At the beginning of this article we mentioned that part of the cause, a large part, of the increase in strange weather and Earth changes is due to the increased solar activity. Scientists are quite alarmed at what has been going on, for our sun has been having a great increase in the number of storms, flare ups, and mass coronal ejections. What could be the cause of this increased hyper-activity of the sun that in turn is affecting the Earth with a great number of Earth changes (i.e. earthquakes, volcano eruptions, storms, alterations and fluxes in the magnetic field, strange weather patterns, etc.) Scientists and researchers investigating this say it has to have an EXTERNAL CAUSE. Earth changes (especially of this magnitude) do not occur on their own, they have to have an external triggering mechanism.
     As we have reported elsewhere in our research (APOCALYPSE BEACON, Winter. 2003. “Planet X· Comet of the Chastisement?‘? our government has known some 35 years ago and has confirmed it since, that a large comet like planetary body with an entourage of similar stellar objects (numbering in the hundreds) have been discovered all traveling from one direction in space and heading towards our solar system. More and more reports have been coming out concerning this, some very credible, others mixed with disinformation. It has become apparent to those who have studied this that there is a great effort being expended by the New World Order Elite to keep the “lid” on this. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest cover-ups and disinformation campaigns ever launched to keep this information, the real truth, from reaching the public.
     This object known as Planet X along with its entourage of commentary bodies has had a long history of disrupting the surfaces of planets and causing ELEs (Extinction Level Events). To the ancients it was known as Nibiru, the planet of the crossing; to the Mesopotamians as Marduk, the King of the Heavens; and to the Greeks and some modern researchers as Nemesis, the Bringer of Destruction. There are Catholic prophecies which appear to speak of the same thing referring to it as the Comet of the Chastisement or the Ball of Redemption. Even Indian prophecies refer to its coming. Ancient writings have told of its destructive passings in 3600 year cycles. But modern man has been led to believe that such catastrophic happenings are far in the future. We are not to worry- or are we?
     If there is no near-future danger and that such dangers are afar off, then why all the preparations and deliberate disinformation to keep people in the dark concerning this topic? As we reported in an earlier APOCALYPSE BEACON, the government elite are preparing underground shelters, virtual cities underground, complete with all the necessary provisions to sustain life for themselves and their families for a considerable length of time- apparently to ride out Planet X’s passage. There are those who would say the reason we are not being told is because they don’t want to create a panic, but in light of the above, it would appear they want to use this event to accomplish their long-term plan.
     That plan involves a safe haven for the elite (for themselves) and a deliberate program of disinformation through the mass media to keep the public in the dark. If such disaster were to suddenly come to pass people would be ill-prepared to survive such an event. Thus it would serve the New World Order’s “ordo ab chaos” (order-out-of-chaos) plan. (All prophecies indicate that the Anti-Christ system will be set up during this time of crisis referred to as the Great Warning; the first passage of Planet X and its entourage).
     There are those who simply won’t accept this information on Planet X as having any credibility. This is partly due to the fact that most people accept as “gospel-fact” what is parroted to them by the media manipulators and the academia indoctrinists. It is also partly due to the fact that the whole subject of Planet X and its entourage has been deliberately mixed into a garbled blend of fact and fiction to push people off base. The disinformation campaign has been planned for decades and is now in full swing. The disinformation itself is a telling piece of evidence that Planet X is true for if it were not there would be no need to create such an effort at great expense at the government and corporate level.
     Mark Hazzlewood, who has researched this subject quite extensively states in regard to this that “There has been for several decades an ongoing information war being waged by the powers that be to counter Planet X being inbound on a number of fronts. Groups of people have been hired that are spending their entire lives trying to stop the awakening.” (DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY SCIENCE PLANET X by Mark Hazzlewood, p 123). Relative to this Mr. Hazzlewood presents these interesting facts.
     “Seismic and volcanic statistics have been taken down & altered then put back up at official government sites. The entire Richter earthquake scale was lowered by one full point back in the 1970’s in anticipation of this time of greater seismic activity. The paid for disinformation expert liars are saying what is happening now with the sun, weather, quakes, and volcanoes falls within a normal range or if admitting to an increase they say it is due to better reporting.

     “Paid for disrupters are being placed on every group or list that has anything to do with discussing the Planet X passing shortly Issue. They work in unison making fun of & attacking people and the individual pieces of evidence brought up. Their canned statements about science are many times flawed, narrow minded, and intended to intimidate people not to consider the glaring evidence presented. They even go so far as to say people said things they did not, to discredit them.” (Ibid Emphasis in the original).
     Mr. Hazzlewood also states that “parts of their plans have involved killing/silencing people revealing this information.” (Ibid). We know this to be true for we have researched several accmmts here at DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH and have learned of several researchers, scientists and whistle blowers who lave revealed such information on this and other aspects of the New World Order, to have mysteriously disappeared or ended up dead under strange circumstances.
The people who commit such acts are doing it for money, power, and to protect their interests or the interests of their masters. So disinformation is the rule of the day.
Obvious to those that are aware of this is that SOMETlNG VERY BIG is going on. In regards to this, Sherwood Ensey of Tuatha Earth Changes, who has done extensive research into he Planet X problem, states, ” … Continued solar maximum activity ••• and events with massive flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis (are) all happening at an increased level.” (DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANET X by Mark Hazzlewood, p ’78).
A Newsmax report reveals that “FEMA is Bearing up for ‘mass destruction attacks,’ with a 5-year massive subcontract starting as of January 2003. In the press release, FEMA representatives were emphatic that the purpose of the new program was to prepare for the likelihood of an N/B/C (nuclear/ biological/chemical) mass destruction attack on US cities. However, they slipped. (The charter, which is available in its entirety courtesy N ewsmax ( articles/2002/8/6) … GIVES NO MENTION of any preparedness for NIB/ C, and instead states:
“‘The Contractor shall be required to provide support capability for all types of disasters with emphasis on river and coastal flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis.’ What does this tell you? I believe this to be a major giveaway.” (As quoted in DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANET X by Mark Hazzlewood, p 179. (emphasis in the original).
Some years ago, in the 1990’s, DIAMOND STAR RESEARCH learned through Militia Intelligence sources that “public health officials are preparing for an anticipated large scale disaster. A nurse reports that local hospitals have laid in large supplies of mortician kits, body bags, drugs, gas masks and other accessories. Medical staffs have been ‘volunteered’ to attend field ‘mortuary’ courses. The courses offer instructions on how to identify, classify, and dispose of cadavers. Police covertly surveyed neighborhoods to ascertain who had previous medical, fire, and law enforcement experience.
“When asked why all the subterfuge, a medical staffer replied, ‘The public would freak out if they knew what was going on, and that my information would have to be released very slowly – to condition them gradually, or panic would ensue.’
“Top emergency services personnel from various disciplines are planning contingencies for LARGE SCALE DISASTERS. When the source was asked what type of disasters and when were they expected (general time frame), she replied: ‘They expect huge earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to strike the Puget Sound area within the next three years!’ Emergency services personnel have deployed in large mock exercises in the vicinity of Mt. Rainier and staged triage centers, population evacuation, route control and relocation drills. “ (SHRINE BEACON, Vol. 3, No. 16, Sept./Oct., 1996. “Washington State Prepares For Martial Law, “pp 13-14). [EDITOR’S NOTE TO THE ABOVE: Though this did not come about increased seismic activity did occur but then settled down. An actual disaster did not have to occur – it was for training purposes anyway.]
We know that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency} is involved in both creating “natural disasters” and augmenting natural or externally caused disasters. They are not the purported friend of the people that the news media makes them out to be. They are in the service of the New World Order Elite. Our research revealed as long ago as early Spring of 1995 a MOM (Militia of Montana) report that disclosed that “mini-nukes have been placed on all major faults in California. FEMA will explode them one by one  •••  FEMA will use these emergencies to regionalize this country and set up martial law. “ (SHRINE BEACON, Vol. 2,No. 7,March/April, 1995,p8).
Furthermore this author was visited in the mid 1990’s by a former U.S. Naval Security Liaison Officer who through his job experience had knowledge of both a secret program to trigger earthquakes using mininukes (as well as tsunamis) and of a covert colonization program off world, on the moon and Mars, called the Third Alternative (not the false Alternative Three program espoused by Leslie Watkins). These disasters could be triggered by remote control from any location including Moscow or Washington.
It would appear from what we have learned that a secret program has been embarked upon to augment the effects of Planet X’s passing to bring about the desired end, the “Ordo ab Chaos” (Order-out-of-Chaos) plan. Thus, the reason for the dis information campaign.
The Richter scale, used to measure earthquake intensity, was changed (lowered one full point) as noted earlier. A simple point reduction makes a big difference in how the general public perceives earthquakes. Keep this in mind as we present this.
Those who have been monitoring earthquake and other seismic activity for years and even decades have noticed that “the amount of frequency and magnitude has risen so fast in the last six years it is unbelievable. It should in fact have made national headlines … But remarkably our news media doesn’t even say anything about
such earth shattering news, perhaps just a passing comment” (Mr. Mutley as quoted in DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANETX by MarkHazzlewood,p 184).

The same source states, “More and more proof is mounting that the USGS, like NASA and many other U.S. government agencies, are simply sweeping data under the rug in hopes the public, and especially the mainstream media will not see the information. ” (Ibid, p 184. Emphasis in the original}.
In regards to how the mainstream media handles coverage of such events as discussed in this article, John Moore of the Liberty Man states: “Like it or not, any balanced mainstream media coverage of serious preparedness whether it be for a terrorist attack or Planet X is simply not going to happen. The tactic is pretty simple: Locate and interview people that are extreme or bizarre in their preparedness and/or beliefs. Interview them as if you are sincere in wanting to convey their story, then print or broadcast an edited story to make them out to be a nut case.” (As quoted in DELICATE EARTH: HISTORY, SCIENCE, PLANET X by MarkHazzlewood, p 30).
Mark Hazzlewood adds, “The controllers of the mainstream media will not allow mention of cataclysm caused by extra-solarobjects simply passing by. When impact asteroids are mentioned they say it could never happen in our lifetime (millions of years between events) or the chances are extremely low. Usually with Planet X sllence is also their tactic. However, if it is brought up many times they label the messengers or informed part of a cult, crazy scammers, or at least say again it won’t happen in our lifetime if it is even real They make sure to use any and all words and phrases that promote skepticism when discussing it.” (Ibid, p 31 ).
So there you have it, at least the basics, concerning how the media handles the truth concerning coverage and cover-up of so-called “natural disasters” as well as the very real natural disasters caused by an external trigger mechanism (Planet X and its entourage). So this is a synopsis of the news behind the news about our strange weather and escalating Earth changes.
There is a very real covert program to use WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION whether man-made (i.e. wars, contrived disasters, etc.) or naturally God-controlled (i.e. increased seismic activity, strange weather patterns, solar storms, etc.). We have stated it before and we will state it again, WE LIVE IN A FALSE REALITY! This is kept in place by WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION!
[AUTHOR’S NOTE: We are planning on doing a special report on Planet X as it relates to the Chastisement and other End Times events in-cluding a preparedness survival plan.}