As the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system draws ever nearer, the disinformation campaign has climbed to never before seen levels. New technology exploitation has made it possible to falsify as never before, images of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system. According to the number of reports has increased considerably and flooded the internet. Two-thirds of these reports are of hoaxed images and/or disinformation. This has been occurring from November, 2014 through to late January, 2015. Such reports have since dropped back to normal levels.
It was in November, 2014 that the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system went into conjunction directly opposite of Earth on the other side of the Sun, well beyond the orbit of Jupiter. You can see Marshall Masters’ video at  Planet X System Update No. 1.
Also go to  Planet X Forshadowing to gain an insight on how the media are using certain literary devices to foreshadow the coming of the Brown Dwarf/Planet X system.
Also go to underground webpage to see how the New World Order elite have prepared their underground sanctuaries for this coming cataclysmic event.