“It is virtue that generates true courtesy.”   – Fenelon, Catholic Manual of Civility.

 “Civility and urbanity in customs strongly predispose minds to attain wisdom and follow the light of truth.”         –         Pope Leo XIII.

“In the social structure of human affairs, the family is the first unit.”          – Father Cletus Dirksen, Catholic Social Principles

The Evil Forces working through Freemasonry have promoted so-called “equality, fraternity, and liberty” in society to obtain their “Utopia” and the “rights of man.”  All the promoted and premeditated changes in culture over the years have been aimed at destroying the basic unit of society – the traditional Trinitarian family as designed and ordered by God Himself.  All movements and attacks have been fostered and promoted by the Judeo/Masonic forces to tear this God-ordained family apart and replace it with the new Utopian image of the “democratic ideal” family.

This is why women’s “rights” and feminism was promoted along with changes in fashion in dress to blur the distinction between man and woman, to further the destruction of their respective roles in the family.  The Catholic ideal of family in a Christian culture, a Christian civilization had to be subverted and replaced.  Thus civility had to be abandoned and replaced in society with “ grungyness,” sloppiness in dress and manners, and total disregard for propriety and decorum.  Civility is a virtue that allows us to govern and master our words, gestures and actions and even our manner of dress.  It helps us fight against bad tendencies and to form good character.

With the obliteration of civility, propriety, decorum, proper manners and dress respective of the roles of man and woman in the traditional God-ordained family had to be done away with.  This is what transpired over the last century, especially in the last 50 years or so.  Two cultural revolutions, the “Roaring Twenties” and the “Revolting Sixties” did much to accomplish this along with “Industrial Revolution” that preceded them in the 1800’s.  What is needed now is a full realization as to what has happened to our culture and the grace and courage needed to mount a counter-revolution to restore God’s plan for the family, the basic unit of society and Christian civilization.

God’s Plan Under Attack

[ This article has been taken as excerpts from the book:  Marian Apparitions and Apocalyptic Research; from the chapter, “”The Attack on the Christian Family.”  This book was published in 1994. ]

The attack and breakdown of the Christian family has never been so great as in the later half of the 20th century (and now the 21st century).  The American society at one time was strong in its moral values, in its cultural pursuits, and in its national patriotic fervor.  Obedience, etiquette, respect for authority, etc., were common practice.  In some ways, our culture was like that of Hunza today.

In the remote Himalayan Mountains is a small country where people live long because of their health secrets and their way of life.  Because of their strict and wholesome family life, no juvenile delinquency exists.  Here, in this land, the man is definitely the head of the home and is greatly respected by his wife.  The women of Hunza take care of their children, discipline them and teach them responsibility.  The children are obedient and respectful towards their parents.

In Hunza, the man has great respect for his wife, more so after she is pregnant.  Therefore there is no relationship between husband and wife during pregnancy.  After birth children are breastfed until 2 or 3 years old.  During this time, there is no relationship between husband and wife.  Because of this custom, divorce and sex related crimes are practically unheard of.  Everything in Hunza, their way of life, their family-oriented agricultural economy, is geared towards encouraging a proper family life.  Families have close ties and help the young families get a start.

Compared to the Hunza way of life, the American way of life is in a state of decadence.  However, it was not always this way.  We shall see that the destruction of the American family especially the Christian family was deliberately planned.  By destroying the moral fiber of this country, humanity sank to its lowest passions and degradations and thus became more easily controlled and manipulated.

The attack on the family has been carefully planned and orchestrated.  The atrocities of abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide as well as the homosexual movement, drugs, lowered moral standards, and pornography are all outgrowths of the lack of respect for life, for womanhood, for manhood, and the Christian oriented culture.

The foregoing is ripe ground for moral depravity, divorce, and delinquency with the youth the principle target and the greatest victim.  The all-out war against the youth covers a wide range of subjects – music (or more correctly, its distorted form) – rock ‘n roll, rap, satanic lyrics, etc., drugs, delinquency, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies, abortion and suicide.

The youth are the main target of the enemy, for the enemy knows if they are to remake civilization into the Antichrist’s New World Order, then they must capture the minds, hearts, and souls of the youth, the citizens of tomorrow’s world.  Two specific areas targeted to remake the youth of tomorrow is the entertainment industry (mainly music) and the fashion industry.

All this has brought us to an all-time low as far as respect for life and human decency are concerned.  These factors may be the final blow to (what is left of) Christian civilization unless, we, acting as true Christians, bring back or preserve at least a remnant of true Christian culture.  This effort has to start with the family, the traditional Christian values of which form the basic unit of society.

The Christian family is a miniature kingdom designed by Heaven Itself.  As Christ the King is the head, so the father is the head of the family imitating Christ creating, loving, and carrying forth his duties as parent and teacher.  The father not only has to provide for the financial and physical welfare of the family but for its spiritual welfare as well.  In fact, the father may be called “priest” in his duties of blessing and leading his family in prayer.  There is a relationship between the ordained priest we call “father” and the father who may be called “priest” in his spiritual duties to his family.  Saint John Chrysotom called the Christian home an ecclesia domestica, a “family church.”  There are many times in history where the faith of the true Church is only kept alive in the Christian home.

Our Heavely Mother, Mary, is Queen and the model for the woman who is the mother and heart of the family.  The woman who commands respect reigns as a queen over those around her.  It is a reign of true love to teach her children the manners, morals, and duties of Christian life.  She is a companion to her husband and a mother to her children.  She dresses modestly following the Marian ideal, the Mother of God and promotes decency.

Together the parents through the proper teaching and upbringing of their children give rise to a Christian civilization.  If this is so, then the society that surrounds them will be honorable, noble, orderly, respecting the mysteries of life and gaining true peace and happiness.