This is one researcher/editor that will be glad when the whole Comet Ison (C-2012-S1) affair is over and done with.  Everything under the Sun has been said about this comet:  It was called “the Comet of the Century” and was predicted to be “as bright as the full moon” and even “15 times as bright as the full moon.”  Then when Comet Ison was touted by Professor James McCanney as being “real interesting” and could even be “a whopper of a comet,” That’s when we decided to follow his postings and radio shows.  Otherwise because of false stories on Planet X and Comet Elenin, we were very skeptical of this comet too.  But McCanney said this comet “could be real interesting.”  So here we are over a year later wondering whether we made the right choice in researching this comet.  Well, no matter, we did end up researching it – see articles below. 

            Then Comet Ison went behind the Sun (from our viewing vantage point here on Earth) and we were told by certain scientists that Ison was going to fizzle out.  On the other extreme came claims that Ison was super-sized or that it was going to crash into the Sun or that it was Nibiru.  Then in late summer just as Ison was about to become visible again from behind the Sun, claims were made Ison would fragment or break up.

            Then even in late August-early September, James McCanney was saying that Comet Ison was not brightening as expected.  To this editor’s astonishment McCanney started agreeing with NASA on the size of the nucleus: small, about 3 or 4 miles across.  In fact, McCanney claimed that that was what he was saying all along, telling the people it is a small comet!  Really?  Really!  See the article below – Comet Ison: The Beginning of the End? – to see what he really was saying just prior to June when Ison went behind the Sun’s glare.  So what is the size of Ison’s nucleus?  Does it really matter?  Besides it’s the electrical charge it builds up and its interactions with the Sun that matter.  (Incidentally, Ison had one heck of an interaction with Mars when it passed October 1-6 turning green itself and causing Mars to “go comet” – develop a coma and tail like a comet.  This Ison-Mars interaction actually caused the Sun to act up as Ison firmly connected electrically with the Sun, showing a sunward spike).

            At this time there was a lot of chatter on the internet commenting that Ison was going to breakup or concerns it was not going to make it around the Sun at the end of November.  Others were claiming that NASA had said Ison would crash into the Sun.  Some internet videos claimed the Earth would get caught twice (in the incoming path, then the outgoing path) and would be pelted with all kinds of meteorite debris, etc.  (Rev. Michelle Hopkins was one of these, which caused us to wonder why she claimed this as she has always given credible information in the past).  Still others were claiming that Ison was a UFO (where have we heard that before – Elinin?) or that there was a UFO or two following it in its tail.  (Video images of this actually showed a secondary object behind the main nucleus but images are always so fuzzy that detail cannot be determined).  There was also the claim that there were multiple objects inside the coma (atmospheric envelope around the nucleus).  Some of these images showed 3 to 5 objects in a V-shaped formation.  Turns out that video was of multiple time-lapse images made by the Hubble telescope over-laid on each other.  But it doesn’t end there.

            As could be expected, there were those that claimed Ison was Nibiru or even wilder yet, that Nibiru was inside Ison’s coma.  Of course other wild claims were made:  pole-shift – orbital change, etc. ad nauseum.

            To his credit, James McCanney stated that there would be no direct involvement of Ison with the Earth.  Since all this, Ison has been acting strange they say.  It has been brightening (mid to late October), then dimming again.  So we will have to wait and see.

            O.K. – enough of that stuff.  By now I’m sure you get the idea.  No wonder James McCanney said that everything on YouTube is junk.  But while we can understand his frustration with all the disinformation (as we have been), we can’t quite totally agree.  We would have to say that MOST everything on YouTube is junk but not everything.  We have found some very credible postings and videos on both YouTube and the internet in general.  There are a few good presentations on Comet Ison, Nibiru or Planet X and Earth changes, etc.  So for your sanity concerning these subjects (for the real truth or close to it) we suggest the following:  YouTube channel 00 Skyview, the Higher Truth Channel, BP Earthwatch and Another good one to keep up with what is going on is  But you have to be discerning, sift the data and connect the dots.

            What we make of all this is that there has been a deliberate confusing of the issues by Officialdom, an ongoing disinformation and propaganda campaign to keep you in a stare of confusion or to accept false scientific theories.  (For example:  Comets are not “dirty snowballs” as NASA would have you believe but are electrically charged plasma asteroidal bodies and the whole universe, stars, planets, the Sun, etc. are all electrical in nature.  You have been lied to and miseducated or should we say, indoctrinated).

            So confusion is the name of the game.  Officialdom (NASA, JPL,, National Geographic as well as the mainstream controlled media will and have been feeding the public a false picture of reality instead of what has really been happening.  Meanwhile you have certain alternative media sites being either duped or infiltrated and fed bogus faulty disinformation that is later proved partly or completely erroneous.  Those who latch onto such bogus information (disinformation) are then discredited.  This is called “controlled opposition” and is found in the Zionist Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  The disinformation is sometimes very far-out and a bit wild to give the whole subject (whether comets, Planet X or whatever) a ridiculous bent.

            This sort of thing leaves the truth seeker somewhat baffled at times.  He usually ends up doing one of three things:  1. He believes Officialdom and accepts the false science which leads to a dead-end; or 2. He believes the bogus stories or disinformation and ends up discredited and disappointed; or 3. He gets so frustrated that he gives up the search altogether.  Mission accomplished!  All three routes end up not finding the truth so the real truth is kept from the public which is the object all along.  Don’t believe that?  If you have done decades of research in these areas of study you would see how this is the meaning for the word, crap, is:  “ nonsense, junk, misleading statements.”)   being done on a daily basis in all areas especially health, science, history and religion – that kind of covers it.

            So that is how we see it as far as how Officialdom has treated John Q. Public.  As we have always said,  “The common person is treated like mushrooms grown in a basement – kept in the dark and fed crap.”  (Incidentally, according to Webster, part of the meaning for the  word, crap, is: ” nonsense, junk, misleading statements.”)