“Archbishop” Carlo Maria Vigano has said concerning Jorge Bergoglio that “…what we have is a non-Catholic pope.”  Pray tell, how is that possible?  In order to be pope he would have to be Catholic wouldn’t he?  But Vigano says he’s a NON-CATHOLIC pope!  And he’s supposed to be “pope” of what Church?  Lutheran? Methodist?  Non-denominational Christian? Oh, it has to be the Novus Ordo sect posing as the “Catholic Church.”  If Bergoglio is head of the Novus Ordo “church” then he would be a non-Catholic.

Bergoglio being a non-Catholic “pope” of the Catholic Church does not make sense, but if he’s the “pope” of the Novus Ordo sect which is NOT Catholic then it does.  Bergoglio is “pope” of the Novus Ordo but not the Catholic Church.  Michael J. Matt said something similar back on December 31, 2018: “…Our Pope has lost the Faith…”  The truth of the matter is that he never had the Catholic Faith to begin with.  He’s a non-Catholic alright but pope he isn’t.

What Catholic Pope would spew the heresies this phony Father has done?  No wonder Bergoglio has said, “I don’t believe in a Catholic God.  There is no Catholic God!” Of course this man is a non-Catholic but pope?  Certainly not!

Now one of the requirements of being a Catholic is as Pope Pius XII has said – you must have the laver of baptism and PROFESS THE TRUE FAITH.  (Encyclical Mysteri Corporis).  Bergoglio does not profess the true Faith so he’s not Catholic.  But what took Michael J. Matt and Carlo Vigano so long to realize that?  Or is this just controlled release of what is getting more and more obvious even to the average person?  No, this appears to be a concerted effort to rationalize the situation that is now becoming more manifest in Rome and the Vatican in particular.  You notice these controlled opposition false traditionalists are saying a number of true things to lead the people along but don’t dare say “He’s not the pope.”  That would be SEDEVACANTISM.  That would be terrible – worse than lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!  We can’t spread that nasty sedevacantism.  Oh no!  Must keep everybody thinking the Novus Ordo sect with its “pope” is the Catholic Church.  What we have coming from the likes of Vigano, Schnieder, and Burke (who’s now warning of a great apostasy – where’s he been for the last 60 years?) and all the semi-traditionalist journalists is a controlled release of information.

Another point to be made on this is that Jorge Bergoglio (we don’t call him “Francis” because we don’t want to insult St. Francis of Assisi) hates Catholicism, especially those “rigid” traditionalists, but loves Communism.  (He’s being paid 2 billion dollars in hush money by the Red Chinese authorities to keep quiet on what that murderous regime is doing to China’s underground Catholic Church).  Bergoglio has said, “Thank God I have no church!”  Now what God is he thanking? Most likely it’s the pagan god – maybe the Pachamama goddess whose naked statue he blessed in the Vatican Gardens.

Now the reader has to use some brain-power here, some common sense (which is not common now days but rare) and realize we have a so-called “pope” who says “I don’t believe in a Catholic God.  There is no Catholic God.”  And on top of that says, “Thank God I have no church!”  Stop and think.  This is the man most Catholics and pseudo-catholics alike perceive as the “pope” of what they perceive to be the Catholic Church (really the Novus Ordo sect).  Now this man is declared by Vigano, Matt and others to be a “non-catholic pope.”

Now if you can follow this through, this is the man that has the job over the Church to govern, teach, and to sanctify. Is this what he’s been doing?  Does it look like it?  A non-Catholic governs the Church?  He teaches it?  What is he teaching?  Heresy?  Take a look at what he has said.  (For details on what he said see our expose’ on him at the end of this article).  This man is to sanctify us?  Really?  How’s that possible?  To sanctify mean s to “make holy,” “to be set apart in sacredness, to purify from sin.”  Do you honestly think that’s what he’s been doing?  Does he act holy? We mean this is the man that in addition to the above has said, “Sin is not a stain I need to clean.” 

This man has made so many heretical statements that it’s hard to count them all.  That would be a book all by itself.  This “non-Catholic pope” is in league with demonic forces and it is clearly evident the roster of his best friends would include pagans, socialists and Communists, eugenicists and all their enterprises he promotes.  These are the people he loves while he hates traditional Catholics especially as is evident by his actions all through his anti-papacy.  Traditionis Custodes was inevitable.

But Catholics of whatever stripe are for the most part ignoring his heresies.  So-called “Catholic” journalists and even traditionalist bishops and priests are ignoring them and insisting we “can’t judge him.”  Well consider Father Frederick William Faber’s words from his book, “The Precious Blood” of 1860:


“…The crowning disloyalty to God is heresy. It is the sin of sins, the very loathsomest of things which God looks down upon in this malignant world.  Yet how little do we understand of its excessive hatefulness!  It is the polluting of God’s truth, which is the worst of all impurities.

“Yet how light we make of it!  We look at it and are calm.  We touch it and do not shudder.  We mix with it, and have no fear.  We see it touch holy things, and we have no sense of sacrilege.  We breathe its odor, and show no signs of detestation or disgust.  Some of us affect its friendship; and some even extenuate its guilt.  We do not love God enough to be angry for His Glory.  We do not love men enough to be charitably truthful for their souls.


Yes indeed!  We do not love God enough and we do not love men enough to be truthful about this issue.  No, even a bishop I heard say about Bergoglio, “We can’t judge the “pope.”  Obviously he and many others don’t know what the Church teaches on this.  God judges the pope via divine law.  Besides this man never was pope.  He was invalidly “elected.”  No, that’s not this writer’s opinion, it’s Church teaching.  Pope Paul IV in 1559 issued a Papal Bull that was given ex cathedra and in perpetuity.  He stated that if ever a bishop or cardinal before his election to the papacy deviated from the Faith in any way (heresy, apostasy, schism) even if unanimously elected by all the cardinals, his election would be invalid, null and void.  [See both publications noted at the end of this article for further information on this.]  JORGE BERGOGLIO IS NOT POPE! This is not opinion, it’s CHURCH TEACHING!  Time to wake up and smell the heresy.

It’s time to start using your brain to THINK with.  Since the Church (including the pope) cannot promulgate evil laws and heretical and false teachings, disciplines, etc., in any way, it follows that what has come from the Vatican II Novus Ordo sect and its false popes is not Catholic.  A non-Catholic “pope” is no pope at all.  He has attacked the Traditional Latin Mass, suppressed religious orders that are more traditional, condemned proselytism, but at the same time promotes LGTB sodomites, transgenders, says Lutherans have the true faith of Jesus Christ, etc.  But of course according to the unnamed bishop noted earlier we can’t “judge” him.  But God has.  All we need to do is to expose him for what he really is.  But some would rather stay silent, but according to St. Thomas Moore, “By your silence you consent.”  Then there are those who expose some of his wrongdoings but still insists he’s the “pope.”  They would rather destroy the whole idea of the papacy than give up their “pope.”

It all goes back to Vatican II, the “wicked council” of the Third Secret of Fatima and to the very much covered-up truth of the 1958 Conclave which elected a true pope (Siri) and then threatened him and kept him prisoner for 31 years.  All conciliar “popes” from Angelo Roncalli to Jorge Bergoglio were and are imposters – false popes of a counterfeit “Catholic” Church.  The problem is that the Novus Ordo sect resembles the true Catholic Church in some ways fooling people into believing it really is the Catholic Church.  Bishop Donald Sanborn explained that the Church just like any other institution has a body and a soul.  The body of the Church is its people and the Catholic hierarchy and by extension, the buildings.  The soul of the Church is its authority, that is, Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Ghost which guides and protects it.  The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Truth, the soul of the Church.  This is so through the promise of Christ to His Apostles that the Church would be protected from error, would be infallible in her teachings and would be indefectible – and as Pope Pius XI has said “…unable to be mistaken.”  That’s the true Catholic Church.

However, at the “wicked council” of Vatican II, the modernists and Freemasonic revolutionaries gutted the body of the Church of its soul, the Spirit of Truth.  Thus we have a dead body with no soul.  But just as the corpse of a dead person resembles very much the live person, so too does the dead body, the corpse of the once Catholic Church resemble the true Church.  The Vatican II sect is the dead body of the once living Catholic Church and thus now while in possession of the Catholic Church buildings, and hierarchy that looks “catholic” and has people that resemble Catholics, is nonetheless, a counterfeit “Catholic” church.

So no, we do not have a “non-catholic pope.”  What we really have is an antipope or a FALSE POPE!  But people are so afraid to be without a “pope” and so afraid of that unmentionable word, SEDEVACANTISM! Oh gosh!  Just for the record, the word sedevacantism simply means the Holy See, the Chair of Peter is vacant.  This happens to all Catholics between the death of one Pope and the election of another.  We’ve had antipopes before such as in the western schism.

The topic of sedevacantism is tied directly to the issue of  a counterfeit church versus the True Catholic Church; and of antipopes versus true popes.  We here at Diamond Star Research have done the study and research on this.  All we ask the reader to do is to read our findings.  [See our short works on this: “True Church versus False Church” and “An Expose’ on Jorge Mario Bergoglio: A Compendium of Research Articles.”]

See also: “Why Do Traditionalists Fear Sedevacantism? by Father Anthony Cekada.  See also his “Sedevacantism: A Quick Primer.”  www.fathercekada.com.