambers. This will indeed be the ideal time for the Powers-That- Be to trigger such multiple events to achieve maximum effect. California’s “Big One” fits nicely into the overall New World Order agenda as etched on the Georgia Guide Stones.