A chastisement is usually considered a punishment and a purifying of man via cosmic forces of the universe. It usually is catastrophic in nature. It involves on Earth seismic forces as well as the weather and volcanism. A storm of nature has been referred to by the early Church Fathers as a tempest. The word tempest is used by these Church Fathers to describe future tribulations that overcome not only the Church but the whole world in the End of Days. The word, tempest, comes from the Greek, seismos, meaning “a cosmic disturbance.” This has direct reference to seismic activity – earthquakes and geographical upheaval. This “cosmic disturbance” signifies the coming prophesied cosmic chastisements to come.
An important part of the New World Order agenda is to prepare for this coming “cosmic disturbance.” All their preparations in building underground bases, bunkers and virtual “cities” down 2 miles or more as well as their military exercises (Grid-Ex II, Jade Helm, etc.) are in anticipation of a coming major geophysical event.
In June 2005 the World Elite gathered in London, England at a special meeting to discuss and assess how well their plans were being carried out in this regard. They discussed seven points which only the seventh concerns us here. The insider who leaked this information to Project Camelot’s Bill Ryan heard these elites discuss their concerns that plans must be on track and controls put in place before the expected geophysical event to come in 5 the 10 years approximately. [ These elite were no doubt, a bit off in their timeframe for this to happen as the time period has just about run out, but such a geophysical event does appear to be on the immediate horizon.]
The important point to remember here is the World Elite know of the coming of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system and have been preparing for it for decades. They know they must get control before it gets here or they will miss their chance. That is why the coming period between now (2015-16) and 2020 is crucial and should prove very interesting in ways and very threatening in others. This is when our whole solar system crosses from one age to the next, the period of the Great Tribulation. As in ages past, this crossing through the dark rift (one reason Planet X is called the “planet of the crossing”) during the period of the Great Tribulation will be marked by social and civil upheaval, war, strife as well as great seismic and cosmic events.
The World Elite know this great crossing and geophysical event is coming and have put in place certain police state measures to control the surviving and reduced population that will result after all has passed. Just prior to this the world as we know it will collapse financially accompanied by great social upheaval. All is to be put under martial law and under their full control before this expected major geophysical event.
At this time the Earth is under great seismic stress because of the incoming Brown Dwarf/Planet X system. This is the perfect time for the elites to pull off a “cosmic disturbance” of their own making. They are working on certain measures that will induce certain seismic events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves and the collapse of certain land masses. This is already happening through cosmic forces acting on the tectonic plates of this planet but appears to be assisted by HAARP technology (and possibly CERN technology) as well as Project Blue Beam. Certain population centers will be targeted to reduce the surface population to a more manageable level in accordance with the first “commandment” of the Georgia Guide Stones: “Maintain the population at 500 million.” That would mean with a present population of about 7 billion, six and a half billion would have to be eliminated one way or another. This sounds incredible but very true, nonetheless, as this statement is etched in stone.
The gist of all this is, that the World Elite know this cosmic crossing of the ages is coming and will prepare whatever is necessary to protect themselves and their utopian dream at our expense. The common people to them are just goyim, “cattle,” to be herded, used and/or eliminated as they see fit. Their goal is to have only 500 million of us “managed” under martial law and under police state surveillance.
All is rapidly being put in place in preparation for some triggered so-called “natural” event. There has been considerable speculation and debate as to what this triggered event might be. Author and researcher of underground activity, Richard Sauder asked some very interesting questions in this regard. He asks, “Do the clandestine movers and shakers inside the military-industrial-espionage complex know something that the rest of us don’t?”
Mr. Sauder actually posed such type questions to one of his sources and as Richard says, “got a wonderfully evasive, sphinx-like answer that frankly raised more questions than it answered.” He goes on to say, “As best as I could parse the response, it seems that at least some, and perhaps many, underground and underwater bases and tunnels are preparations for the following possibilities in the relatively near term (say within the timeframe of the next several years to next few decades).” He then lists the following possibilities: `
* Shift, or axis relocation.
· Reversal of Earth’s magnetic field.
· Asteroid and/or comet strikes.
· Massive, sudden climate change.
· Social, political and economic chaos resulting from any of the preceding.
· A combination of any one or more of the above.

Richard Sauder’s sources all indicate that some “very dramatic events may be just around the corner. It seems as if those in the know are making massive, extremely expensive preparation for something.” His conclusions he has come to regarding the information he has received through these sources is that some approaching cataclysm is the reason these people are so troubled.
It appears from the information received from accounts most of which Mr. Sauder received directly from people who worked for the military-industrial complex, in some cases uniformed military, indicate that a possible man-made cataclysm is in the works. Sauder then states that it may be technologically possible to “design, build and deploy continent-busting weaponry that far exceeds the destructive power of nuclear weaponry…” Sauder asks if it is morally advisable to do so. He asks, “Under what conceivable set of circumstances would a military command structure literally unleash hell on Earth, such that entire continents, or regions of continents were laid waste? What sane person would set in motion such a series of events?” [ “Approaching Cataclysm? A Conclusion of Underground Bases” by Richard Sauder. The Intell website – May 15, 2012. Emphasis, Diamond Star.]
Given what Richard Sauder has revealed here about “continent-busting weaponry” consider the following Necedah revelation: “God the Father has already upset the forces of nature in many places of the world which will add to the devastation so that the geographical aspect of whole continents will be violently altered.” (July 2, 1954).
It appears more and more likely, as time goes on, that the event being prepared for which Martial Law will be declared is a triggered man-induced “natural” disaster. It is very likely that the New Madrid fault system will be triggered as well as the San Andreas fault system. (No doubt, the reason the “pre-programmed” movie, San Andreas was recently made). If a seismic and volcanic event is triggered in the Canary Islands, a giant tidal wave may be unleashed. Now add to this, the fact that the so-called Particle Beam Accelerator is actually an electromagnetic cannon that is capable of shooting beams through the Earth’s crust inducing earthquakes and heating magma and you have man playing “god.” It does appear there are plans afoot to alter whole geographical areas via a artificially engineered pole shift or at least, a major seismic catastrophe. One thing is for sure, such a feat is more possible at this time due to the advances in technology and the fact that great pressures are being put on the Earth’s tectonic plate system because of cosmic forces acting on it. This most certainly includes the Planet X system.
This man-caused “chastisement” has long been in the planning and has to be timed to coincide with the coming of the Planet X system. This is what all their preparations, exercises and maneuvers are for. The point is are YOU prepared for what is to come?