Question:  What if you knew for certain of a particular cosmic threat in the very near future that had the potential to set off a chain of events across the world that would change your world forever – what would you do about it?

{Author’s Note:  Our research and observations as of late especially have indicated that we have entered a period of very rapid cosmic and seismic change..  This indicates we are on the threshold of the beginning tribulations and the end of our age as we know it.  Since our solar system’s crossing of the dark rift, the gravitational equatorial plane of our galaxy, we have entered into a more dense area of space.  Evidence of this is in the sudden dramatic increase in seismic activity, volcanism, the sinkhole phenomenon and other strange signs including but not limited to strange earth sounds, mass animal deaths, freak and extreme weather events, seas, rivers, lakes and even the sap of trees turning blood red and a whole lot more.  There is a reason for this as will become evident if you study our research publications and information on our website.

Before we explain Comet Ison, we will briefly explain the deception promoted by NASA and the fact that comets are not “dirty snowballs.”}


One has to understand that all of Officialdom is controlled by the Powers-That-Be especially the media and education of the public.  That most definitely includes the sciences, especially the study of the heavens.  Specifically, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is overseen by the NSA (National Security Agency), a super-secret government agency whose very existence was kept secret from the public – hence the inside joke that the letters, NSA stood for “No Such Agency.”  (In the early years people who inquired about this agency were actually told “there is no such agency.”)

Professor James McCanney, an astrophysicist, explains there are two tiers of scientists: Tier One knows the true science and holds all the cosmic secrets that they have discovered about our universe; Tier Two is fed “junk” science by the first tier scientists and the elite and this in turn is fed to the public.  Hence, we have a false view of our universe taught to an unsuspecting public.  Discoveries and findings concerning our galaxy, our solar system, the true nature of comets and planets and even our weather are either falsified or kept secret.  NASA is right in the forefront in keeping the public in the dark about what is really going on in space about comets or anything else.  There is plenty of evidence to back up this claim.  (See our publications, especially The Apocalypse Unfolds, Volume 4).

The True Nature of Comets

Comets are not “dirty snowballs” as NASA would have you believe and as taught in high school and college textbooks.  This “dirty snowball” theory or comet model has been clearly disproved when scientists got a good view of Comet Haley’s nucleus.  (See pages 120-123 in Volume 4 –The Apocalypse Unfolds).

Comets are actually planets either in the development stage or the disintegration stage.  Comets and planets have a great deal in common.  Venus, according to Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision, was at first a comet which came very close to Mars capturing a great deal of its atmosphere and its oceans (the reason Venus has such a thick atmosphere) and eventually settled into a circular orbit between the Earth and Mercury.

Contrary to what NASA says, comets are made up of a highly electrically charged hard rocky nucleus composed of various earth-like elements.  This is surrounded by a very magnetic plasma field.  This has a strong electrical current running through it and is self luminous much the same way a neon bulb is illuminated by running an electrical current through gas-filled tubes.  This is what astrophysicist James McCanney calls the “Plasma Discharge Comet Model.”  (For more on this see The Apocalypse Unfolds, Vol. 4, pages 120-125 or Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes by James McCanney).

Comet ISON:  Not What NASA Says

Back on the Autumn equinox (9-21-12) the discovery of Comet C-2012-S1 (Ison) was announced.  That is not the date it was discovered.  James McCanney has reason to believe that NASA was aware of this comet long before then.  It was discovered by two Russian astronomers, Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok, working for the International Space Observatory Network (ISON).  Note the name of comet C-2012-S1 is after the agency involved in its discovery and not the actual scientists that discovered it.  Comets Pan-starrs and Lemon were also named this way, a departure from the traditional way of naming them after the actual discoverers.  This is a bit strange, but as we shall see that isn’t the only strange thing about NASA’s data on Comet Ison.  Some things are even contradictory.

Right from the get-go when NASA went public with Comet Ison’s discovery, the media began calling it the “comet of the century” and that it was to become 15 times brighter than the full moon.  They also announced that this comet would become visible to the naked eye in broad daylight!

Brian Williams of MSNBC stated on one of his broadcasts in introducing this comet to the public with, “You might want to stock up on your favorite snacks and beverages…” as if preparing the public for a spectacular light show in the heavens.  But after all that buildup on how brilliant and spectacular Ison is to be, NASA says Ison’s nucleus is only 3 to 4 miles in diameter.

Wait a minute!  Did I miss something?  How is it that Ison which NASA claims is only 3 to 4 miles wide (smaller than Comet Haley) and only a “dirty snowball” anyway, supposed to be outshining the full moon ( a diameter of 2,159 miles) by 15 times in brightness when it is much further away?  But this isn’t the only lie Never-A-Straight-Answer NASA will tell us as we shall see.

Keep in mind that Comet Ison at the time of its discovery (or at the time of its announcement) was just beyond the orbit of Jupiter about 5.5 AU (astronomical units, a unit of measurement derived from the distance of the Earth to the Sun).

Of course it is claimed that this “comet of the century” (some have even called it the “comet of the millennium”) will become that bright only after nearing the Sun and especially after its transit around the Sun.  This comet will be at a great distance from us (the Sun is 92.96 million miles from Earth) yet at only 3 or 4 miles in diameter will outshine the full moon by 15 times!  (Later claims put it as only 10 times or only as bright as the full moon).  It doesn’t matter – it still does not make sense!

Another set of contradictions:  NASA says Comet Ison is only 3 to 4 miles across yet Comet Hale-Bopp (considered an average sized comet) in 1997 was much larger, about 20 – 25 miles across yet was not as bright as Comet Ison is supposed to be.  Comet Ison is also supposed to be shedding 120,000 pounds of dust per minute.  Seems like such a small comet (as NASA says it is) would be heading for disintegration right soon!  Add yet another strange thing:  NASA’s simulation of Comet Ison entering the solar system (which can be viewed on the internet) has the Earth and Venus slowing down in their orbits as Comet Ison comes back from the Sun approaching their orbits while keeping its regular speed.  Why would NASA slow the orbits of Earth and Venus down in this simulation while keeping Ison’s at the same speed?  This suggests that NASA is hiding something.  It has been reported that NASA has been manipulating the numbers concerning Ison on a daily basis.  More and more it is becoming apparent that NASA is falsifying the data and hiding something very important about this comet.  Professor James McCanney and other independent scientists/researchers have discovered several things NASA is hiding as we shall see.

NASA has all the big radio telescopes and equipment to ascertain comet size, mass, speed and elemental makeup as well as calculating its orbit by continually tracking it determining its location in space at any given time.  (We know NASA has a satellite telescope named Deep Impact — same name as the 1998 movie about a comet-caused extinction level event — which they use to track and monitor this comet).  Yet NASA has not released the spectroscopic data on Ison.  What little data may be found is in code.  Why no spectroscopic data?  Would it be too revealing?  Apparently.  Just what is NASA hiding?

To give you a good idea of what NASA has been lying about, we present the following post of James McCanney on his website from last winter.

“This just in … It is too early to confirm but some initial data suggests that comet c/2012/S1 has at least one companion and possibly up to seven… When something like this happens one has to be very cautious but after examining the data that I have seen I would say that it appears to be real…

            “Furthermore one of the possible companions appears to be at about two lunar distances (half a million miles) and has not formed a coma for some add reason… If the object is orbiting the nucleus of the comet at that distance it implies that the nucleus of this comet is possibly as big or bigger than Earth.  Also with companions we will be able to directly calculate the mass and therefore the size of the comet nucleus…. Using standard astronomical methods … NASA tier II scientists have already put their foot in their mouths with an estimate based on some geeee whiz bad science… As I have said before one of the biggest open lies at NASA is concerning the size of comet nuclei always minimizing them to almost nothing and trying to promote their incorrect dirty snowball comet model…  We know they can directly measure comet nuclei with radio telescopes so why all the bad science and opinionated estimates???  Normally no one would be able to contradict them because they hold the reigns of the radio telescopes and who is to contradict them??? 

“But with companions we use a simple astronomical formula and voila we have the mass of the nucleus and there is nothing NASA can do about that… With the recent interaction of this comet with Earth while the comet was at the range of Jupiter’s orbit this would be the second indication that this is a whopper of a comet!  NASA has been extremely active in damage control on this comet and just today issued a video clearly doing damage control…  Why all the announcements when the comet (according to NASA) will not even be visible until next November?!?!?!  Stay tuned folks.  This is getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll interesting.” (Dots in the original – bold emphasis, Diamond Star’s).

The Real Truth About Comet Ison

Realizing what comets really are:  electrically charged rocky asteroidal planets in the formative development stage drawing in cosmic dust and space material, thus forming a tail, we can also realize that comets are able to grow in size as they move through space.  We also can realize that comets arise from an electrically charged universe and are therefore very much electrically magnetized objects. Thus NASA’s dirty snowball comet model doesn’t stand up to the test.  McCanney’s plasma discharge comet model does and furthermore explains why comets behave the way they do.

James McCanney stated on one of his website postings that Comet Ison will be “getting bigger and bigger and bigger!”  Just how big is Comet Ison?  Besides the method mentioned by McCanney in his website post, there are other ways to determine the size of the nucleus of a comet.  We know NASA won’t release the spectroscopic data so independent scientists have to resort to other proven methods.  One of these ways is angular measurement.  In astronomy angular measurements are used to describe the size of an object in space as well as its location and distance from other objects.  It is a perfect way for measuring comet nuclei.

Angular measurements are expressed in degrees or arc minutes  and arc seconds.  Just as an hour is divided into 60 minutes and a minute is divided into 60 seconds —  so too, a degree is divided into 60 arc minutes and an arc minute into 60 arc seconds.  (An arc second is about the width of a dime as seen from one quarter mile away).  {Source:  Cosmic Reference Guide.}

The reason the above facts are pointed out will become apparent shortly.  Several independent researchers and amateur astronomers seeking to find the real size of Comet Ison’s nucleus came across some interesting data from NASA’s own internal documents in the Astronomic Data System.  In a particular document in the PDF files, showing a picture of Comet Ison, was an angular diameter scale in arc seconds.  Comet Ison designated as Comet c/2012/S1 is 15 arc seconds wide.  That is 50,000 kilometers at 5.22 AU distance from the Sun.  Since Jupiter is 30 are seconds, that means Ison’s nucleus is half the size of Jupiter or a little over 4 times the size of Earth.  To put it another way, it is the size of Neptune which is 30,775 miles in diameter.  This comet is like the planet Neptune coming into the inner solar system!  This aptly fits James McCanney’s description as being “a whopper of a comet!”   (Even if this comet is only earth-sized or somewhat larger, it still has the potential to cause great havoc as it makes its way into the inner solar system and transits around the Sun electrically discharging the solar capacitor as it does).

There were some people who said this picture and measurement were of Ison’s coma (the atmospheric envelope of gases and meteor dust surrounding the nucleus).  But checking the facts on coma development, it was found that the coma of comets are quite small at 4 AU or greater.  (Remember, the picture was taken at about 5.5 AU.  It is scientifically impossible for a comet to generate a coma or a tail 50,000 kilometers across at this distance).  Another odd NASA “fact” is that Ison’s coma is supposed to be 3,100 miles across.  How can that be if the nucleus is 15 arc seconds (30,775 miles across)?

It should be further pointed out that comets only generate large comas when within 4 AU distance from the Sun or less.  The only time they can generate a large coma at greater distance than 4 AU is when the Sun sends a massive CME (coronal mass ejection) towards the comet as in the case of Comet Holmes in 2007.  So this measurement of 15 arc seconds has to be the actual nucleus of Comet c/2012/S1 (Ison).

Though little spectroscopic analysis data has been released, it has been reported the spectroscopic analysis of Comet Ison’s tail indicated the presence of cyanide and ammonia gases.  The tail is said to be quite long – beyond the viewing capabilities of the Hubble Space telescope.

Comet Ison’s speed has been calculated at 48,000 mph.  As it comes towards the Sun, it is expected to reach a maximum velocity of more than 230 miles per second as it speeds up according to the Department of Physics at Emory.

What We Can Expect

As Comet Ison comes into the inner solar system, its coma will grow in size and its speed will increase.  It will also bring its “family” (four of which have been confirmed) with it.   James McCanney reported in 2004 that scientists were indicating a mini solar system coming into ours.  He also reported a few months ago that Comet Ison has anywhere from one to 7 moons orbiting it.  It appears four of these moons have been confirmed and photographed traveling with it.

However, the danger to us will not be so much from Ison or its moons per se, but from the cosmic dust, space debris, small asteroids and other space rocks being pushed out ahead of it or being dragged behind in Ison’s tail.  Meteor storms will increase.  Ison’s electromagnetic effects on planets will be unprecedented.

This comet is now (as of July, 2013) inside the orbit of Jupiter and about to (or already has) pass(ed) into the asteroid belt.  This means more meteors (and meteorites) and fireballs (like the one that exploded over Russia in mid-February) will be coming our way.

Since the crossing of our solar system into our galaxy’s equatorial plane or dark rift on 12/21/12, we have seen a tremendous increase in comets and other fireballs and a sharp increase in seismic activity.  James McCanney and others have noted that the Earth has entered a swarm of comets – all coming from the same direction.

The number of Near-Earth-Objects (NEO) has steadily increased in recent years as noted below.

2005 – 463

2006 – 517

2007 – 590

2008 — 728

2009 – 695

2010 – 951

2011 – 1638

2012 – 2127

2013 – 792 – so far for the approximate first quarter of the year.

The number of fireballs with sound has also increased rather dramatically.  After no fireballs with sound up through 2008, there was one in 2009; 15 in 2010; 182 in 2011; and 249 in 2012.  There are no figures so far for 2013 reported.  Of course we know of the Russian fireball mentioned above and a few others over this country.  The Russian fireball caused 1500 injuries and significant damage to buildings.

At the end of September or very early October, Ison will pass within 7 million miles of Mars.  This may seem like a long distance but astronomically speaking, it is right next door.  Mars could see high surface winds (hundreds of mph), terra-forming and possibly have its orbit altered.  Mars could also disappear into Ison’s coma.  You would not want to be on Mars when Ison goes by.  (See:  Crossing the Dark Rift posted elsewhere on this website).

Ison will then proceed on past Earth’s orbit (we should see an increase in meteor storms, cosmic dust and possibly worse).  As it heads towards the Sun , the Sun will be reacting to Ison as it gets closer.  Ison will be discharging the solar capacitor.  In other words, an electrical exchange will begin.  (Already the Sun has a large coronal hole opening up towards Comet Ison).

The comet will pass very close to the Sun ( for this reason it is called a “Sun-grazer”) about 700,000 to 800,000 miles from the surface.  (, a NASA disinformation site, puts it at 1.1 million miles).  At any distance, Ison will discharge the Sun’s solar capacitor causing a huge electrical exchange and a massive amount of huge coronal mass ejections.  As the Sun revolves it will keep firing off these CMEs that will continually slam into the Earth which will be bombarded by gamma rays, electromagnetic pulses and solar radiation that will make the Earth, according to Major Ed Dames, “a rotating rotisserie.”

Major Ed Dames, a former military intelligence officer who headed up the military’s Remote Viewing training group, stated in 2011 via the science of remote viewing, that a large celestial body would trigger the “kill-shot sequence.”  (See: our End Times video webpage (click on “Ison & Killshot”) – look for the video, The Killshot).  Since then Major Ed Dames appearing on a Spring, 2013 Coast to Coast radio program hosted by George Noori, stated that this large passing celestial body was Comet Ison.

Comet Ison’s Domino Effect

Comet Ison will trigger the Sun to fire off continuous coronal mass ejections (CMEs).  This is what Major Ed Dames calls the “kill shot sequence.”  This will happen as the comet transits around the Sun during November this year (2013).  This will be the triggering domino that will cause a series of events to take place on Earth.  It is very likely these solar flares will cause power grid failure on the side of the Earth facing the Sun.  (If the Sun keeps firing these CMEs off it could impact the entire surface area of Earth in a short time).  All electrical circuits, computers, electronic devices of all kinds (cell phones, ATM machines, electronic banking, etc.) anything controlled by electronics will suffer power failure.  This means transportation will be disrupted, banking institutions will be shut down, the food distribution system will shut down (no groceries),, suppliers of most commodities will shut down including fuel, etc.

So the domino effect starts with Comet Ison triggering the Sun to fire off CMEs which causes power grid failure.  (Because the Earth’s magnetic field will be disrupted and possibly collapse in certain areas, widespread seismic and volcanic activity possibly causing tidal waves will result along with epidemic disease outbreak because of increased radiation levels from the Sun and/or the compromising of our magnetosphere).  All the foregoing will bring about financial collapse and all the foregoing will result in widespread panic and chaos.  This will give rise to the excuse for the New World Order to declare martial law thus bringing about the set up of the Anti-Christ kingdom, a One World Government and a One World Religion.

The above scenario is not as far-fetched as it may seem.  This has been the World Elite’s Ordo Ab Choas (Order Out of Chaos) plan all along.  They have simply been preparing for this day and waiting for a trigger to set the domino effect into motion.  Comet Ison is that trigger.  While they have been waiting for this “triggering” mechanism (Comet Ison) to arrive, they have been putting the final pieces of their plan into place.  They no doubt will cause some “natural “ disasters of their own with the use of HAARP, etc. to augment Ison’s effects to ensure that the first “commandment” of the Georgia Guidestones comes true:  “Maintain the population at a manageable level of 500 million.”  They have everything prepared for this eventuality:  underground bunkers and cities, the world seed vault, etc. for them and the Beast computer system, police state measures and interment camps for us who survive as well as the multi-body plastic coffins for those of us who don’t.

There is much more to all this but this is it in a nutshell – the domino effect.  There are those who will not want to believe this.  So be it.  The fact remains the time has come for what has been prophesied long, long ago in Sacred Scripture, in Marian revelations from around the world, from old Catholic prophecies in the early centuries, from the Church Fathers, and even from Hopi Indian prophecies and more.  These prophecies as well as the above scientific facts are backed up by voluminous amounts of research done by us here at Diamond Star Research and quite a number of other independent researchers, some of whom have had to pay with their lives for revealing what they knew about all of this.  (Robert Harrington and Eugene Shumacher are two of several scientists who paid with their lives for revealing truths pertinent to this study).  It’s all there if you are willing to look for it.

Keep in mind Comet Ison is only the beginning.  Several other comets are out there, some of these being Planet X type objects, meaning quite large.  This comet is only the harbinger or precursor of what is yet coming.  This may very well be the “Blue Kachina” of Hopi prophecy (which so far has been highly accurate) which precedes the “Red Kachina” which is soon to follow.  This has been called the “Dark Star” or the “The Destroyer” by some.  The Hopi call it “The Purifier.”  This calls to mind the Fatima Secret, the message of Akita, and the Three Dark Days prophecy of Padre Pio where the rains of fire are described.  Comet Ison opens the door for these things to be fulfilled in our very near future.

We have now entered into a time of celestial change that is rapidly headed towards the above described events and a tipping point of catastrophic cataclysm.  Comet Ison could well be the triggering mechanism for the entrance into the tribulation period.

Now all this is just some “doom ‘n gloom” to some, but there is a silver lining in all those dark events.  This is a time of renewal for the Earth; a time of celestial change which will usher in the Era of Peace to come.  For those who have followed the ways of God and have been devoted servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Mother and have kept themselves informed and prepared for this End of Days, diligently reading the apocalyptic signs and keeping their spiritual house in order, will fair the best and will be either rewarded with Heaven or with “heaven” on Earth.

You could go into denial and ignore this warning or you could prepare for what could very well happen very soon.  We don’t know how severe this comet’s passage will be but it could vary from not so severe to very severe depending on the track of the comet and of the Earth’s position at the time of passage.  The closest the comet is supposed to come to Earth is 39,900,000 miles but who knows if something should change as comets are somewhat unpredictable.  So we are giving you a “heads up” warning in the waning time we have left for you to prepare.  We suggest you have 1 to 3 years supply of food, a good water source and other provisions that do not depend on electricity.  Above all:  We need to get our spiritual house in order.  (Make use of this website’s survival help webpage and our links to other helpful sites, etc.).

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!